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Saturday, October 2, 2021


Over the years I've said a lot about the players and their backgrounds, and I've tried to be as truthful as I could be. I'm not going to swear that I've never stretched the truth nor even outright lied, but I can't think of a specific instance when I did and it certainly wasn't my practice. I don't like to lie, partly for ethical reasons but mostly because I am terrible at it. (I always forget lies I've told and end up contradicting myself and giving myself away.) And I generally didn't need to, because the truth was plenty awesome enough. Jacqueline really was my next-door neighbor. Lumen, Jelly, and Fern really were the 18-year-old high school classmates of the daughter of a woman I dated. The circus folk from the circus folk episodes were really circus folk. I was proud of these facts and excited to share them. There was no need to embellish.

But this posed a problem when people asked specific questions about specific players whose backgrounds weren't so innocent.  What was I supposed to say when somebody asked, "Soandso looks so sweet and shy and innocent. Was she really so embarrassed to strip naked?" Should I have said, "Actually, there's footage elsewhere of Soandso literally fucking a trailer hitch?" Or, "I didn't ask and can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure that Soandso is a prostitute?"

What I usually did in such cases was either plead ignorance or give an answer that was truthful yet incomplete. I'll give an example, and I'm sorry if this shatters anybody's illusions, but: Sheri and Zahara. Everything I've said about them is true. Tobi really did originally meet them as customers in her bar. And both really had never been naked on video before, or at least so they told me. But they were in Tobi's bar because they had just finished their shifts at the strip club where they both worked. Neither was unaccustomed to exposing her naked charms to strangers for money. And they might even have moonlighted as "escorts", as many strippers do. I didn't ask and they didn't tell, but they were pretty unfazed when I asked them about hardcore forfeits.

Now, should I have said this back then? Should I have said it just now? I don't know, and I'd like your opinions. Again, I'm exceedingly proud of all the true amateurs I was able to recruit, but not every player was a blushing innocent. Should I be fully candid about the ones who were not? I was even reluctant to disclose that I met so many of my players at a convention for kinky people.

Finally, to reward you for reading this far, here's a clip I'm sure many of you will be overjoyed to see:

LBOuttakes 20120606 Fern sucks your dick for five minutes

I had totally forgotten about this footage until I went digging around through the depths of the Shoots folder to see what I could find. I'm aware that I definitely coulda and probably shoulda charged for this. I woulda, but I still feel like I owe some gifts to the fans. If you really feel like you should pay for this, I will cheerfully accept tips via PayPal (or Venmo, or whatever the kids are using these days, I suppose) at red@lostbets.com. But really, unless you plan to throw a big bill in the jar, I'd rather you just paid it forward. Make a waiter's day with an extravagant tip, or something.

But I will probably need money sooner or later. I've been procrastinating on setting up a Patreon, where patrons would get early access to these outtakes and a priority hold of my ear when it comes to which outtakes should be produced next. I should get on that, and I will. But frankly, I'd rather try to squeeze windfalls from a wealthy benefactor or two then try to squeeze a few bucks from thousands. Statistically, some of you are probably very, very comfortable financially. If that's you, and you'd be interested in paying a ridiculous sum to acquire a genuine artifact of lostbets.com history, hit me up at the above email.

(Ugh. I feel dirty.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Red! Weirdly I don't think it takes the charm of Zahara or Sheri away for me!

Plus Piper was always the one I focused on in that group.

Noting your message in the other post regarding Kodak. Erin has always been one of my favourites and I was looking around for more of her and just happened to stumble upon what I would classify as rare footage of Kodak.

I've always been unsure if to share because I purchased it and got the sense from watching she wasn't keen, but at the same time this could have been how she was instructed to act.

Anyway, I thought I'd post the link and let people make their own decision.


Thanks for the Fern video!!! Would love to hear or know more about either Piper or Erin.

- The Pin

justinpe730 said...

Hey Red,

Hope we could get an update regarding the Boomsticks game with Stefanie and SarahBeth.


dday66 said...

Great to see you are ok Red

Anonymous said...

Short answer: knowing about Zhara does not change my enjoyment of her clips, and I'm glad you told us.

Zhara is one of my favorite women on your site, primarily because I find her stunningly attractive. I also have always assumed she had some sort of experience with public nudity and sexual activity -- she just seemed too comfortable doing what she was doing on video. So your revelation just confirms what I assumed. Piper doesn't come off that way. Clearly you got Piper to participate in some highly sexual activities on camera, but it looks like she was newer to it. I don't know if that is real or good acting. I don't ultimately care -- if you tell me Piper also had some sort of background in the adult industry it won't affect my enjoyment of those videos. Though I'll say there is something intriguing about the idea of mixing the experienced Zhara with the amateur Piper -- that would be an argument about being up front with the information from the beginning.

I've felt similarly about Angela and Jasmine. Given what you got Angela to do on camera , its made me highly skeptical of the idea that she was new to this. Like Piper, Jasmine does seem less comfortable. When i think about it, it makes me wonder if, when Dante picks between the two of in 400 for the final "punishment", that was really random -- or if it was arranged to use the experienced model. But only when I think about it. I'm perfectly capable of willing suspension of disbelief, and that video (400) will remain great no matter what you tell me about their backgrounds. (And, I'll take the opportunity to remind you: I'd love to see BTS on both those women. And Zahara and Piper.)

