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Friday, March 30, 2018

Double update

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, I accidentally skipped Episode 610 in the publishing queue. (I've been making forgetful mistakes like that a lot lately. It's kind of disturbing,) Anyway, it'll be published this Saturday as part of a double-update weekend. I'm also selling it for the C4S minimum price to apologize for the delay. It features Tessa and Zodiac joining with Belle in their first game ever. It wasn't their first game of theirs I published (that was Episode 599, which had to be published out-of-sequence for the holiday) but you can see the nervousness in the rookies as they prepare to bet their clothes for the first time.

Today's update, Episode 613, has been a long time coming, having been filmed over a year ago. This one is for all my fellow geeks out there, and for those who enjoy making things, and for those who just like really cool gadgets. If you're not in one of those groups, you might still like it anyway. It features young cutie Stefanie playing against Tobi with the loser's naked body being 3D scanned for anyone who wants it. You can download the files on Thingiverse. Or if you want to buy an actual 3D-printed copy of her, you can visit our store on Shapeways. And if you don't mind spoilers, you can see Stefanie being printed over at YouTube.

Next week, Episode 614 will feature the return of Kate and Kimmy, who we haven't seen in awhile. And then Episode 615 stars the beloved Tyler, playing as a team with Tobi against the team of Dulan and Sassy, They play a new game based on an idea I was given a long time ago. Frankly, it didn't work out very well, but the game does have promise. I've got some ideas for rule changes that will make the game better, I think.



Anonymous said...

any updates on POVs?


Red said...

Y'know, I've got a personal account on Thingiverse too, and I've put some stuff I made up there. Some of it is pretty cool, or at least, I think so. But in less than an hour, the models of Stefanie got more likes, collects, downloads, and follows than everything else I've ever made combined.

@AZKP: Hopefully soon but I've given up on making promises of specific dates since I never seem to keep them. Again, hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

Red what's the likelihood of getting back Stefanie, Geneva, Roxy, Gracie, Cora or Jennie?

Also what about any we haven't seen in a long time like Erin, Fern, Heather or others like that?

Keep up the great work

- The Pin

Anonymous said...

Does Sassy do porn other than here?

Ozgreg said...

I love the description on the shapeways page..

White Strong & Flexible


René said...

Hello Red,

Good to see you're back. How's it going?

Somebody said Ashley was active again on another site. Any chance we will see her back here?

Will we see Steffani risking b/g here? When is the next b/g (preferably non-anal) here?

If possible, will you please answer my e-mails now?


Anonymous said...

What you think about a cast forfeit?
Loser get plasterd leg and/or arm in cast for one week for example.
There are many possibiltys which and how much parts of body you will plasterd

Greets kai

dday66 said...

Its nice to see that other people would like to see Cora return! Not only is she good looking but she has a cracking personality on screen. Has any thought been given to having a brief intro or promo before the main game and forfeit starts showing the girls arriving on set and the introductions been given as it would be interesting to see how they act knowing that at least 1 of the competitors will shortly end up naked!

Anonymous said...

Please more with cute Jelly!!!!

Red said...

@The Pin: I'd dearly love to get Stefanie back, and I'm trying. Geneva I can probably get back, but I've got three more games with her and Dylan and Sassy waiting to be published. Roxy and Gracie would both probably come back, but I've still got two with them. I just sent an email to Cora. We'll see what she says. Jennie definitely wants to come back and I think she's got friends, but we keep playing telephone tag.

Any ideas for what you'd like to see these ladies do if they come back?

Don't get your hopes up for Erin, Fern, or Heather. As for players we haven't seen in a long time, well, I recently had Amber. Both Julie and Sassy returned after long absences. And there's Cyhdi/Sinn, whom we'll see more of once the POVs are finally going again. (Soon. Soon.)

@Anon 7:41 (please sign your posts) Well, she sure didn't when I first met her as a tender 18-year-old. Since then she may have but I don't know where. You could ask her yourself. She's on Twitter as @iMeagan, where she describes herself as a bikini/lingerie model and where she's amassed an impressive 46,400 followers.

@Ozgreg: Hah! I didn't even notice that.

@Rene: I don't think we'll see Steffani again. And I'm sorry to tell you that I don't currently have any B/G. I'm scheduling shoots for early May and I'll do my best to get some. I'll get to your email as soon as I'm done with this blog reply.

@kai: Interesting idea! I'll think about it.

@dday: I hear you (and others) about Cora. I'll let you know when I hear from her. And I'll try to shoot some of the candid stuff you're asking for. I should also look through my cutting room floor files. There's probably some candid stuff hiding in there.

Red said...

@Anon 1:59 (please sign your posts): What would you like to see her do? She's pretty much already done everything within her very tight limits.

Anonymous said...

Jelly could do anything she is willing to do, There is something exciting about seeing girls with tight limits nude and exposed as much as possible. Just knowing that she would be nervous about showing more on screen would be a nice consolation prize. Maybe incorporate her talking about how she feels as she does the forfeit.

