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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Open for business!

Clips are now for sale at our Clips4Sale store. Visit, buy, tell your friends. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to support your efforts but the videos are too expensive. I'll still be on the lookout for your interactive games though.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered the darts and surgery skits and have to give a big thumbs up. Felt like I was right there watching. As for the cost, this is exactly the content that I have been after, and Red obviously spent more than a few cents not to mention time and planning to pull these off. Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch. I am willing to pay for this sort of content, and in fact have just paid for the darts clip, but honestly for most of these the price tag is just TOO high. Darering used to have full games with 1 gig plus filesizes for around the $5 each mark. Is there any chance of future releases being around that cost so I can impulse buy them and not have to deliberate over the cost?

Anonymous said...


Waaayy too expensive....

One of the costliest clips should be a months subscription IMO.

Cap'n. :0/

Anonymous said...

I bought the darts one and have to say I was very dissapointed. The girls did not seem to be embarassed about losing at all which is a prequisite for this genre (or at least to act like it).

The game given away free seemed to have the girls acting embarassed so maybe I should try others but....I agree the clips are too expensive. Most websites dont charge more than 30 dollars for one month, yet some of the clips are approaching 20 dollars which puts me off buying any more of them given I wasnt wild about the one I did download.

Anonymous said...

Costly, yes but I seldom spoil myself. Bring more Red. Looking forward to the pizza guy and the naked backyard forfeit that was alluded to in a promo.

Anonymous said...

I think the embarassment is the most important aspect of stripping games. If the games aren't including this then I definitely won't be purchasing anymore, especially at these prices.

Anonymous said...

That's why strip games are appealing in the first place is that it's a situation where the girl really doesn't want to strip.

Anonymous said...

I would say the prices are twice as high as they should be. The volume of sales you would get would make you more money than fewer sales with higher price. Also you will get better word of mouth. I went to other sites pimping your site when you were getting started, but at these prices I can't do it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened with you trying to get a refund but how is Red to know that your video doesn't actually work. For all he knows you could be someone just trying to get a vid for free. I'm not saying that's the case but I'm sure he'll try to help you get the video playing on your pc. And as far as I know this is Red's first attempt at something like this so cut him a little bit of slack.

Anonymous said...

Still, Red ought to know that most media players can't handle MP4, and Clips4Sale doesn't provide guidance on how to play the format. Red should have realized that his choice of format would cause problems.

I loved the content, but I agree, it's a bit on the expensive side. I bought one of the skits, and I'll probably buy some others later, but I'll wind up spacing out the purchases over several months because of the cost.


Anonymous said...

everything just seems like a mess right now and I would say the videos should be 1/4 of the cost they are so I won't be purchasing any right now. Things don't seem to be very customer friendly right now and that is the way to really make money. To me the big prices is thinking small and limiting yourself to a small audience.

Anonymous said...

re: the videos

have you tried the vlc player?

Red said...

Everybody, thanks for your input, please be assured that I'm taking it all into account.

Re. the pricing: I agree that it's high. It's all set to Clips4Sale's default of one dollar per minute. If I had my own site I could charge less, but the fact is that Clips4Sale takes 40% and I have to take that into account when setting prices. What I will probably do (if I continue doing this) is lower the prices on old clips as I introduce new clips.

Re. "pacman"'s claims: I'd be more than happy to share our entire email conversation with anyone who gives him any credence. Rather than get into that ugly mess (in his emails, capital letters outweighed lowercase letters by about forty-to-one), I'll just say that he was unable to tell me what operating system he was running. Yes, this is a guy who is too ignorant to know his own operating system. Despite this, and despite receiving a constant stream of abuse from him, I did my best to help him, politely and professionally, until at one point he (without even trying the things which would have solved his problem) declared that he was "done with me", and that he was going to "report me" (to whom?) for "fraud". It's hard to be mad at a guy like that; he's really more deserving of pity. Besides which, judging from his behavior, I seriously question whether he's attained the age of majority, so perhaps it's for the best that he was unwilling to let me help him view the clips.

Re. the embarrassment factor: other clips that I'm working on have more of it. I agree that the Ashley/Ashton/Mia series doesn't have much, but I couldn't resist publishing the clips anyway, because they're just so darned cute. In the future I'll strive to describe the embarrassment level in the clip details, so nobody needs to buy a clip he doesn't want.

Re. the format: I'm using H.264 MPEG-4 because it's the best codec out there at the moment, because it produces great quality video at a reasonable compression ratio, and because it's native to the Mac I'm doing this on, as opposed to Windows Media. I'd very much like to get feedback from people about the format: would you rather I publish in WMV? If so, speak up!

Once again, thanks to everybody for the feedback and input, and to those of you with lean purses, I'm sorry the prices are so high. If you're willing to wait a few months, they'll come down. I'm reasonably happy with the commerce so far, and judging from the number of customers who bought a clip or two, then returned later to buy more, a lot of you are happy with the vids.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you on these topics Red. That stinks about them taking 40% so that at least makes it more understandable why prices are high. Maybe you can make some short videos of about 4-5 minutes for your low end customers so everyone gets a chance to see something.

