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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A different point of view

Okay, it's been awhile (almost a year now) but I have finally posted a new POV. Watch Sassy try to take revenge for her humiliation in P146. She either succeeds or she doesn't; see both versions. Plus, I should have enough POVs on tap to resume weekly publication, so look for the next one next Wednesday.

In the last blog post, I promised a rundown of upcoming episodes, so here it is.

In a couple of days, we'll meet Jesse and Jake who came along with their girlfriends Tessa and Jesse respectively in Episode 624. As usual, I started new players off with a simple game and a simple forfeit. The game is Spin the Bottle, well, sort of. I was bored and I coded an electronic version of Spin the Bottle as well as a few other games. You'll see. Two winners pose the two losers to give us all a show. If that's a bit soft for you, don't worry. Things will ramp up quickly.

We'll meet another new player, SarahBeth, in Episode 625. She plays with Stefanie making her long-awaited return. The game is Torange, and again in deference to the newbie, the loser gets posed for the camera.

Jake, Jesse, Leilani, and Tessa are back again in Episode 626. The men play darts, and high score each round gets to strip a piece from the loser's woman. The ultimate loser of the game is strapped helpless to the Greyjoy cross, forced to watch as the winners have their way with his girlfriend. I told you things ramped up quickly, diddn't I?

Carmen, Dylan, and Nancy star in Episode 627, playing Earth and Fire. The loser pays for her orgasm with her ass, taking a solid paddling. This was a weird game. The girls really seemed unclear on the concept, as they were slow and tender when on offense rather than trying to force the loser to cum as quickly as possible. I interrupted them several times to explain the game but they just didn't get it. Oh well, Cute girls fondling each other, right?

Longtime fan favorites Amber, Julie, and Sassy take each other on at Pirate Penguins in Episode 628. The loser's body gets slick and shiny as it's rubbed down with a large bottle of baby oil. That's another group that ramps up.

Carmen, Dylan, and Nancy are back for Episode 629. The loser of their game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors has to greet the pizza guy at the door naked. I might make this one part of a double-update weekend, since the pizza guy wasn't very cooperative and refused the offer to come inside for a lapdance, which I found a bit disappointing.

That gets us to August. More as we get closer.


RS said...

FYI, not the biggest thing in the world, but the preview clip for this week on Clips4Sale is at the very beginning of the video, so it only shows the LostBets logo and intro and not even a glimpse of any of the players.

Rodger Dodger said...

Belly inflaiton as punsihment:

A few of the girls that you've worked with have done it before.

Either the Loser/Losers can inflate their belly, or you can have it on your wheel of punishment. (Maybe the girl hast to plug up to keep her belly inflated). Or you can have a challange that gets harder and harder the bigger the belly gets?

Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider doing another team Sybian contest? Either as a punishment for a losing team or on it's own. Your old one is the hottest video on the internet and no other site has done one.

Rodger Dodger said...

Just thought of something to add to the belly inflation punismhemt idea. If you have like a bunch of girls and belly inflation as one of the punismhemts on the punishment wheel, and there is one girl that really doesn't want to do it, you can add a rule where she can trade the punishent with another girl. So if the girl who took the belly inflation punishment loses, she can then have the girl who traded to her punishment :)

Viredae said...

Hey Red, just wanted to ask if there was any news on the upcoming release of the old Anna games?

In particular if they will be posted on the store or directly to the blog.

Really, any information is more than welcome.

kyle said...

Glad to see the povs are back. The oral sex forfeit pov episodes are some of my favorite porn ever. I'd be so happy if you made more. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it would be great to see Sybian contest again. Except this time it could be combined with Earth and Fire. It would be game for 3,4 or 5 girls. First girl strip naked and sit on a sybian, while others try to make her squirt, while time is counting. After she is done next girl goes until all of the girls squirt. Girl with the least time (from the moment when she sit on a sybian till moment she squirt) gets punished.

Anonymous said...

No exact discreption of the forfeits in the new Sassy POVs Red? Assuming its something minor enough not to be listed in its own genre keyword. (ie its not a JOI/masturbation forfeit) which sucks ): been waiting this year for the return of the POV and I was one of the original and loudest voices to propose them in the first place! haha. When the girls break that 4th wall it is insaneeeeeeely hot and sexy. All the same keep up the good work legend
- D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@D: I don't know if I'm allowed to post any spoilers but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with Sassy's new POV ;)

Drogeria said...

Wow, this guy has a point.

RS said...

Learn something new every day. Been around the block a few times but I have never heard of belly inflation as a sexual fetish. Had to Google it. Who knew?

Benedryl Cobberstack said...

Never hear of Rule 34 RS? :)

Anonymous said...

"In a couple of days, we'll meet Jesse and Jake who came along with their girlfriends Tessa and Jesse respectively in Episode 624." I'm guessing the second Jesse should be Leilani based on the 626 text.

Anonymous said...

I love the paysite, but my one issue is the thumbnails. Part of the fun is the anticipation of seeing them strip and seeing who wins. The thumbnails give both away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon June 25, 2018 at 11:05 PM

Whilst that site uses Reds content He does not run the site


RS said...

Slight spoilers for #626:

I bought 626 (and I'm delighted I did!) because seeing guys tied up and helpless to resist as their clothes are cut off and completely destroyed is one of my favorite things ever. I love that there's nothing they can do to prevent slowly becoming more and more exposed, and ultimately completely naked and exposed, unable to even use their hands to cover up.

(I would have taken his shoes and socks, too, but the ultimate would be the near-impossible-to-safely-film scenario of him being shown being released at the end and having to walk down the streets going home completely naked...)

Anyway, wasn't sure whether he'd be restrained dressed or naked. Reading the spoiler blurb showing that his clothes were cut off immediately sold me on it, and I'm glad I bought it.

Anonymous said...

No POV this week?


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by and give my thanks, I was keeping track for awhile looking out for when the POV would eventually be dropped, but then lost track. Was pleasantly surprised to see a couple POV's up now, and of course quickly got one. Keep up the fine work.