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Friday, December 29, 2017

Ring it in!

Happy New Year 2018, everyone! Regardless of whether you had an awesome 2017. an awful 2017, or anything in between, may your 2018 be better.

To celebrate, Episode 599 is a Very Special Holiday Episode, with Belle joining new girls Tessa and Zodiac in a competition to see which one has to be diapered, bonnetted, bottled, and pacified as Baby New Year. Even if that forfeit doesn't excite you, it's always fun to watch a game of Earth and Fire, especially when two of the players are newbies with no idea of what to expect and no experience feeling two girls trying to make her cum at once.

And speaking of Earth and Fire...

Next week, Episode 600 stars three Lost Bets All-Stars, three of our most popular and most experienced players, and collectively they've been in more than 100 episodes. They include:

Julie made her first appearance in 2008's Episode 029 and was initially too shy to even open her legs on camera to show her most intimate and secret parts. Over the next several years she was gradually talked into risking higher and higher stakes, until not only was she showing everything she had, she was sucking a dick while her friends were forced to strip and masturbate as they watched. And yet despite all this, she still gets embarrassed and flushes red when she loses. Good, good times.

Sassy came in quite a bit later, in 2010's Episode 197. Don't blame her for being so late to the party, though, since she had a good reason: she was only 18 in 2010. In fact, she hadn't planned on getting in front of the camera at all. She was just Dante's girlfriend at the time, tagging along to the shoot  because he was going. It looked like fun to her, and she was talked into playing a few games. That was the last I heard from her until nearly four years later when she contacted me to ask if she could come back. I readily agreed, whereupon she cautioned me that she looked very different from the way she used to. I immediately assumed what I'm sure most men in my position would have assumed: "Oh, great, she got fat." I mentally shrugged and told myself that I do try to shoot variety, and having another BBW wouldn't be so bad. So on the appointed day, when a stunning (and slender) redhead showed up at the door, I was very pleasantly surprised. Since then she's become a regular and has given us some of our most memorable episodes.

And then there's Amber, who just barely edges out Julie by appearing in Episode 027. She's another girl whose appearance has changed significantly since then. I wouldn't say that she looks better or worse, but equally hot yet radically different. You'll see. Episode 038, where she was hogtied by Mary and forced to cum, remains one of our top-selling clips of all time, even after nearly a decade. And I was very proud of her. She's the only one of these three who'd never played Earth and Fire, yet she took to it like a champion. When she was on offense, she expertly stimulated the defender's pussy and clit while whispering kinky fantasies to turn her on. On defense, she recited science and math facts to distract herself from orgasm.  So Episode 600 features one of our best games of Earth and Fire, with all three determined to win, all three fighting to stave off their own orgasms, all frantically trying to win on offense. The loser ends up getting... well, I've got to save something for later, right?

Speaking of Julie, she started to feel ill during the shoot and was unable to play in the last game. To make up for that, I had her promise to film herself masturbating for us once she got home and felt better. That's supposed to be happening today, and we'll see how it goes.


P.S. Yes, I've been absent for awhile again. Believe me, it wasn't by choice.


Anonymous said...

Amber played Earth and Fire in 336. Looking good though roll on next week!

Red said...

Aargh! How is it that fans remember this sort of thing better than I do?

Anonymous said...

Next week sounds good hopefully makes up the past few weeks of duds. Sorry to say. Thanks any way, love the format

Red said...

@jb: Thanks for the feedback! I always appreciate it, positive or negative, and I hope 600 meets your expectations. Would you mind telling me just what made the last few weeks duds for you?

Anonymous said...


hi red,

thx for julie AND sassy!

i asked in the past if we can get a strip game sassy against julie loser spanked and kiss winners ass?

what about hannah perez, will she be there in future? any chance that we will see ariel x, cali logan, whitney morgan (again) in future?

keep on rocking 2018!


Anonymous said...

And a Happy New Year to you and the gang at Lost Bets, Red, as well as congratulations on Episode 600 (and beyond). I've mostly been exploring the back catalogue as of late (especially the POVs), rather than the new stuff, but that's the thing: That's a HUGE back catalogue. Be proud. =)

-- Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi, have sassy played earth and fire? I have totally missed that one, when?


Red said...

@gug: I knew that putting Julie, Sassy, and Amber together would result in sparks flying. I figured their personalities would mesh perfectly. I'm really glad I was right.

I met Hannah and Whitney on a trip back East, and we haven't gone back in awhile. Whitney was actually passing through my area a few months ago but I wasn't available. If she comes back again, I'll try to get her. As for Ariel X and Cali Logan, I'd love to get them but I'm not sure when or if I'll be able to.