Old Man

Red said...

@Anon 7:41: I've heard back from Sassy, and the answer is nope, she only does this sort of thing for LostBets.com. Goddamn I'm flattered.

Vert said...

Red, I think you have typo'd the Twitter handle!

Red said...

Damn it, you're right. Her actual Twitter handle is @iMeagan91.

Rene said...

Hello Red,

How about a return of all time favourite Ashley? It sure looks like she's made new stuff recently (see earlier thread)

Anonymous said...

Hey red.. forfeit suggestion....
The loser lays on her back while a plaster casting is made of her body... Like shoulders to pelvis region?

You can then sell/auction the casting to a LB fan..


Be Free How I Feel Be You said...

Hey red did you give up on the pov?

Anonymous said...

Please less too-tatooed girls:( its total turn-off for me....

RS said...

Just wanted to put in a plug for more B/G shoots in May. Especially ones where the guys are contestants risking embarrassment rather than just there to administer the punishment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Hope all is going well. Would love to see a tickling forfeit particularly with the girl tied to a bed/couch for easy access to her feet. Still think one of your best videos was with Crystal being gang tickled/vibed on the bed. Anyways, keep up the great work! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Red! Long-time follower, first-time commenter. I'm a big fan of the public nudity forfeits in particular, and I'm wondering if, based as you are in the Seattle area, you've ever considered taking advantage of your proximity to the Solstice Parade? Usually for obvious legal reasons you're usually forced to make creative compromises on either the "public" part (standing at a window or on a balcony, only naked for a small indoor audience, etc.) or the "nudity" part (teensy bikinis, c-strings and pasties, etc.), but this might be a safe opportunity to have some poor blushing reluctant girl actually go totally naked, totally in public, in broad daylight, in front of a huge crowd of strangers.

You probably wouldn't get to film the ride itself - the organizers would be pissed, and it'd be near-impossible to get shots of just your loser and not a half-dozen others who probably wouldn't sign a release - but the event is so flooded with cameras that dozens of shots are bound to make their way online after the fact regardless. Given that, even a couple of minutes of footage of nervous lead-up and/or the afterparty would be enough, and fans could search and fill in the blanks on their own.

My own personal taste would be for the unlucky rider to go either unpainted or very minimally painted in a way that affords no coverage (a tasteful plain red diamond on the back, maybe?) and it would be especially amazing if it were a player more on the amateur side. The games with pros like Sinn are great in their own way, but the embarrassment factor with someone like Jacqueline would be unbeatable.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, for the last months almost all girls were BBW or "too tattooed".
I remember times between episodes 100 and 300 where nice skinny chicks without tattoos or extensive piercing have been playing even hardcore games? What has changed? Are there no such chicks available anymore, or Lostbets are becoming some sort of fetish site?

Anonymous said...

Hello there and I agree with the previous posters asking for fewer over-tattooed girls, it is a turn off. I've purchased many clips at the c4s site and I always try to steer clear of such models...

I want to echo the prior comments on the attractiveness of the models in recent times... I understand it's probably not easy to get such models and cast such videos, but still... I remember the days gone by where you had some real lookers and some of the more well known fetish models in some of the videos...

dl50000 said...

Wow, what's the matter with you guys? There are ten billion websites with girls like you're looking for. Go to pornhub. It's free. Plenty of skinny girls with no tattoos. This site is great BECAUSE the girls are interesting looking. Not ordinary porn

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Ashley do anymore new stuff apart from Mom pov? KH

Anonymous said...

to DI5000, i thing this site is not about this "interesting look" unless it is such fetish site. This site is about >> STRIP GAMING <<
- girls slowly undressing
- girls are playing games (that means they want to avoid forfeit and trying to win over some opponent)

For me the best episodes are with nice and competitive players - Best strip gaming.
Even adult actress that are competitive like Britney and Renna are much better than the true firstime amateurs that play the games passively like cattle on the slaughter.

Get back to the roots Red.

(and yes for me only attractive girls are worth seeing)

Qa, said...

To each their own, I prefer amateur girls because they are more likely to be embarrassed and want to avoid losing.

dl50000 said...

Is Red okay? Anyone heard from him recently?

Kevin said...

I am sad that it looks like Gemma never lost.

Cal said...

Hello, Red and everybody! I've been meaning to post for ages, and now Marcy and I have a new(ish?) video out! We both hope you folks enjoy them. Shooting these games for Red was a blast, and I can confirm he and his crew are great to work for. All the nervous excitement (Nervexcitement?) you see is real. Marcy and Gemma and I all had fun doing this, and it's cool to find out that we have at least a few fans. I hope to be commenting more often.

Red, I hope you're as well as can be. Know that we all understand when you need breaks and are glad to have you here.

Kevin, I never want to post spoilers, but never say never.

So long, folks!

Anonymous said...

Is this sight dead?