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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

AFK, again


I'm out of town for the next few weeks and will have limited conductivity. Will try to check in from time to time, but again, no promises.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I wonder if you can tell us more about Sarah? She only appeared in 2 episodes and although she did g/g didn't go further (risk BJ/getting double teamed) at the same shoot.

I found a few videos of her at Tickle Challenge (Kami), but nothing else.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys, can you help me out? I have a vague memory of a video, I think a POV, where the forfeit was a make out with two of the girls. The only thing I remember clearly about it is one of the girls saying that “If we lose, we’re going to have to make out…a lot.”

Was this a real vid or am I going crazy?

Anonymous said...

Thats the POV with Julie and Sammy.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

I come back to check the blog, and I find that not only has Red returned, he has made multiple posts – a good surprise, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

I have nothing creative to say, but I want to add my thanks to the pile, as always. The content I have bought from you over the years remains among my all-time favorites, and, even if you never make another video, you still get to be in the Hall of Fame.

Here's to stripping games, now and forever!

— Big Sam

Thedarktemplar said...

If you search
Culos Adictos La delgadita lo enseña todo
On google. You gonna see a familier face(and not just the face)

Anonymous said...

You might have to give a link on that one. Google searches are highly customized based on your location, search history and other factors. That search doesn't show me much of anything.

Anonymous said...

That search seems pretty specific and likely to come up w/ the right hit for everyone.

Unknown said...

I am interested in the guy Tom who was covered in syrup and feathers. Do you have his email address?

Anonymous said...

[Pardon me if the repeats -- I know I put this comment up a few days ago, but I'm now not seeing it.]

Another model I'd like to know more about is Madison. She was obviously willing to go fairly far, but she really didn't appear to be a professional. In episode 384 she clearly didn't want to get naked in front of the pizza guy (or she is one fantastic actress) -- that was fantastic.

Can you give any backstory on her, or point to any other work she has done?


Anonymous said...

hi, can we see something with hannah perez?


Rob said...

I'm still waiting on the Julie outtakes... hopefully theres one of her shaking that nice ass of hers

Viredae said...

Hey Red,

Just wondering on the tail end of your last post, was there a girl you knew for certain had a particular background (whether she was innocent or not), but her reaction/behavior in a game was the opposite of what you expected?

For example, a girl you knew was not so innocent getting especially embarrassed at a certain forfeit, or vice versa?