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Friday, March 16, 2018



I am 1) out of town and 2) sick, so this one will be brief. It;s Julie's birthday, so please wish her a happy one. And enjoy the sight of one of her friends turned into a human birthday cake for her in episode 611. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...


You may have seen actress Diane Kruger in such films as Troy, Inglourious Basterds or the National Treasure franchise.
If not, just know that in Troy she was cast opposite Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom as Helen of Troy, the most beautiful women in the ancient world.
Awards junkies may also have seen her onstage recently accepting the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film for In The Fade with director Fatih Akin.
She has some other mementos from that film, both wanted and unwanted.

After filming one day, while they were having a few beers, the director wouldn't shut up about the film's prospects at Cannes, despite the veteran actress trying to tell him how nearly impossible it to even get a film like this accepted.
So they made a bet.
The full terms are unknown, but she has admitted her forfeit involved getting a tattoo.
She neither had any tattoos nor wanted any, once telling Allure "I don't think they are hot".
Not only was the film accepted into the formal competition at Cannes, but she won Best Actress!
Her hopes that the director would not remember or would waive the bet were dashed, and she now has her first tattoo, with Akin selecting-not a Lost Betsy, alas-an anchor, the symbol of this hometown Hamburg.
He wanted to put it on her bicep, but she bargained him down (details not provided) to an ankle.


P.S. Get well soon, Red.
P.P.S. Wait until you see LBotR&F #6. Coming soon.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Julie

Get well Red

Anonymous said...

Please more with cute Jelly! Also Blowjobs and hard Action!

Anonymous said...

Red has a habit of sometimes responding to outlandish fan requests in the most awesome ways, so I thought I’d try a Hail Mary...

Given it sounds like it might be done, there is an expansive cue that needs to be published, and prior indications the episode would come out this month, how about a SURPRISE publication of the 3-d scan episode TONIGHT????

I have not coordinated with Red at all and this is probably as good as buying a lottery ticket, but you gotta try, right?

I was surprised your Xbox created a scan able to produce a model as detailed as previewed by the printer, even if some detail I was hoping we might get below the belt wasn’t there. Maybe one of the other poses?

-Please Sign Your Posts


Red, feel free to tell everyone this is a one time thing to reward innovation and creative thinkers without running a bad precedent... :)

Anonymous said...

How old is Julie?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

I missed something or there is a mistake in the numbering of the episodes. Episode 610 is missing