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Friday, June 6, 2008

Oil's well that ends oily

This week's clip is up. Mary and Amber play a nice simple game of chance, and the loser gets... well, the title of this post pretty much gives it away. High-def now, standard-def in a couple of days. And I'm trying C4S's new preview feature with this clip. Apparently they don't do such a good job of parsing H.264 themselves; the preview starts before a keyframe so the first few seconds are badly garbled. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Naked girls and a 3 stooges reference. What could be better?
By the way, really appreciate the spoilers.

Anonymous said...

dam I have the worst luck the girl I wonte to see looses allwyes wins ha ha

Anonymous said...

I hope that the lack of comments on this clip doesn't give out the wrong impression. I thought this clip was great! Nice length, nice interactivity, and a great forfeit!

I saw a simple game you might like to try sometime. Each girl gets a balloon to blow up. The first one to pop their balloon wins! If the contestants have the giggles it might be fun!

Also, there is a site called barmeister.com. It lists a bunch of drinking games, and the big majority of them are very lame, like watch the Simpsons on tv, and every time Homer says d'oh, take a drink. But a few of them are party games that could be changed a bit and turned into stripping games.


Red said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tony. I'm glad you liked the clip.

The balloon-popping game is a great idea! I've actually got two new girls (and one returning girl) coming in this weekend, and I'll definitely use it. Thanks! I'll browse barmeister for potential stripping games, too.