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Monday, June 23, 2008

A very sincere apology

Guys, I just wanted to let you know, I'm really, really sorry. See, I just got back from a shoot. And most of the shoot went very well. But some of the footage I shot... well, it just wasn't up to my usual quality standards. The video is grainy. I wasn't using a tripod, and the frame shakes nearly constantly. A lot of background noise obscures the audio, and the lighting conditions were atrocious. I know that you've come to expect better from me, and again, I am sorry.

But really, when you're trying to shoot from inside a moving vehicle at the drive-through window of a fast food restaurant with a naked woman behind the wheel, there's very little you can do.


Anonymous said...


It sounds like you were more nervous than she was. You will just need to get a photographer without the shakes. I am looking forward to the footage, even with the shakes and the noise in the background. Next you will need to find some way to mount the camera to the car instead of holding it. Just remember if it had been you driving and her doing the video you would have gotten arrested. What women can do that men can't and not be arrested for it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some forfeit! I'm looking forward to seeing the new games soon.

Have you managed to entice any of the other girls back? I'd like to see more of quite a few of them if you can manage it - new girls are good too though! Perhaps a mix of old and new girls would keep everyone happy?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great teaser

Red said...

gb: I gotta be honest, when I titled this post "A very sincere apology"... I wasn't really very sincere :) Nervous? Sure... even though there was a hot naked chick in the car rather than a pudgy naked man, there was still the risk of arrest. I brought along plenty of cash in case I needed bail. More nervous than the girl? I don't know about that, I'm not the one who almost drove the car into a wall. As for building some sort of camera mount, it wasn't my car, and besides, it'd be hard to devise a mount that would both hold the camera steady and allow me to move it enough to get reactions from the other three passengers in the car.

bring back paris: Any particular girl you'd want to bring back? ;) And as for mixes of old girls and new girls... your wish will be granted! Last night's shoot featured Lily and Amber, who you've seen before (although not together) along with new girl Elise, and also along with new guy Sean. The shoot before that had Alan (remember him?) and new girl Raven. And the shoot before that had Wednesday returning with new girls Kimberly and London. Watch for the clips soon. Sadly, Paris moved away around the same time as Ashley did, but I'm going to try to lure her back for another shoot or two.

Anonymous said...

Just recently found you here, and I can't say enough about the videos. I am in the process of purchasing them all, a few at a time. Anyway, I can't wait to see the new video, hell, I can't wait to see any you put up. They are all great.

One thing I have been thinking of for a while myself, and would love to do (although doubt my wife would let me get away with it) is watching sporting events, and stripping with scores. Say baseball, each girl selects a team, and for each score the other team gets, they lose a piece of clothing. Once they have lost everything, dares are done for each score. Not sure if it would work, but something I would love to see, or better yet, be involved in.

In closing, thanks again for what you do, the girls are all sexy, and seem to be shy, but also enjoy the games. Looking forward to many, many more.

Anonymous said...

I've actually done the wagering of clothes on a sporting event with an ex and it was very exciting. We had never even seen each other naked at this point so it was intense. My Cowboys against her Packers an article of clothing for every 7 pts scored. It wouldn't work for Red obviously though unless he wanted to shoot a 3 hour vid.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun ham, would love to hear that story. Yeah I am sure it would be difficult to do , although with editing Red could cut down the time considerably

Red said...

simm: Thank you. Seriously, thank you very much. I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of opening LostBets.com for business (and trying to think of special ways to commemorate it) and still after all this time, comments like yours really touch me. It means so much to me to hear from a fan, to know that I'm succeeding at what I've worked so hard to create.

I don't know how much, if any, of the blog history you've gone through, but in case you missed it, I always welcome creative input from the fans, so if you've got any ideas for new games, new forfeits, or new scenarios, I'd love to hear 'em. Can't promise I'll use 'em, but plenty of people here can tell you from personal experience that I often do. (I also welcome constructive criticism, if there's anything I'm not doing right or you wish I'd do better, don't hesitate to tell me.)

Now, stripping based on a sporting game event... that sounds like a lot of fun. Couldn't really base a clip off of it, though, since most sporting events are pretty long and more importantly most sporting events are copyrighted. But I've thought about doing something similar: two (or more) guys playing a game or sport with their women behind them, and each time one guy wins, the other guy's girl has to take something off.

By the way, just to whet your appetite: this week's update, the one I'll publish this Friday, is seriously hot. I wouldn't say that lightly. It's one of my personal favorites, and... well, you'll just have to wait and see :)

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome Red, every word was meant.

I would love to see sporting events like you mentioned that sounds very exciting. I am a big fan of stripping games of all kinds.

Another thought, and again not sure if this is something you would even want to do, is a gameshow format. Like Jeopardy, something along those lines. There were several italian and french tv shows that had gameshow formats that are extremely hot.

Thanks again for all you do Red

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a storyteller Simm but here's what happened. We were 17 or 18 still in high school back when Aikman was still playing and it was the NFC championship game. She came up with the betting our clothes idea and she had 4 things on and me 3 so I got one freebie so if any team scored 28 someone would be naked. We watched in her dad's basement he was a big packer fan so it was assured we'd be alone cause he was watching at her uncles with her brother too. She lost her packer tshirt and her jeans in the 1st quarter. Then I lost my freebie and shirt in the second but she had to lose her bra right before the half when Emmitt scored. The packers scored a couple of times on the 3rd and i lost my pants. it was 27-24 gb going into the 4th another TD for either team meant on of us would have to get naked in front of the other and it was incredibly nerve racking and exciting. Lucky for me Emmitt scored another one and she had to drop her panties. She was an all district sprinter and had a great great body. she was extremely embarrassed and covering her crotch with one hand and her tits with her other arm. the game ended up 38-27 but i didn't have the foresight to recommend a forfeit for another 7pts.(too bad Red's site wasn't around back then) but i kept her clothes and made her stay naked for a little while after the game ended. And that's how my strip game fetish started.

Anonymous said...

Wow ham, that was great, wasn't expecting it either, thanks. Now that is one we need video of, hahaha.