Anonymous said...

There is already a site called stripgamecentral.com. They do not do videos, but maybe the owner of that can help you put the vids somewhere that does not take a 40% cut (and the hosting does not cost 40% either). I am sure he would help if he can as he is also interested in this niche and you dont compete with him anyway

assohamster said...

Somehow I found my way to this site, and couldn't wait it to launch.

I know this site is still in its very first starting stadium and needs both famosity and money to develop, but I also think it's quite expensive, and I don't really like the option to only buy the clips one by one. I think a membership that offers full access would be more lucrative to join.

Also, when the site finally launched, I still got no chance to join, because I don't have a credit card. Most of such sites offer European bank debit, using verotel.

I'd also like to have the chance to play those games interactive, like the strip rock paper and scissors game.

Would be willing to help this site developing, by doing some promotion, if I get the chance to.
One of my friends owns plenty groups on yahoo with very similar topics, and could link every one of them to lostbets.com.
I'm also known to find many creative constructive suggestions.

Feel free to contact me, and let me know if I can help somehow.

Anonymous said...

Bought most of the videos. A bit pricy but as soon as you can get rid of the Clips4Sale cut prices should be a bit more reasonable at least.

Clips are the best in the category allthough as has been said there's always room for a bit of reluctant stripping. Nothing forced just "I'd rather not but the humiliation of whimping out is worse".
Without giving away too much information, the Pettles and Elora game leans more in this direction.

If you're having problems with the MP4-format, you can install the ffdshow decoder, http://www.codecs.com/FFDShow_download.htm. That should work with your preferred video player.

I was thinking of posting something at the OneClickChicks and SexyAndFunny forums about the site, unless anyone's already done so?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with MP-4, in fact, it's very good, but you probably should have a link to some site that explains which players can handle it. It may be better, but it isn't a common format, and it took me a few minutes with Google to find something that would play it (Quicktime). If I hadn't seen the demos already, I probably wouldn't have bothered.

And yes, it would be nice if you could find a host that didn't take such a hefty cut. Not sure if stripgamecentral would host, though.

I prefer more embarrassment, but what Ashton, Ashley and Mia had instead was malice. They seemed to take pleasure in exposing each other, and that was almost as nice.


Anonymous said...

I want the winner to take pleasure in exposing the loser and the loser to be embarrassed. It's important that they care about winning and losing.

Anonymous said...

I hope you still plan to do a subscription model as picking videos a la carte is too hit and miss. When I sign up for a subscription site I'm lucky if I find one or two sets that I like so I find this setup a high risk proposition.

The Strip Game Fan said...

First of all, I want to say thanks to Red for finally working through all of the struggles that he's had over the last several months (computer problems, software problems, etc) and getting out some really nice materials.

Then, I want to say that while I also agree that while I'd like for Red to eventually be able to find a less expensive hosting service for these, the truth is that a) right now I'm happy to have anything, and b) it's really difficult to find services/providers who do this kind of large-file hosting/sales.

Finally, I want to point out to folks who may be having (or will have) problems with these MP4 files that since Red is using his brand-spanking-new Apple to make these, Quicktime will be the best/easiest mode for watching them. If you have problems with the files in Quicktime (like I did), be sure you're running an up-to-date version - the current Quicktime version is 7.2.

One option for folks who don't want to use Quicktime (or who are on non-PC/Mac platforms) is to use the Video LAN Client, or VLC Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ This is sometimes referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of media players, and plays 95% of the files out there without needing extra codecs.

Anonymous said...

how is the jester clip? looks good from here ...

Anonymous said...

Those of you who are having trouble viewing the MP4 movies with the DRM, I have a solution.

Open up your movie in real player to allow the DRM to authorize the movie, then close it and watch it with VLC media viewer (no codec required).

Anonymous said...

i love this stuff but way to pricy for me....

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting forever for these clips to go up. The prices are high but I had to have one so I bought Strip Darts. Great Vid but left me wanting more! But just can't afford to buy anymore. If they were cheaper I might or better, if you had a website with a monthly membership.
I hope you consider supplying us poorer folk with some other means. Because it will mean more money for you....because more people will then take the plunge. Maybe you can do a discount (buy one....then the others get cheaper and cheaper with each additional one you buy)

Anonymous said...

Just read your earlier response.

Yeah...if you can put up your own site....40% off would be so much better! Cut out the middle man.

Maybe you can get something like stripgamecentral.

Anyway, I'll keep checking back to your blog. And thanks for putting this stuff up!

Red said...

Howdy, folks. Sorry I haven't responded to comments in awhile... day job, y'know.