I'm mostly familiar with Ariel from Ultimate Surrender, by the way. Their content is a second-cousin to ours, with both featuring contests of skill with the object of stripping and humiliating your opponent. Several of our players, pro models all, can be found there. You can find Cheyenne facing off against (and being destroyed by) Ariel.

And I'll do my best to rock 2018 and beyond.

@Big Sam: Thanks for the good wishes, and I'll pass them along to the rest of the team. As for being proud of our back catalog, well, I'll try to keep this brief since everyone's heard me gush about this before. I am proud, very proud, but it's pride tempered with deep humility. LostBets.com is far more than I ever expected it would be, and I'm more grateful than I can say.

@Swedishguy: Damn it! I was thinking of Episode 397, with had Piper, Madison, and Bex/Tobi. Sassy played with them that same day (in Episodes 376 and 380) but had left by the time 397 was played. What is wrong with my memory these days?

Anonymous said...

hi red,
are there old stuff for b-side with hannah perez?
if not is it possible that we see her again in new games? the same with whitney morgan and candle boxxx?

what is with the following girls, is there any in who will be at lostbets in future?
bella rossi, sara liz, cali logan, terra mizu, ludella hahn, mistress kara, ariel x

ps: i like your work and i'm customer since the early years.

another question: forfeits in future: public nudity? spanking? ass kissing? something in in the near future?

best wishes for 2018,

Anonymous said...

Good for you Red that you have us who have a good memory about our favourites haha.

And when i read this about Ariel X, i believe i have a new dream. Think about Ariel X beat Sassy hand hers own way with Sassy, Damn!


René said...

Hello Red,

Congratulations on the (almost) 600ths episode. Although, you are actually already past 600. And happy new year to everyone.

There are a few (long) open questions from me as wel. Have you managed to get Stefany back (b/g ?). Is there any progress on a return of Helena, one of my favourites? And finally: will we see Avi and Cass back for more b/g action? I liked both a lot, despite Cass' obviously fake breasts. A pity we saw Avi in an anal scene, which I don't like. A b/g scene without anal would be fabulous.

I hope you will be able to fix the error of not having Julie do b/g on camera even though she lost the crucial game. That calls for a rematch.

I also hope you will now be able to answer my e-mail from Oktober 5.

OD 99x said...

Some more game ideas from the New Years eve party video


I am also a huge Ariel X fan and you have several other currently active girls who are on Kink.com. with her. I'd love to see her being a Dom as a forfeit, but I'd think she's be pricey. Her punishing some armatures is on me New Years wish list.

Anonymous said...

Hey red just to follow up on my last comment. I don't want to be that guy but, I just haven't found the girls in the last 3 vids that attractive. I love the ideas and all the girls just aren't my type I prefer young and fit. Sassy, Dylan Tyler, Julie and Sparrow are some of my favs. Also, I like the close-ups shots. Keep up the great work hate to be a downer.

Red said...

@p13121312r: You might actually be in luck! I thought I'd published everything with her in it, but I found one I think is unpublised. And it has Ashley in it as well! But we've established that I have a terrible memory for what I've published. I went looking for it and didn't find it, which is a great sign but not certain. So since you guys seem to know our back catalog better than I do, does anyone know if I've published Strip Croc 'n' Balls with Michelle, Hannah, Lakota, Ashley, and Siren? The forfeit was naked calisthenics for two losers.

Candle is another girl I haven't seen in awhile and probably won't see again. This is the problem when people tell me what players they want to see back. I freqeuently have to give bad news.

I don't know any of the Kink.com girls except the ones who've already played at LostBets.com, although I did run into Dia Zerva at McCarran once. But I'm tempted to see if I can get in touch. They'd be game for just about anything, I'm sure.

Other LostBets.com girls who've done Kink.com that I know of are Cheyenne and Savannah. And Penny, who first played at LostBets.com long before she posed for them, and long before she was willing to do the sorts of things she's done for them. (And for us, since.)

Spanking will be showing up in the near future. And I filmed a game with public nudity (sort of) recently, but it won't be published for awhile. It was more outdoor nudity than public nudity: the loser had to stand outside at a hotel in weather that was just above freezing. Those we some of the stiffest nipples I've ever seen. I still don't have any ass-kissing games on tap, but that'd be an easy one to add to a forfeit next time we shoot.

Thanks very much for the compliments and for being a long-term fan. People like you are the reason I started doing this, and the reason I'm happy to keep doing it. Cheers.

