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Friday, March 17, 2017


Meet new girl Stefanie today in Episode 557. She was referred by to us by her friend Tobi, who takes her on in the first game of turned out to be a five-game shoot. Now, I wasn't planning for Tobi to be in this shoot. I love her, but I also like to shoot a lot of variety, and we've seen an awful lot of her lately. Stefanie's opponent was supposed to be another newbie, but she flaked out on us. I asked Tobi to step in as an emergency replacement, and thank goodness she did, because this shoot turned out fantastically. I can't wait to bring you the rest of it.

Stefanie, by the way, isn't a newbie just to LostBets.com, she's a newbie to being naked on camera for all to see. She was pretty nervous about her first time, too, so there's that. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


FYI: I've been having problems with the colors on your clip store page -- though they have varied from week to week. If I got to the page right now and start scrolling down:

This week: the page is white text on dark blue, which is OK, but the spoiler text that should be blocked out is showing up. Also, some of the HTML code is showing up. For example, I seed exactly this: "...the http://www.clips4sale.com/13960/17273426">Lost
Betsy tattoo she’d gotten just the previous day..."

Last week: black on dark blue -- which is very hard to read.

The next two back are OK, though I can't say I'm a fan of the dark blue background from a readability standpoint.

Then we are back to Toby loses a bet. This is black on dark blue. (And seems to occur twice.)

The new two are also black on dark blue.

Then then next one (Strip Freeze) is white text -- but lost of html code is showing.

FYI: I'm OS X (10.11), running Chrome (V 56). Also looked at it on Firefox and Saffari (same machine) and saw the same problems.


Anonymous said...

Here is an idea I had for a forfeit: two amateurs playing a game, and an experienced porn start watching. Looser has to give the professional an organism.

My thinking is that if the amateur is allowed to do this in a fairly mechanical way without having to directly touch her, it might be agreeable to some of the girls with tighter limits. And if the professional is visually enthusiastic, perhaps even giving instructions, it could be fairly embarrassing for the looser.


Old Man said...

Thought for a new game. Two females wearing the same amount of clothing are the subject of two males with scissors. The two females should be about the same size and the clothing must have the same amount of fabric. The first guy to cut all clothing off his female subject gets to take her.

Rene said...

Hello Red,

Are there no more previews?

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on ten great years!

There's a game I think you should definitely try. Cornhole is a horseshoes/ shuffleboard type of game with beanbags. It's usually played by two teams of two, though it can be played one on one. It's crazy popular in middle America and I assume a possible forfeit idea has already popped into your head (if not, you might want to consult Urban Dictionary).


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I´m following your website quite a time and enjoy watching the videos.
I notice that you made some ballbusting forfeit (episode 155 or 337). But I have not found anything equal the other way around for the girls, except from usual ass spanking. I would really like a forfeit like pussy spanking or something similar (would just be fair I think ;-)).
I can understand if this is to hardcore and I also like your videos with soft forfeits, but i just wanted to know what you think about this. Maybe a guy and a girl could play against eachother for a ballbustning/pussy spanking forfeit, or is this to hardcore?
If you already made a video like this, which I didn´t notice, please tell me.
I would be happy about an answer, because I´m interested in your thoughts about this.


Bob said...

I loved 155 and 337!!! Red, the people are calling for ballbusting!!! I still would love a POV ballbusting threat episode!!!


mismanager said...


Some people are calling for ballbusting apparently. Don't think that this is a universally held view. Count me out.

Anonymous said...

Mismanager - i'm with you !

Red can you fly Bob in to star in a shoot and see how keen He is after a day of filming :)

It'd be boring if we all liked the same.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
Stefani is cute! Would love to see more of her.
Also, is b-sides returning? Thanks!

René said...

No update today?

Riggins said...

Hi Red, I got ep 558 and I think there is a glitch, it freezes at about the 9:45 mark. It is just my download? Thanks. The part I could watch was fun!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever receive the free copy from Red for sending in your receipts? I've sent them to him twice now but I've heard nothing back. Just wondering if anyone actually received it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a question, has Belle apears on any other site besides of LostBets?


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, I'm not Red, but I can confirm that I've seen Belle in some other stuff out there. Some fringe BDSM, iirc, though I don't recall the name of the site or if she used a pseudonym... -SP

Anonymous said...

Belle Fatale