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Friday, June 1, 2018

A quack who's gone to the dogs

Yup. Still breathing. I'll get to LB stuff in a bit, but first, I have a question.

I've said before that I started LostBets.com when I was in my mid-thirties, and that was 11 years ago. So now, if I'm not officially old yet, I'm at least firmly in middle age. And people my age are famous for not understanding just what the hell the youngsters are up to these days. So if you're a member of the millennial generation, please tell me: just what is the deal with duckface? I sometimes check out modeling websites while trying to recruit new players, and I swear that every other photo has that silly pursed-lips look. Why do they do that?

Also, I'm sorry that you guys missed out on the 1980s, the best decade ever. Also, stay off my lawn.

Now that that's out of the way, let's check out some promos from two recent shoots. First, we have Tessa back along with her boyfriend Jesse.

Also that day, Leilani returned along with her boyfriend Jake (not pictured)

Yes, two couples playing together. We got to do some interesting stuff.

On another day, we met newcomer SarahBeth.

She is (and I hope she isn't offended if she sees this) a hick. She was literally a truck driver. Playing against her was a returning sophomore:

People have been asking to see more of Stefanie for months. It wasn't easy and it took awhile, but I finally persuaded her to come back for another round. I hope you like her return. By the way, that 3D model was more popular that everything else I've ever posted to Thingiverse. I guess nudity is the way to attract attention.

Last week's update, Episode 621, was accidentally misabled 622 in the both the clip description and in the filename. Whoops. Today's update is the real 622, featuring everyone's favorite veterans, Sassy, Julie, and Amber, playing I'll Show You Mine. It's a soft forfeit, with the losers doing embarrassing yoga poses while the winner takes up-close and explicit video of them. Enjoy!

UPDATE: A French Guy reminded me in the comment thread about a promo I posted a long, long time ago for a set of four interactive games that I never actually made. That the second shoot I ever did. After my first shoot with Ashton and Mia I'd learned that I needed a tripod and a set of lights, but nobody told me that I should turn off practical lights on the set. Also, keep the umbrella out of the frame. That one I probably should have figured out on my own,

It was just me and Anna in a friend's house, recording in 720x480 on DV magnetic tape. The times, they sure have a-changed. After A French Guy's reminder, I figure I might as well just publish the raw video without the game. Stay tuned for that.


Anonymous said...

Phew, welcome back! False alarm, everybody :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good, did any of the guys risk anything embarrassing? e.g. pegging?


Anonymous said...


Actress/ comedienne Nicole Sullivan was on Late Night with Seth Meyers to plug her new TV show, but they go way back and are great friends and he mainly wanted to apologize (she loaned him her car and he repaid her by racking up unpaid tickets which she only found out when she parked the car and came back to find it booted) and thank her for hosting, and inviting him to, the greatest game night parties ever.

Listening to them reminisce, he wasn't exaggerating!

Back during the heyday of Survivor, Nicole would host parties where they would watch the show followed by a Survivor-themed game night.
They would play games (examples given were Bop-It and Charades) and the losing team would have to vote someone "off the island".
To stay, that person would have to come up with and execute a forfeit that would satisfy the crowd.
Pressed for examples of forfeits, she had to think for awhile to come up with some that weren't "too dark" for television.
Her then-boyfriend Derek once ran into the invisible electric fence dressed only in a dog's shock collar.
Nicole once went out to the street (she lives on Laurel Canyon) naked with a Burbank of Bust sign and stuck her thumb out, hitchhiking for 30 seconds.
This was when she was "young and thin, so it was a treat", she notes. She could also have mentioned she was a TV star appearing on MadTV and King of Queens
No cars came during the time she had her thumb out, which she considered a big win until she remembered that all the people at the party had still seen her naked.
Remember, there are the forfeits that aren't too dark to talk about on TV. We can only imagine who else in show-biz was at the parties and what her other friends did that she can't talk about.


P.S. Nicole won the first season of Celebrity Poker Showdown and Seth won the third, so they are both competitive and good at games.
It takes a lot of practice to become good at poker. Given the above story, I think we can assume that Nicole learned her poker lessons while losing her clothes instead of her money.

Andrew Breckler said...

