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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


So, this:

You said it, Paul. You said it.

Ten years ago, on March 8, 2007, was my first shoot. I've got stories to tell about that, but first, let me tell you about today's update, Episode,556. Most of the footage from that first shoot was never published, because I was dissatisfied with the quality. As soon as I saw the footage, I immediately went out and bought a set of lights and a tripod. Also, I talked a lot during the games, commenting, and I was kind of embarrassed to hear my own voice. I thought I sounded pretty dorky, which of course I am but that doesn't mean I like hearing it.

But a lot of people over the years have asked to see more of Ashton and Mia, those two very first players. And after looking at (and listening to) the footage again, it's not that bad, even with my dorky commentary. And it seemed very appropriate to finally publish it on its tenth anniversary.

It's still ten years late, though. So by way of apology, and as a thank you to LostBets.com's most loyal fans: if you purchased a clip during 2008, you get a free copy of Episode 556. If you purchased a clip in 2007, you get a free copy of Episode 556 and any other episode of your choice. Just email a copy of your receipt to red@lostbets.com. and, if you're one of the really old-timers from 2007, which bonus clip you'd like. I sure hope you're using a service like Gmail that'll save your email forever.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get all mushy and shit.

Ten years. Ten motherfucking years. I've been doing LostBets.com longer than I've lived at any one address, longer than I've worked for any one employer, longer than I've been with any one girl, longer than I've done pretty much anything other than breathing and metabolizing. I've grown old doing this. (I was in my mid-thirties when I started, so do the math.) I never would have believed it. I still don't believe it. It still feels fantastic, unreal. Dreamlike, even. At this point, I've done over 120 shoots featuring over 300 players, losing their clothes playing over 120 different games. Those shoots have generated about 23TiB of data and resulted in over 560 published episodes with a runtime of over 8 days and 18 hours. And none of those numbers include B-Sides or POVs. Un-fucking-believable.

During the last decade, I've tried many times to express how thankful I am to all of you, but this is a special occasion so I'm going to try it again. To all of you. To everyone who's ever bought a clip or subscribed to the membership site. To everyone who reads this blog and to everyone who posts on it. To the many, many people who've contributed great ideas for games, forfeits, and players. To all of you: you have no idea how deeply grateful I am. How lucky I feel to be able to do what I do, and how much I appreciate you who make it possible. 

It's a rare privilege to be able to make creative content that a lot of people like. It's even rarer to be able to make content that a lot of people are willing to pay for. You find my content worth spending your hard-earned money on, even in the sea of free pornography out there. That's incredibly humbling, and I'm not a humble man by nature. Every clip purchased and every subscription bought is a big compliment, and I've gotten thousands of compliments from all over the world. 

I haven't always been as diligent as I ought to be, especially when it comes to blog comments and emails, especially in the last couple of years. That stops now.  I've also been slacking on publishing POVs. That stops today too with the publication of P147 as Leilani risks her clothes with all her coworkers watching. 

An finally, here's a little bit of history: the ad I placed on Craigslist that attracted Ashton and Mia.

Play strip poker, get paid!

compensation: Negotiable
We are looking for ladies to play strip poker (and other stripping games) in front of the camera. Women only, please, and of course you must be 18+. Absolutely no sex, just nudity.

If interested, please respond with current photographs, and we will send you information on our productions.


Kevin said...

Thank you Red O I started watching in 2010, but I have loved it. Thank you for what you do and keep up the amazing work

Red said...

@Kevin: Originally this blog post was much longer before I realized it was getting ridiculous and chopped it down some. One of the bits that got cut went something like this:

One of the things I've found most bizarre and surreal about this experience is that people keep thanking me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ungracious and it feels great to be thanked, but it also feels weird. It's like if Santa Claus brought you a bunch of awesome gifts and then thanked you for it. I'm living a dream and it's only possible because of you guys. It really seems like the gratitude ought to flow the other direction, but regardless, you're welcome. You're very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red - Could you explain why the standard version of Pirate Penguins with Ana and Amber is $5 more than the HD version in the store?


Red said...

@WJ: The explanation is simple and direct: I am an idiot. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. It's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on ten years, Red! Going all the way back to the first pair of Lost Bets contestants is a perfect anniversary posting. And, Santa or not, thank you for consistently providing a great experience that is a cut above what I have come to expect from adult entertainment on the Internet. Best wishes and many happy returns as the Lost Bets train keeps rolling.