@Swedishguy: I'm lucky to fans like you for a lot more than your knowledge of the catalog. And I agree that Ariel X would be great against Sassy. Dylan, too.

@Rene: Yup, we're already past 600, with episodes like 324a and 418b. And if you include POVs and/or B-Sides, we're well over 600. Which is why I told the players to say "Episode 600" rather than "600th Episode", but they didn't listen.

There's another B/G game with Cass and Avi coming up. And they're popular enough that I'm going to try to get them back. The Julie thing, I deeply regret and I'll see if I can rectify that.

I've finally answered your email, and like I said, I'm sorry for the delay. And for anyone else out there, if I owe you an email reply, please remind me and I'll do my best to answer it. Or if there's a blog comment I never answered.

Red said...

@OD 99x: Sweet. The last time I stole game ideas from Minute to Win It (Episodes 300 and 324) it worked out great. Of course, that might have been that for both of them I had a huge crowd of freaky circus folk, but the games were still good.

I have heard everybody loud and clear, and will try to contact Ariel X. As for her being expensive, probably, but don't be too sure. Our players universally have a great time with us and are eager to come back and to refer their friends, with perhaps one exceptions. If she talks to any of the Kink girls who've also done LostBets.com, I'm sure they'll sing our praises and enthusiastically recommend that she join us, and she might be willing to cut us a break on her usual rates to see what it's all about. Maybe. We'll see.

@JB: No, no, be that guy. Please be that guy. I love that guy. To repeat something I've said many times before (I really should make a template that I can copy-paste from) praise is great but criticism in better. I always want to keep improving LostBets.com, and knowing what people don't like is at least as helpful as knowing what they do. Keep on giving me feedback, both positive and negative. I appreciate it.

I hear what you're saying about the players. I'm always shooting for variety, though, so I'm sure you understand that there will be players that aren't to your tastes. (I've always felt that a girl who isn't in perfect shape might be even more embarrassed to be forced to strip and expose it to a leering crowd.) But I'm happy to report that there's plenty more of Sassy, Dylan, and Julie on the way. As for Tyler and Sparrow, I'm trying to get them back, and in at least one case I'm hopeful that I can do it.

Andrew Breckler said...

With you saying Tessa is 5 foot it made me think of 4' 9" Dolly. Who I would love for you to try and bring back, because she is a very cute and spunky player.

René said...

Hello Red,

Thanks for your reply. 2 Questions are still unanswered. How about a return of Stefani for b/g? And a return of Helena?

Anonymous said...

Just have the opertunity ti have Ariel X like a domme for the losers forfeit, would be a thrill.


Anonymous said...

And My wishes for next year

Earth and fire with three couples the guys strapped. In Every round a girl loss and the other Two girls try to get the Guy from the liser girl off. First Guy to cum, the couple loss.

Losing girl get fucked off winning guys, winning girls humiliate losing Guy


Red said...

@Andrew Breckle: Believe me, I'd dearly love to get Dolly bck. One of my "types" (I've got a few) is pale-skinned, petite, and redheaded, so Dolly is close to my ideal o female perfection. She didn't answer my last email, but I'm going to continue to try,

Rene: Oh yeah. Stefanie is definitely a possibility and I'm working to get her back, too. As for Helena, she lives far away but occasionally travels to this area, as she did when she played with Selina, Alisha, and Starli. Next time she swing by, I'll snap her up.

@Swedishguy: Like I said, I'll see what I can do about Ariel X. I'm already in contact with her. As for your game idea, I like it. I've dona a race where two girls try to get dudes off, but never that variant of Earth and Fire. I've been thinking for quite awhile about getting a couples shoot going, and Tessa says she knows some couples who might be interested. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, happy new year!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Bammy said...

Hey Red, looking forward to Episode 600! Is there any chance that Tobi will be back any time soon? I feel like she's long overdue for a hardcore forfeit! No offense to her, but she wins far too much for my liking!

Red said...

@GWKS: Thank you, sir. Same to you.

@Bammy: Aargh. As soon as I saw how well Amber, Julie, and Sassy went together, I thought "Oh man, Tobi should be here." As for if she'll be back, I don't currently have anything with her filmed, but she'd probably be happy to come back. And she may even know a few more girls who might join us. (A lot of our players were recruited by her.) She's easy to find, too. She lives right next door, in the house once occupied by Jacqueline.

Anonymous said...

Tobi's your neighbor? Is that how you met her? Dude, how do women keep moving in next to you who are willing to get naked and bring their friends to do hardcore scenes in videos? Either you have a really nice neighborhood filled with cool hipsters, or you live in a crack slum. And I guess we've seen your house in some of these videos and it looks nice enough!

