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Monday, August 27, 2007

Another two clips posted

Tristen and Stephanie return for Day Two and Day Three of pledge week in a couple of new videos. The first (Strip Hangman) is another really long vid, priced at the C4S minimum. The second is a game of Strip Memory, like the one played by Ashton, Ashley, and Mia. Enjoy 'em.


Anonymous said...

Comments on Hangman. The rules as is the person who goes first always looses, providing they have the same number of clothes, and they all guess the words. A better solution would be to have the playes alternate between guesses of letters and whoever gueses the word first does not remove clothing (if they both fail to guess they both loose clothing or go again but this would prolong the game). Also we need graphics like you have for the memory game. Viewers must be able to see the word (in forward direction) and the state of the hangman at all times.

Memory Flash Cards. Memory flash cards should have the name of the person and the article of clothing. This would eliminate any confusion as to who's card is who's and also eliminate the need to decifer who was pen and pencil or color (colour) for both the players and the viewers.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas.

Another thought for hangman: Have the girls wear a lot of clothing -- include stockings, shoes, and even jewelry. Then don't bother with graphics, just lose one article of clothing per wrong guess. Much simpler and more interesting.

The memory game is a really good idea. You could spice it up easily by shuffling in some forfeit cards, too.


Red said...

Thanks for the tips, guys.

I realized about midway through shooting that the Hangman rules we were using just flat out weren't going to work... with 11 (!) wrong guesses allowed before being hanged, there was virtually no chance that the guesser would lose. I've considered a few better ways... one obvious one is to change the starting position, so the "gallows" is already built. Another, which I thought might be worth a try, would be to keep the same sequence, but not reset it for the next word, so your wrong guesses add up. I'll play around a bit in my next shoot. More on that in a future blog post.

I've thought about adding forfeit cards to Memory, and I'll do it next time. In the Ashton-Mia-Ashley game, they used colored markers rather than pen/pencil, and that worked out a lot better.

The Strip Game Fan said...

Red: could you check your e-mail? I sent you something two days ago (a problem), and I haven't seen anything come back. I'm not sure if there might be something wrong with my e-mail account, so I wanted to double-check. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

These are great videos. I just wanted to post my support. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the internet and these (along with Dare Ring) are great, pure, amateur, real stuff. The girls are real and enjoyable to see. I’ve only purchased 3 as the prices are high but I understand the reasons for the cost. Luckily I got the RPS for free from the blog a while back. The Memory one, which is the current free promo, is the best I’ve seen so far. Like one poster said, it couldn’t have been scripted better. A couple of random comments:

The girls aren’t really embarrassed or humiliated at all so if that’s your thing you won’t find it here. Instead it’s more silly and fun like guys imagine girls’ slumber parties to be. Don’t get me wrong, you can sense that the girls want to win and don’t want to be naked. Especially in the first Steph one, that appeared to be genuine embarrassment.

The nudity could be a bit more explicit and still not be categorized as porn. Not to be critical but when you’re shaved and you keep your legs together during the twirl, you’re not seeing much. I’d think about moving up to a “spread eagle” shot at the end and maybe having them grow some hair out to give the illusion of showing more downstairs. So I look forward to the more hardcore stuff to see “all” of the girls.

Moving to some hardcore would be great but it might be hard to make the transition from the games to the sensual. You could see that in the memory game. Since they’re laughing its hard to see oil rubbing as sensual and erotic.

I’d only add dudes to the mix with multiplayer games where a girl still will get naked somehow. Mainly to add some embarrassment to the girl by having a guy there rather than to see dude, if you know what I mean.

I’d love to see them all. So maybe you could consider a full membership price or if you buy a set number, you’ll give access to several more for free off your website or something. If anything, we can give reviews and get the word out.

Again, these are great and keep up the production. This is what many of us hoped the internet would be, home grown productions with real girls.



Anonymous said...

Hey red well i just wanted to know if u could send me a lost bet video for free. Im short on cash. All i want is Mia, Ashley, and ashton play strip memory. I really want to see it im begging u can u just send me it on email dude. for free. for free. my email adress is sora424@aol.com.

Anonymous said...

Red: yo please can u send me that one little video for free. come on dude i got nothin to do. just pls. just email me the video dude come on. im beggin here. u can get my email in my first comment come on dude.