Anyway, a few updates and responses:

First of all, I'd told myself that if the clips4sale store failed to result in a certain level of revenue, I'd shrug, pack it in, and write off my investment as a fun but expensive hobby. I'm happy to say that the level was passed yesterday. Many, many thanks to everyone who purchased clips. There will be more.

Now, about pricing, here's my plan for the moment. (I make no promises that this will be my plan three moments from now, but it's the plan for now.) The default pricing on clips4sale.com is $1/minute. For the most part, that's the pricing I'll use, although there will be exceptions. For example, I have a game of Strip, uh, Jingo, which is over 40 minutes long, and doesn't have that much stripping. The rules were: the three girls play the game, and whoever knocks over the tower has to strip naked. Then the tower is rebuilt and the remaining two girls play while the first loser stands around in her birthday suit and watches. It's a good game, but I sure as hell am not going to charge $40 for it.

That's the price a clip will start at. But when a clip is a month old, its price will fall by a dollar. The next month, another dollar... until the clip is priced at, oh, let's say 50c/minute, where it will stay. So those of you who have less money to waste will be able to get the clips for half off, at the expense of having to wait for them. But I ask everybody who can afford the full price, please do. It's your money that'll enable me to keep on producing videos for a long time to come.

Eventually I would like to move to a subscription model, and I'm exploring options along those lines. Stay tuned.

Now, responses to specific posts:

Anon 8/6 10:42: I'm quite familiar with stripgamecentral.com, I've been a subscriber since before it launched. (Initially it was just a subsection on Ed's other site, a-m-o-c.com.) He used to do video until he had the misfortune to get a cease-and-desist from the bastards at Acacia. Lately he's been hesitantly putting a few of his older vids back online... let's hope he keeps it up, then I won't have to do this anymore ;-)

assohamster: Sorry you can't buy the clips without a credit card... I believe Clips4Sale offers other options. I know there's something called Pure Vanilla. I don't know anything about it, just that somebody bought a clip using it. And if your friend has Yahoo groups on this theme, by all means, please post about this site there! And post the links here :)

johan: Thanks so much for calling my vids "best in category". Here's to even better ones in the future.

To everybody who wants more embarrassment: You have to understand, these girls are not actresses. They're just, well, girls. My shoots tend to be a lot of fun for everybody involved, and the fact that the girls are enjoying themselves tends to show. But it's not their fault... they had a lousy director, namely, me. But there's hope. Those of you who've been around keeping an eye on this site since I first started it know that I was a total noob at video production, but there's been vast improvements in just about every area as I've gained experience... production quality, framing, lighting, editing, etc. I'm slowly but surely becoming a better director, too.

Except one thing: I have a big backlog of unedited video from shoots I've already done, and I've committed myself to not doing another shoot until I've cleared out a lot of it. And/or reached another undisclosed revenue target ;)

By the way, my favorite clip is Strip Memory (that one took a lot of postproduction, mainly because I was too stupid to use cards that were visible on camera), with Strip Surgery in second place (mainly because of the quality of the forfeit.) For those of you who want to buy a single clip to see how you like it. That's just my opinion... I'd like to hear others.

Anon 8/9 3:31: DRM? What DRM? My clips don't have any DRM attached.

Er, wait. No, I mean, my clips have super duper DRM, completely foolproof, so strong that if you even think about pirating my videos, your computer will explode. No, not really. There's no DRM. But please don't pirate these clips, folks. That's all I have to say about that.

Thanks once more to everyone who's commented. As always, I welcome ideas for new games, new forfeits, and new plotlines. And to those of you who've purchased clips, I really can't thank you enough.

Red said...

Whoops, I forgot one thing I was going to say: johan, if you want to post about my site to One Click Chicks or Sexy and Funny, by all means please do! That goes for everybody, and every community forum where people might be interested. I don't want to do it myself, for fear of being accused of crass advertising, but if you know a site where you genuinely think the members would be interested in my content, please help spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Stripgamecentral sucks in my opinion. It was good the first couple of years but it now it's grown stale. It's the same crap week after week and doesn't have a willingness to try anything different to mix it up a little. The girls are horrible actors and I've had enough of the damn twirls. The reason I was so excited about your site is because it was finally an alternative to the lameness that is SGC.

Anonymous said...

Havent bought yet but wanted to throw some encouragement.

Dont think prices are unreasonable compared to others I buy from. Competitive. And no worry about renewing subscriptions.

I wouldnt drop prices too fast. Might cheapen the product and discourage people from buying right away. Maybe you could bundle older clips in to
a one higher priced download.

Got a link to your BLOG on my site

Hope it does well for you.

Anonymous said...

Lotfw if that's what you pay on a regular basis then you're getting ripped off. I recently joined 2 sites with several hundred videos each that cost $30 a month to access them all. They are very high quality videos which average about 5 minutes in length. And yes they are niche sites. This is not intended as a criticism of Red as his site has just launched and I'm sure these sites have been around for at least 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous but if those videos are not what interest me it isnt worth $30 now is it?