I have no problem with the idea that you might have lied when running your blog to help your brand. Ultimately you were an entertainer telling a story; the truth isn't all that relevant. But am interested in knowing the actual background on the models when you feel like telling it, and its not going to ruin anything for me.


Red said...

WTF, I posted a response here three times and keep vanishing.

Red said...

I'll try posting individual responses…

Stop stop stop listening@justinpe730: You're not likely to see any unpublished games anytime soon, I'm afraid. For now, short clips that I can put together myself are on the menu.

@dday66: Well, at the very real risk of sounding melodramatic, I'm not sure that "ok" is the operative word, but I'm still around and still able to make these updates, so that's good.

@Askgulky: Yeah, Zahara did have a very striking appearance. So did Sheri, for that matter, and on the whole it's a boon to the world that they chose share their beauty. And as for Piper, see above: your intuition was spot-on. And I definitely see the appeal of a pros vs. amateurs game. Just such a contest, in Episode 253, led to one of my all-time favorite forced orgasms.

I really don't know much about Angela or Jasmine, other than that they were referred by Dante. And I honestly don't remember whether 400 was rigged, but I don't think it was. I published a lot of episodes where I said things like, "Guys, I swear, this game was played completely fairly not great in any way," and I don't think I ever lied about that. But again, this pose some problems when somebody would ask specifically about an episode that wasn't so fair.

Red said...

Apparently it doesn't like my response to @The Pit. I'll try again.

Red said...

@The Pin: I met Erin at FetishCon, meaning it's likely that she has other modeling experience. But I can't find a digital copy of her paperwork, where she would have listed her full stage name and any other names she's used. I'm sorry I can't tell you more about her.
Piper, on the other hand, was (as far as I know) 100% amateur. Tobi had a tyke, and that tyke had a nanny, and that nanny was Piper. Tobi was a great recruiter and she talked her nanny into joining her.


Red said...

(cont'd from before)
@The Pill: Thanks very much for posting that link to the video featuring Kodak, or "Jennifer". It's a pity that C4S doesn't have an affiliate program so you could get a piece of the sales that are surely coming that guy's way. I see the clip is already his number one tp[ seller. I see what you mean about her not appearing "keen", though. She doesn't appear to be keen, ahe doesn't appear to be anything.. If she was following direction, the director must've told her, "Act like a plastic toy." She showed no personality whatsoever. I got bored and started skipping forward through it, but I didn't hear her say a single word. It was kind of sad to see her that way, really. I'm glad I know that her story has a happy ending, or I'd be worrying about her.

Red said...

s/great in any way/rigged in any way

Old-school, baby.

Anonymous said...

@Red: I've actually found a fair bit of Erin, at times it's better for me to not consider how many hours I've spent trawling clips4sale haha. Her stage name is Erin Taylor and she's done a bit of adult work out there.

Would have been great have seen Piper let go a little more, always felt like she resisted an orgasm to her best ability. Then again being an amateur I feel satisfied having gotten to see her naked.

I mean I'd be happy for people to chip in some money for the Kodak link haha, but ultimately I'm not sure it's worth it anyway given the quality of the directing. I just value the lostbets community and know she's popular (for good reason) so thought I should share as opposed to hold on to it.

I think it also adds to why you've been so successful Red! You can genuinely see that the models enjoyed being involved at lostbets.

Very happy to hear she's had a good ending! I agree the video would be alarming otherwise. I believe I've found some others of her and Cody as well if anyone is interested. Again quality is up in the air.

Anonymous said...

Kodak is also known as Chandler Fay -theres a decent amount of solo/masturbation stuff under that name. I guess there is only one HC video that has already been posted above (the guy seems like a bit of a creep to me and it's clear she is not into it).

@Red - did you look at the unpublished video with Kodak + others with tickling forfeit? I would love to see that, hope you publish it at some point.

Thanks for the fern video - top notch.


Anonymous said...

I passed along your thanks to my GF. She wanted me to say she loves the forced orgasm games / forfeits. The way we play is we pick forfeits for each other, I tie her up and tease her with a vibrator - if she outlasts the player, she wins. SPOILER: she is terrible at this game and always loses (good for me, tho). She gets so worked up when I tie her up that she does not last long - I turned some games into tease and denial since she is so bad at resisting :)

-- Robbo

mismanager said...

Thanks for the tip @TheXX. I especially enjoyed the ATK Galleria interview with her.

tony p. said...

Thanks for the Fern video, she looked very committed to the blowjob LOL.

Always hoped that Jennie, Geneva & Heather would have done something similar.

Was there any true amateurs that surprised you with how far they would go, like " I don't think she's right for this", then they did a hardcore forfeit.?

Anonymous said...

The truth is way cooler, FWIW. I don't think anyone though Sheri or Zahara were completely innocent naive women being talked into doing lost bets. I'd much rather hear about the actual people if they are ok w/ you divulging various details.

muddover said...

Well Fern is top 3 for me, so this bonus video is a gift. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I remember coming across another Kodak video on clips4sale where she gets a massage, and I seem to remember it involving a blowjob as well. Not exactly hardcore as in the videos noted above, but it was something else by her that wasn't just solo. Can't seem to remember the name she used for that though...

Anonymous said...

Red please write a book. I find this behind the scenes stuff fascinating.