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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

That's So [registered trademark]

Y'all remember Alan, right? Here he is with new girl Raven. (Although you can't see them here, Raven has really nice nipples.)

(Click here for high-definition version)

People have been clamoring for more mixed-gender games. More than one of you has assured me that hey, you don't even mind if the guy loses, you just want to see more genuine unscripted games with both guys and girls. Well, I'll tell you right now... in my last couple of shoots, both of which had guys, the guys didn't always win. (I will post hidden spoilers with each clip, for the benefit of those of you who absolutely do not want to buy a game where the guy loses.)


Anonymous said...

I think most guys think it's hot to watch a girl jerk a guy off so that could be a good forfeit for the dude losing and allow those who are uneasy about a guy losing to enjoy the clip.

Anonymous said...

And for those of us who'd rather it be the other way around, the opposite scenario would also prove a welcome one.

I think girls getting each other off might be a success but more input on that would be interesting.

Although explicit as some forfeits have been, and perhaps even more so in the future, I think you've managed well to keep the content tasteful and classy.
It's got a professional touch, yet the boldness of a pioneer. Keep it up mate.

crosis42 said...

First the Bible and now Disney, have you no shame??? Raven is definitely a cutey. I'm looking forward to seeing her and the other new games. I think those that are uneasy about a guy losing need to remember, that when you play a strip game, sometimes you lose.

A though for an addition to a game would be to have a small digital camera handy (for the payers) during the game. The winner of each round can grab the camera and snap some pics of the loser as the clothes come off. It would work really well for 3-way snip surgery. One player cuts, and one player snaps the photos. They get to have fun embarrassing their friends, and you get candid snapshots to use for promotion.

Speaking of promos, have you thought about posting screen caps of upcoming games. They make great teasers (a picture's worth a thousand words), and would probably be smaller files (and easier to whip out after a shoot) than the video teasers (although you shouldn't stop those either). You would be able to post action shots of the game, and people down to their underwear without giving away to much. If the screen caps get out, they will generate advertising opportunities.

As always, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more in year 2 of lostbets.

ng said...

Winner gets to make loser have involuntary orgasm is a great one! Make that the best one!

The hard part is finding a girl called Reykjavik? said...

Hi Red - I posted under the name "Bring back Paris" in the last post. In your rely I couldn't help noticing that one of the new girls is called London.
Surely a special "Girls with the names of capital cities" grudge match is in order? (I might be over-thinking this!)

Anonymous said...

Red To mitigate the decrease in purchases by having guys playing in the games and potentially losing and then "spoiling" the unknown by revealing that the guy lost is to not have one on one games with a guy but to have 2 at least 2 girls playing against the guy. This way with 2 losers at least 1 of the girls will get naked. A few days after releasing the complete version showing everything you can then release a modified version that only shows the losing girl naked and maybe the guy from the back. You could also cut out the forfeit portion done by the guy if it is solo. Just a suggestion.

Red be careful about what you do with the public nudity, I do not think anybody here wants to see you get arrested. Maybe you could arrange for it to appear as accidental nudity. The good old dress gets ripped off by ??? Girl dives into pool and bottoms slide off.


Red said...

Okay, seriously, which one of you guys broke into my computer and stole a peek at what I've got coming in the near futre?

Crosis, for a game I shot recently, I gave the winner a videocamera and had [him or her] film the losers. Worked out okay, could've been better.

ng: You won't have to wait long for "the best ever." Not long at all.

gb: I thought of that.. so I did a shoot with one girl and one guy, and another shoot with three girls and one guy. For the latter, we played some games to one loser, some to two, and some to three.

Being arrested wouldn't be the end of the world. I'd still like to avoid it, of course, but as long as it's a low-probability outcome, I'm willing to take the risk for some unique footage. (It's the girls I'm more worried about... but of course I would cover any costs associated with legal troubles they got into.)

Duke said...

Red, from what you've been saying lately, it sounds like you have a couple of dozens or more unpublished games now. Since you're very good at "teasing" us about all the wonderful stuff coming up soon, I'm certainly looking forward to it and I check this blog very often (for posts and remarks). Yet, given the assumed number of unpublished games and using some simple math, at the rate of 1 game per week it would likely take 5 months or more for us to eventually see all the games you've been mentioning. Call me impatient, but any chance of more frequent updates? :)

That's also part of the challenge with "variety". Given the variety masterfully designed into the games, I'm likely to really enjoy some of the games more than others (which makes sense). The thing is, with the once per week frequency, it means that sometimes it takes a month or more between those games I really like (which may be a good thing for my budget :)). In any case, I love your work and would love to see more of it.

Anonymous said...


You are mentioning all these new shoots plus you have these unpublished games from previous shoots some of which you have said you are not completely happy with but at some point will probably publish. Given the time of course you could add a mid-week release of some of these, as you put it, lower quality videos, while maintaining the weekend release for the "high quality" ones. This low quality and high quality I am taking from you when you have said that you have this and you have that but are not completely happy with the results. Just an idea. It would also keep lostbets up there on the clips site as having posted recently.



Red said...

First off, duke, thanks for the kind words.

And you're quite right that I've amassed a pretty hefty backlog of video. Part of the problem is that my girls have been recommending me to their friends, and I just have a hard time saying "no" when a girl emails me offering to play a stripping game. I've made myself promise to do no more shoots until August at the earliest.

Keep in mind that having a lot of games played and on tape is not the same as having a lot of games ready to publish... editing is still time-consuming. That being said, though, I have thought about doing more frequent updates and as my backlog has grown I've thought about it more seriously. And it will probably happen, once I've managed to devote a weekend to editing video and I've built up a backlog of ready-to-publish clips.

Anonymous said...


The first thing you might want to do Red is to back-up all of this raw footage digitally so that even if the original tapes get damaged you will not have lost all of this hard work of yours. Then go about deciding what you want to edit and when. Just a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I was addicted to stripping games in my younger days, so I'm really enjoying your site. I don't know how intense the forfeits can get, but a couple versus couple game with the forfeit being a performance by the losers to mutual orgasm strikes my fancy. It sure was hot way back when ...