Yo, by the way, since you didn't say what the forfeit is for this big 600 video, you know that makes everyone think of the most crazy insane thing, right? Now it's like if the loser doesn't get tired to a rocket and shot into the ocean where a bunch of horny Mermen are hanging around, it's going to be a disappointment. At last it will to me! Cause I was thinking there's a real possibility of that happening.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, any chance we'll see any of the following again? Realize it's probably a long shot but figured I'd ask:

- Jasmine
- Fern
- Sheri
- Angela


Red said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red said...

@GWKS: It's not as cool as it sounds. I own the house next door (both houses are on a single plot of land) and I rent it out. My then-intern Casper lived there with his then-girlfriend Stella, and they sublet to Jacqueline and her then-boyfriend now-husband. I met Tobi through Johnny's then-girlfriend Delilah, and years later when Tobi needed a place to live she moved into the rental. It's not like I go door-to-door asking my neighbors if they'll pose naked for me.

That doesn't explain how I keep meeting cute amateurs who are willing to get naked for me and convince their friends to do it too. Like I've said before, my theory is that whatever divine Powers exist, they like LostBets.com and bless us.

As for the Episode 600 forfeit, you're right, I should have disclosed it earlier. The winners of the game of Earth and Fire don strap-ons and spit roast the loser, one in the mouth and one in the pussy. I hope that doesn't disappoint.

Did you get the email I sent you?

@dm: Bleah. Sheri's not interested and I think she moved away. Jasmine and Angela haven't answered my attempted contacts. Fern answered me and said she might be interested but hasn't answered me since and it's been years. I hate delivering bad news.

Anonymous said...

I just did, Red! Thanks, it's awesome! Sent you a response.

Interesting story about the house, it's those behind the scenes details that make it fun around here.

As for that forfeit, sounds pretty good to me! I will say though, with genuine wieners it would be even more amazing. But that's still pretty sweet.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Jaqueline... Now that's one I'd really like to see back. Any chance of that? .... Shredder

Red said...

PROOF of what I told @dm! Check out this outtake from my recent shoot with Sassy, Julie, and Amber. You might notice that Amber looks a little different from the last time we saw her. For example, she wears her hair short now. And there are other changes as well. At least two of them.

@Shredder: Oh man, I wish. Never say never, but... never.

RL said...

Hi Red!

I've been a fan of LostBets and reader of your blogposts and comments for years now, but this is my first comment.

Episode 600:
sorry to start with some criticism, but unfortunately I'm no longer much enthusiastic about this ep. I love Julie, but I am absolutely not into strap-ons - they look ridiculous (in my opinion) and the girls most of the time only use them to make some fun. The forfait with strap-ons nearly always isn't any longer about sexual interaction, but more about girls laughing about rubber dicks...
Furthermore there are 3 things I don't find attractive on girls: plastic surgery, tattoos and piercings - Sassy and Amber both have at least (as far as I can remember) 2 of these.
Unfortunately it seems that nowadays natural girls without any artificial "enhancements/body art" have become extremely rare, especially the girls who are willing to show their bodies for a camera...

Girls I would love to see again:
Ashton & Candle - perfect combination of funny & sexy (Candle even with fake breasts) and did I mention they are extremely funny? I really hoped you managed to get back Ashton somehow for ep.600

Jacqueline - its a pity that there is (nearly) no chance that she will come back, but do you really shot only the 3 published clips with her? Don't you normally do 4-5 clips on one shoot? Maybe some unpublished material? *fingerscrossed*

Starli - in my opinion the most beautiful girl in all 600 episodes and she also seems to be a nice person. I wouldn't mind if she were in every single futere episode.

I would love to see Ashton back no matter which softcore forfait she only would be willing to do and I would love to see Candle & Starli in some girl/boy forfaits (Starli already did a gangbang in ep.306, but the ending was very disappointing, the guys just stopped)

Maybe with your magical powers you can arrange an orgy with Candle, Julie and Starli and some experianced guys for ep.700 (or 666) - I knwo this seems to be an impossible wish, but I also thought it would be impossible that Trump would get access to the (apparently extemely big) red button in your country ;)

Sorry for the long text, I would be happy to get a reply and of course I would also like to wish you and your family/team a Happy and most important Healthy Year 2018!


Red said...

@RL: Welcome! Thanks for being a fan, and I hope your first post isn't your last.

