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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fair warning

This week's update will be later than usual. I apologize for the delay. I'll have it up as soon as I can, but don't count on having it before Sunday. Sneak preview: it involves the return of a girl we haven't seen naked yet, and a guy we have.

Update 9/14 8:00 PM: The video is rendering right now. Should be a couple of hours.

Update 10:38 PM: Well, now C4S appears to be down. Fuckit, I'll update tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...


Awhile back you talked about a little outdoor trip for the loser to the local drive through, any chance that one will be posted soon.

You also talked about having gotten a couple of ladies to bet their bushes against a razor. Any time soon for that one either.


Anonymous said...

I second the desire for the drive thru forfeit

Crosis said...

GB and anon: The drive through game is most definitely on tap for release quite soon. Beyond that we also have a game coming soon that Red would only describe to me as "seriously motherf***ing HOT".

Why yes we did mention something about a meeting between bush and razor in the future. I wrote a very silly (and technically poor) poem about it in the blog post when Lily gave us the peek at her "trim job". If you find the poem, you might learn when we're planning to do the game.

Anonymous said...

Is the schedule of planned updates made ahead of time? If so, it would be really great to let us in on that, for those of us who have been loyal customers and are looking forward to particular videos coming out.

Red said...

Hey anon, the answer to your question is "yes and no." No, it didn't used to be... I just took whatever I had in the unedited footage caught my fancy, cut it together at the last minute, and publish it. No schedule other than a vague notion of what clips I'd most like to publish.

But since I've transitioned to trying to be more of a "real" business, that's no longer an acceptable process, and a little more preplanning will go on.

The current plan of record is:
This week's update (late): Raven and Alan
Next week's update: Lily, Sean, Elise, Amber, and a Jack-in-the-Box drive-through window

"Seriously motherfucking HOT" (and I would not say that lightly) will be either the next week or the week after that.

Anonymous said...


Earlier you asked for requests for games when Ashley comes back to town. How about trying out that wet t-shirt rock/paper/scissors game again, the one that Mia and Ashton played before. I think that Ashley's response to getting a cup of water poured on her would be great!

Were Ashton & Mia wearing shirts with a polyester blend in them - is that why the water poured off and didn't soak in? Soapy water is supposed to soak in better, but I don't know if you want soapy water on your floor, and I'm sure the ladies don't want to accidentally get soap in their eyes. Baby shampoo?

Glad to hear you might try a second camera as a hand held. Saw a guy once using this thing that sat on his shoulder and ran down his chest - it was like a portable tripod that steadied his camera while he walked. He said it worked great, but I've never seen one in the stores.