I have a forfeit idea that maybe very hard for you to pull off, but i am posting it anyway, because you never know. First the hard part, have a lot of people in a different room then the game. The loser/losers of the game have to walk into this room with the Lostbets paddle. Then they have to ask two or more people to give them a spanking and let them. I think this would be very embarrassing, especially if they are strangers.

dl50000 said...

Glad you're back, Red! I completely agree with you on duckface and the 80s. I'm not yet a 40 year old man but I am still flabbergasted when someone tells me they haven't seen Short Circuit. And if a girl does duck lips she ain't my cuppa. I prefer ladies who are normal, geeky, and not full of themselves enough to think they should try to imatoot Kim Kardashian and her lips.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I noticed recently that there was in the past a project of interactives Strip games (SGU) which was never released.
As a great fan of POV, I was wondering if it's possible to release the different clips from this project in a one way or another.

In any case, I also want to thank you for this website which has been one of my favorite for at least 4-5 years.

Ps: Sorry if my English isn't perfect.

A French Guy

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about you again. Was beginning to worry.
Any news regarding the POV? Any idea when to expect the next ones? Or at least, a few names of who's gonna be in the ones to come?


Anonymous said...

I really wanna hear you say that the guys have some contest to hold back there loads.


René said...

Hello Red,

Good to see you are back on the forum. I hope you are here to stay.

Any previews of scenes (and not only of players) coming up?

Red said...

@SP: Thanks to you and to everyone who sticks with me through bullshit like this.

@PQ: I’m sorry to say that fans who like to see guys lose and suffer forfeits will probably be disappointed with the results of that shoot. I didn’t rig any of the games, but whether it was boys vs. girls or 4-way free-for-all, the boys had all the luck and/or skill.

@Dex: Goddamn, that’s hot, especially after doing a Bing image search for the actress. Of course, these days it all the people all the people at the party wouldn’t just see her naked, they’d have juicy pictures to savor later. Or share.

@Andrew: Yes, that’d be hard to pull off, but it just might happen. I make no guarantees or promises of any kind whatsoever, but there just might be that there’s a slight chance that exist a slim probability that the perfect situation to film exactly that. Potentially. Possibly. Maybe. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

But why have the crowd in a different room? Why not put them in the same roon, where they can watch the game and cheer and jeer the girls as they’re stripped, turning them redder and redder as they contemplate being completely naked and at the mercy of paddle-wielding strangers?

@Dl50000 Madeup (now there’s a name that rolls off the tongue): My type is the same as yours, and I grab ‘em when I find ‘em.

@Guy français: Wow, does that take me back. That was from my second shoot ever, on March 29, 2007, three weeks after my first shoot on March 8. It was just me and her in the house, and I shot material for what I planned to be four different interactive games but that fell by the wayside. Hell yes I can publish the footage. I’ll go through it and see what I can release.

Ton anglais va bien. C'est bien mieux que mon français. En fait, cela a été fait en utilisant Microsoft translate. Comment ça s'est fait?

@G: Okay. Okay. Not this Wednesday but the one after it. Sassy, in a sequel to Episode P146, as she tries to get revenge on you for humiliating her in front of the whole office. And she’s even willing to risk sufferinging even greater humiliation to get it. Does she succeed? Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. Two endings to this one

You guys have been asking for more POVs for a long time and I’ve been dragging my heels. I hope you find it worth the wait.

@SwedishGuy: I’m afraid not. I always try to recruit amateurs, but I can usually only count on one orgasms from an amateur guy, and I have to make tough calls about how to spend it, so to speak.

@Rene: No previews yet. But I am going to send you an email tomorrow. You’ll like the contents, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a episode with Julie possibly risking sex with a male? I think a lot of fans would love that

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that's awesome, I'll be waiting for it.

The french translation is easily understandable though it could be better.

A French Guy

Anonymous said...

I love the 2 ending POVs, so i'm excited


Red said...

@A French Guy: Check out the update to this post.

@AZKP: I hope you like it. There may be more to come.

René said...

Hello Red,

When can we expect the next b/g forfeit?

By the way, is there a retry of Julie risking b/g? You are morally obliged to arrange that after she lost but was excluded from the b/g part :).

Anonymous said...