-- Big Sam (... who has not commented here for a long time, but is still a fan)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

this is maybe kind of off topic here but have you considered Bastinado as a forfeit? Would be great.


Red said...

@Big Sam: Hey Sam! It's good to see you back. As for the Santa thing, I suppose there's no reason that gratitude can't flow both directions. Just because I'm grateful to you doesn't mean you can't be grateful to me. But it still feels weird to be thanked by people who are paying me to do something I love doing. Again, though, you're very welcome.

@interest: Hmm, maybe. It's not something I thought of, but I'm always looking to expand the variety available at LostBets.com. I do have a couple of concerens, though. First of all, I worry about making clips on a fetish I don't share, because I worry about making something appealing if I don't understand the appeal myself. Can you tell me what it is about bastinado that interests you? What are the sort of things you'd like to see in such a video?

The othe concern is about the pain. Isn't bastinado awfully painful? Professional porn actresses could probably handle it, but lately I've been moving away from them and recruiting more amateurs. And amateurs might have strong objections to having their feet whipped. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Finally, don't worry about being off-topic. This blog is basically linear anyway. If you've got something to say, say it in the most recent post. It's cool.

Bob said...

Hello Red,

I'm still hoping for some ballbusting forfeit if the guy loses. Better yet, I would still love a POV where ballbusting is on the line. I know it's not your thing but it is a fetish for some of us. I can imagine a POV where I am teased and threatened with each loss. Ballbusting POV is actually something that looks kind of dumb, so I guess at the end after sufficient taunting and teasing, the winning woman could just offer to allow the loser to masturbate in front of her. She could of course still be teasing and laughing about what could have happened.

Bob "from artillery "

Anonymous said...

Hey Red! Congrats on 10 years! God I loved those old clips, I remember when you first started! Psyched to see that there's more of these two, they were always so fun and genuine. Is there a way you can check the records by name? I delete my old emails (I wish John Podesta did that!) I certainly understand if you don't wanna go through that, and why you'd need to verify.

On the bastinado and ballbusting, I'd like to see both! Makes sense that you hesitate to shoot a fetish you don't share-- I'd recommend hiring a local dominatrix to meet out the punishments. Could be fun, right?


Crosis said...


As someone who was around in the beginning, it's been well past incredible for a long time. Some of your videos remain in the tops of my collection, and have been watched may times over.

There's a few balls that have been busted along the way in LostBets - I remember being behind one of the cameras the first time it happened ;) But I will say, it takes quite a lot to be willing to risk ones genitals like that. Definitely makes for a good video.

Cheers on the Decade of Debauchery, keep it coming!!!

David said...

Congratulations on the decade, hope there's another one to come! And thank you for posting a video featuring my favorite: Ashton. No chance you were able to convince her to come back was there?

Tienteaser said...

Congrats, Red!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red! Congrats! Wow, ten years...that's a haul, dude.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

RS said...

Red, I know you find it embarrassing when people thank you for something you love to do and are charging them for, but I wanted to add my thanks anyway. I think I've been a customer since close to the beginning, though there's no way I'd ever find receipts for that, and that's okay. I just want to say that as one of your customers who likes game with male competitors (especially when they lose), I appreciate that you're one of the very few in the stripping games genre that actually includes male competitors at times (most others are always all female) and also allows the guys to lose (so many of the few who allow guys to compete engineer the games to make sure the guys always win). I suspect that a majority of your customers prefer all-female games, so I appreciate that from time to time there are videos that I want to buy. And the à la carte model means I only have to pay for the ones I'm interested in. Congratulations on ten fantastic years!

Bammy said...

Hey Red!

Congrats on 10 years of quality content! You should be very proud of what you have created here.

I was wondering if you had any more games featuring Caroline or Candle that haven't been released yet? I'd love to see them again!

Anyway, keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Anon - March 14, 2017 at 5:21 PM

A couple of months back Red posted a list of unreleased games and invited votes on releasing them.


Bammy said...

Oh yeah I just remembered those unreleased vids. I looked them up and it looks like there are still some featuring Ashley and Mouna!!??!! Also forfeits such as Sybian races and double teaming!! Please consider publishing these Red!!!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned in another thread that Sasha and Vivian may have done modeling somewhere else. Any word on names that they might have used? They were probably two of my favorites

Ken said...

Congratulations! Loved you since the beginning, currently scouring my old emails. Here's to many more years!