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Monday, July 16, 2007

Who likes promos?

Well, like 'em or not, here's a taste of what's coming, very soon.

I hope you'll agree that the production quality is way ahead of my earlier efforts. The soundtrack is an original composition... let none complain that it needs more cowbell. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to disappoint you mate but... I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!

Great video quality on the promo. The funky porn movie soundtrack is a bit overmixed compared to the speech but I assume that'll be resolved in the final version.

Anonymous said...

Looking very promising.

Video quality and presentation much improved..

As said above....Sound mixing needs tweaking ;0)

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

It sounded okay to me. I wouldn't waste time going back to "fix" it.

Red said...

Don't worry about the sound... the music doesn't play during the games, I just made it play constantly for the promo. For the next promo I'll tone it down a bit. Now back to work...

Anonymous said...

Nice game idea :)

Thanks for the promo!

Anonymous said...

Just a tip for all. You can easily add the blog RSS feed to your favourite RSS reader. Google has a nice one which allows you to display new posts on your iGoogle page. Thus you can keep a constant eye on what's going on without having to visit the site every 5 mins ;p

Enjoy brothers and take care

Anonymous said...

Good luck Red from the UK - a promising site, sorry I missed the donation time. Keep up the good work, it sure looks worth it!
Thanks - CT.

Anonymous said...

great quality improvement.

I wish I knew something on logo and webdesign, but my knowledge is poor. Only the enough to update already developed web-pages and do minor modifications / correction / testing :/


Red said...

Just wanted to give a heads-up: I'm still alive, still working. Things have been moving a bit slower lately (day job, y'know) but they're still moving and there will be vids. As soon as I can make them.