Saw the update and looks interesting, looking forward to seeing your early attempts at POV stuff. Thanks to the french guy for finding this, I had no idea this existed


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I went back after commenting to look at old posts about this SGU. Wow, it's like 11 years old and I totally see why it was basically impossible to make that sustainable in any way. Having seen the original promo, I really wanna watch this. Will you be putting it up on B-sides, or the POV store?


Cal said...

Hello Red and everybody, posted in the last thread but wanted to say hello on this thread too. The new game looks good and fun, a veritable stripping game supergroup! I'm glad to see Marcy and myself back recently, that shoot was a blast and its nice to see that we have a few fans. Thanks for doing this for so long, Red, and I too reminisce about the NES/Def Leppard era.

Hope everybody is well on this here blog, and I hope to comment more often now.

Red said...

@René: Sheesh, you and Johnny both pressuring me to add more eppisodes to the queue, like it's my job or something. Very well. Tomorrow's blog post will include a list of upcoming episodes. As for Julie, I talked to her yesterday and she said no, fucking is not an option at this time. But she did leave the door open to a possible future forfeit. I'll keep you posted.

@AZKP: Yeah, 11 frickin' years since I posted that teaser for SGU. I haven't deecided yet where I'll publish it, but you'll know as soon as I do.

@Cal: Great to hear from you again. I've gotten several compliments about you and Marcy, espeecially from guys who like their women amateur and mature. Speaking of amateurs, if you've got any more friends you think might want to join us, don't forget that we pay a $50 finder's fee for successful referra;s/ . (That goes for anyone reading this, if you know any cute girls in the Seattle area.)

René said...

Hello Red,

How about Cass and Avi, will they be back? I liked both, despite Cass' obviously fake boobs. Avi I'd like to see in a non-anal b/g.

Anonymous said...

Classic red

RL said...

Let't count how many of us come here checking every few hours if Red made the promised blog post.

I start: 1

damndable said...

Hey red, long time no comment, what are the chances of you doing a messy forfeit at some point where the losers are *really* made a mess of, I'm talking hair, face, heck tie em up if it helps their inability to escape the mess. Anyway still loving all the content just thought I'd drop by with a humble wish from a WAM fan.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Red said...(on the 7th)
Tomorrow's blog post will include a list of upcoming episodes.

3 :)

Anonymous said...

Blogger Red said...(on the 7th)
Tomorrow's blog post will include a list of upcoming episodes.

3 :)

Sorry all


Anonymous said...



Scott said...

Welcome back, Red!

I'm just posting one of my occasional reminders for a forfeit we discussed. 3 or 4 girls, and a game with one loser. The loser is tied on the bed or the floor and each of the winners takes a turn riding her mouth to orgasm while the others tickle and/or vibe the loser.

Anonymous said...

A fellow WAM (West and Messy) fan with damndable. I have mentioned on the blog before that many a true WAM fan wants to see the clothing destroyed as well. Audience participation also seems to be a recurring theme of the threads. I would like to make a suggestion for the next messy forfeit. Have the players wear nice clothing and have the usual strip game. At the end of the game a stranger (or strangers if played to two or more loosers) enters the room to see all the players in their final state of undress except the looser(s) who has had to put all her clothing back on. The stranger then gets to throw pies (or whatever mess) at the Looser(s). When the looser is completely covered in mess she then has to strip naked for the stranger and allow him to watch her shower the mess off. If there are multiple loosers the first one to be completely covered looses round two. Another optional penalty is to have the stranger cut the clothing off during the shower so that the clothing is definitely never to be worn again.

Old Man

RS said...

@Red & @PQ - If the guys were lucky in the first day of shooting, I hope you will continue to invite them to play until they lose at a very embarrassing forfeit.

@Old Man - While I’m not into W&M (not opposed, just not into), I love clothing destruction games. Especially if they play up the “stranded naked” fantasy, maybe show the losers leaving naked.

Anonymous said...

Repeating what several others have said above: Good to see you back, Red! And I am definitely interested in that old footage. (I speak French, too, but I've gotten really rusty over the years.)

-- Big Sam

corwin said...

Hey Red, i'd like to speak something with you, the site has any email to make contact?