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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Really good excuse this time

So Episode 596 was published late, but it's up there now. Here's a preview:

Sophomore Geneva tries her luck once again against veterans Sassy and Dylan. The stakes are quite a bit higher than they were in Episode 593, when Geneva's nude body got covered in baby oil. This time her pussy might get covered by another girl's tongue, while she herself might taste the other girl's tasty vag.

This video was published late because I was busy all day doing a hell of a shoot. It included what will become Episode 600, and it starred three LostBets.com legends: Julie, who made her first appearance in 2008, Sassy, who made hers in 2010, and a girl who also made her first appearance in 2008 but we haven't seen since 2013. I was happy to welcome back Amber, and so will you be when you see her. Despite having been in dozens of episodes each, none of these girls had ever played against the others. (Update: This isn't true. Xebas points out in the comments that Sassy and Amber have played together in a few games from way back in the day. They both look very different now and didn't even recognize each other.) But I was pretty sure that putting those three together would be pure dynamite, and boy howdy was I right. Promos to come, I promise.


René said...

Hello Red,

Todays shoot sounds good. Does it involve any b/g action?

Xebas said...

What??? Sassy when she was brunette and shameful played several times against Amber.

OD 99x said...

Saw this video and thought that some of these might make good games to play. I know your always looking for new ideas. I thought the first one with the balloons could work well.


Anonymous said...

Does Dylan ever orgasm in a shoot?

OD 99x said...

BTW that 3 some for 600 may be the best group ever. Amber's forced O in clip 38 may be the best one ever.

Anonymous said...

I think strip memory is the perfect blend of skill and luck. that said, it can be quite the turnoff to see the girls have the thought process of a chicken and memory of a goldfish

Red said...

@Xebas: Holy shit, I'd totally forgotten about that!! So had they, apparently, but that's not surprising since they both look very different than they did. Thanks for reminding me, since I'd have looked a right moron if I'd put the "fact" that they'd never played together in the clip description, which I'd been planning to do. Drop me an email at red@lostbets and I'll send you a free clip to thank you for saving me from making an even bigger fool out of myself.

@OD 99x: Episode 038 is still one of our top-selling clips of all time. But wait until you see Julie, Sassy, and Amber playing Earth and Fire, all three really trying their hardest to stave off the forced orgasm.

More replies later. For now, I have to prepare for today's shoot, featuring Belle with some fresh meat in the form of two newbies.

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of Dylan or Tyler need to see them in a Earth and fire game! Also please get better video cameras for the girls the cell phone videos are poor quality and the girls, especially Carmen just don't use them effectively, Haha. Thanks. Otherwise keep them coming! Great material.


Anonymous said...

hi red,

sassy and julie thx for that.

i asked some time ago about a game between sassy and julie with an spanking forfeit (loser otk and then kiss winners ass). any chance to see something like that?

any chance to get get hannah perez back?



Red said...

Holy frijole. Another unbelievable shoot, with Belle and newcomers Tessa and Zodiac. Again, promos to follow. Man, am I tired.

Red said...

But it's a good kind of tired. I'm gonna go to bed with the kind of satisfaction that only comes from a job well done.

Tessa, by the way, is a 93 lb (42 kg) Pinoy who claims to be 4'11" (150 cm), but I've known several 4'11" girls and if Tessa is taller than them I'll eat my hat. Zodiac is a cute girl with blue hair and a tendency to blush. She'd never, ever been nude on camera before and was really nervous about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh you give us so much hints. When the promos comes? And What is the forfeit in episode 600?


Rene said...

Hello Red,

Does this shoot with Belle and the newcommers involve any b/g action?

When do you think you can answer the mail I send over a month ago?

Bammy said...

Hey Red!

Did you have any more games featuring Kimmy? Or would it be possible to ask her back for more shoots? She is without doubt one of my favourite players!

Anonymous said...

Any more of Jennifer? I need more if her sure she do any other modeling? Great bod.


Harrison said...

Would love to see more from April. The girl, not the month.

RS said...

From the non-spoiler section of Clip 597:

"While surrounded by naked and nearly-naked women, [Dante] makes a joke about blowing a load in Thomas’s face."

I think you should call Dante's bluff. B/G game, mixed co-ed teams with at least one guy on each team. As part of the penalty, the guy(s) on the winning team(s) get to blow a load on the face(s) of the guy(s) on the losing team(s).

Anonymous said...

I really like RS proposal


Riggins said...

Too late to film an episode for the holidays, but what about this for a game. There's a party game where a present is wrapped in a box, wrapping paper, then a bigger box and more wrapping paper, etc., like nesting dolls. The players wear oven mitts and take turns trying to unwrap the present. Each gets 10-15 seconds and then it is passed to the next player. The one who finally unwraps it gets the present.

For Lost Bets, have the group play the game naked. The player who gets out the present is the winner; the rest are losers and have to do the forfeit. If the present is a dildo or body oil, the winner can use it on the losers.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with RS, that would be a great game! Big fan of Dante and his competitive nature, would love to see him continue to risk in games. Thomas is great too.

Are there any more games coming with Thomas and Dante? Sounds from the new episode like Thomas lost a game that hasn’t been posted yet.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me THIRTY BUCKS for the current clip is an error! There are longer clips for sale for significantly less money than that.


Anonymous said...


Yeah, that's clearly a mistake.

The regular version is $15.99 and it states that the high-def version is a buck more, so the clip should cost $16.99 not $29.99.

I wonder how that will effect sales.


Anonymous said...

Any chance we could get POV games with the ladies in superheroine costumes?


Bob said...

No POVs since August. Still no ballbusting forfeits. Why do I even bother?


Anonymous said...

Just one update to episode 600. Give us some more imformation, please.


dday66 said...

Hi Red is there any update on whether there will be any more scenes involving Cora? Is she still involved with the site and has she done any other scenes elsewhere? Cheers and happy new year

Bammy said...

Hey Red, looking forward to Episode 600! Is there any chance that Tobi will be back any time soon? I feel like she's long overdue for a hardcore forfeit! No offense to her, but she wins far too much for my liking!