There is no need to apologize for criticism. I want it. I welcome it. As a longtime reader of this blog, you've probably heard me say it. And yeah, you're right that the strap-on forfeits are often more silly and giggly than sexy. That's probably because I frequently use them with amateurs who havew no idea how to use them. I ought to make a point of only breaking out the strap-ons when I've got experienced players.

And I'm with you on tattoos, piercing and body modifications. I've always preferred all-natural girls, and yup, as you say, they're getting rarer. (Pubic hair is also becoming history.) There's a caveat, though. I generally dislike boob jobs. The surgeon rarely does better than God. I was sad when I heard that Amber got implants because I loved her teeny-tiny nubbins. But if a girl takes her time, chooses an expert surgeon, and is willing to pay a high price, she can get a pair of beautifully sculped breasts. Penny's are one example. Amber's are another.

Now, if you're looking for sexiness and you don't find strap-ons sexy, the forfeit for 600 won't be your cup of tea. But the game itself might be. It's Earth and Fire, and these girls know what to do when on offense, and really have to struggle on defense. But they do, and I for one think it's sexy as hell to watch a girl grit her teeth and fight to hold back an inexoreable orgasm. Your mileage may vary.

I've tried to get Ashton back, believe me. I wish I could, but she's slipped away. My very first player, I'm so grateful to her. If she and Mia hadn't been so incredible, I might never have done another shoot. And yeah, I'd be happy to have her back no matter how tame the forfeits would have to be.

Nope, sorry, there's just the three games with Jacqueline. We do normally play more games than that, but Jacqueline or Dahlia (I don't remember which) felt sick so we called it quits early.

I can probably (maybe) get Starli back. Sorry if this disappoint you, but she's not going to be in every episode :)

Candle won't do b/g. She's married, and her husband would not be comfortable with that. And yup, the ending for 306 was disappointing. A lot of our b/g games end without a money shot, especially when we use amateur guys. Amateur guys always underestimate the difficulty of cumming with a bunch of people and cameras watching. Amateurs are great, but this might be a case where I'd be better off with experienced pros.

My magical powers, I regret to say, have limits. I do seem to have a knack for luring girls in front of my camera, but there are some things I just can't do. Sorry. And I think that nearly everybody was surprised by the Trump victory, both his supporters and his opponents. I don't want to get any more political than that, except to say that probably both Trump supporters and Trump opponents will read this, but we all get along just fine. There's a lesson there.

Thanks for writing, and again, I hope you're a more frequent commenter in the future. A happy and healthy New Year to you and yours as well.

René said...

Hi Red,

Now that you mention Penny.... what's up with her? Any chance we'll see her back? It was a pity her only b/g scene was with 2 guys and anal. That's not my thing, but I git the scene anyway. If she'd be back for some simple b/g with 1 guy and no anal I wouldn't hesitate to buy.

Penny's fake breasts are pretty nice. Alexis Grace's are even better. Cass's are not that great, but I like her figure and enthousiasm in the forfeit. Ambers fakes I definately don't like. Her only b/g forfeit, before her surgery was actually one of the best because of the way she was somewhat ambarresed and seemed unwilling to admit she actually liked it.

RL said...

wow, I didn't expect to get such a long and detailed reply!

You are right regarding ep.600, the game is Earth and Fire and Julie is in it, depending on clip description I will consider to buy it despite the strap-on forfait.

It is great that you are offering such a broad range of different clips with all kind of different players for nearly everyones taste. Not every girl/guy/game/forfait is appealing to everyone but in my opinion it is extraordinary (in a good way) to find all this on one website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Any luck with extra b-sides from Kodak & Bibi? I thought I read something about those being in the queue, but I could be wrong


Red said...

@Rene: Sorry about the unwanted anal. I wouldn't rule out Penny's return but I kind of doubt it. And alas, the All-Stars shoot was g/g only. But I'm glad you liked Amber's b/g. And I suppose that the hotness of Amber's new tits is a metter of taste. Since I got to see them up close and touch them, I thought they looked and felt fantastic, but your mileage may bery.

@RL: Well, if you do end up buying Ep. 600, let me know what you think of it. And variety has been a goal of mine since Day 1. It's one of the reasons I like the a la carte clip store where I can publish anything I want, including clips with limited niche appeal, and anyone who doesn't find it appealing doesn't have to buy it.

@CL: Well, there's only one more, and yes, I'm going to publish it. Eventually. But we've been extremely busy with other things and the queue of ready-to-publish episodes had dropped to nearly zero. Things are finally settling down a bit and the ready-to-publish queue is finally starting to build up again. Hopefully soon, both the B-Sides and the POVs will come back from hiatus.

Julie Lomar said...

Hope ya like the new episode!