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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Return of the Queen

UPDATE: This week's clip is posted! I'll let Crosis write a formal blog announcement when he sobers up.


You've asked to see more of her. You've begged to see more of her. You've demanded to see more of her.

While she lived nearby and I worked with her often, Ashley was my favorite girl, and I know she was (and still is) the favorite of a lot of you. I don't know if Lily's fan base is as broad as Ashley's but I know its members are just as dedicated to her, and I'm one of 'em. She's my new favorite girl, and it's hard not to fall in love with her spirit and her daring.

So I've got a shoot with the two of them scheduled. One week. Two girls. Two high-definition cameras. (Yep, I plow the money you give me into making the site better -- some of it anyway -- and one of my recent expenses was a new camera.)

Lily and Ashley, head to head, woman against woman, loser does... well, loser does what?

You decide.

Post your ideas for forfeits Lily and Ashley should risk having to do. While you're at it, post games you want them to play. Just please keep in mind the following simple rules.


Rule #2: Location, Location, Location. TBD but in all likelihood it will be, as usual, set in a hotel room or possibly a private home. This means: no squirt gun fights! No volleyball! No badminton! Please, folks, I want to shoot outdoors as much as you want to see it, but it will probably not be this time.

The location also restricts what can be done indoors. That means: no foosball! No pool! Yes, I want to, but probably not this time, okay? And no ping-pong, because no ping-pong table. And speaking of that: the game of beer pong that I know involves such a table or at least a wide, flat surface. One of the reasons I haven't shot beer pong yet is that I've had no idea how to pull it off in a hotel room. So if you want to see beer pong, as many of you have clamored for, tell me how to play, subject to the constraints of the location.


Rule #4: Suggest sensible forfeits. Both of these girls are very daring and wiling to do almost anything. Keep in mind the qualifier "almost". There are some things the girls simply are not willing to risk. In addition to that, your humble photographer also has his limits, which are fairly broad but there are some things I will not touch. No, I'm not going to list them, just use your judgment.


Rule #6: There is NO!! Rule 6.

Rule #7: Lily will not at this time risk shaving her bush, goddamn it. I've tried, folks, I've tried. I'll keep trying. I don't know about you guys, but I want to see Lily really, really naked. I'll wear her down eventually.

(My God, what have I become?)

Rule #8: Okay, the pooftahs are welcome too.

Rule #9: And this is a big nasty important one. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU MUST READ THIS, and to prove it I'll put the whole thing in boldface. You agree that you waive any and all intellectual property rights including but not necessarily limited to copyright, trademark, or patent, in ANYTHING you post here. Sorry, gentlemen, I don't want to get sued.

Okay guys. Put those minds to work. We may put some of your ideas in a poll to see how popular they are. Also, if you come up with something really creative that I end up using, your copy of the final video is on the house.


P.S. "Wait!" I hear some of you yelling. "Where's this week's update? You promised it Friday! And you promised it'd be really, really hot! Where is it?" Patience, friends, it'll be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that Ashley is back, too bad her sister is not back with her. Forget about trying to get her to shave her bush, first she really needs to shave under her arms, real gross in my opinion, real turn-off, again my opinion. How about finding somebody else willing to bet their bush against the razor, or have one of the lovely ladies you already have grow one just to risk it on a bet.


Red said...

I'll try, gb... she really likes being "natural" though.

As a matter of fact, I've already gotten other girls to do a shaving forfeit. That'll come in due time. In the meantime though please limit this comment thread to ideas for games and forfeits for the upcoming Ashley/Lily matchups.

Anonymous said...

I think letting the winner do whatever she likes to the loser will be a good one for these two. Both hate losing and I think the mental and phisical pleasure be used by the winner will be well worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there will be plenty of wild suggestions here which would be good to see. Can I suggest at least one relatively tame game like strip RPS with a naked dancing forfeit, say?

Almost forgot - strip memory or any other game where the clothes come off in a random order is always fun and we are way past due one of those.

Anonymous said...

I like the strategy games, such as Memory or Four-in-a-Row. In them, we really get to see the players working to get what they want (and/or avoid what they don't want). Provided the women are fairly evenly matched, the game itself can have a much greater emotional content than the more random rock-paper-scissors or high card games.

Speaking of emotional content, that's even more important for the forfeit. Here's a possibility: Add a guy as a third participant. He's not a player in the game; instead it's his job to remove the clothing from the women as the game progresses. Make it clear that both of the women really like this guy. At the end of the game, the winner and the guy join forces to bring the loser to orgasm. Think "Ashley's Revenge" without the ropes or the insults, but with the male hands, female hands, and vibrator.

As a final humiliation at the very end, the winner and the guy go out to dinner together, leaving the loser naked and alone.

Anonymous said...

Bruce -
I like games that get the participants up and moving around. Darts is a good one. Also you've never incorporated twister into any of your shoots which seems like a natural although you may want to find a way to shorten it. Definitely excited to see Ashley again.


Anonymous said...

hi res I would lke to see the looser get off with a shower head

Red said...

iain: I was definitely planning on having a "winner gets ten minutes to do whatever she wants" forfeit. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

thesilentone: In a couple of games unpublished as yet, I've had the girls write their clothing on cards, and after losing a round they'd draw a card and take off whatever was on it, as a way of adding random stripping order to any game. Worked pretty well, I'll do it again. As for naked dancing: I did it once, with Pettles and Elora, and the problem was the lack of music for the girl to dance to. Know any good, royalty-free dance music?

montreve: I definitely, definitely prefer games of skill to games of chance. Memory and Four-in-a-Row are good ones, and so is Jester... got any others?

As for your other idea: it's a good one. It's not going to happen this time. Ashley, Lily, and a hotel room. That's all you get.

oP: G'day, Bruce. Darts is on my list. Oftentimes I've gotten to a hotel and found that there isn't a good place for me to set up the dardboard where I can shoot both it and the girls. Maybe the two-camera setup I'll be using will make it easier. I've also go a Toss-Across game around here somewhere, I need to find it.

mark: Most hotels do not have detachable, wand-type showerheads, but if this one does, I'll see about using your idea.

Anonymous said...

Might not be to everyone's taste but I do enjoy the humilation aspect of one girl staying completely dressed and not losing anything. It heightens the embarrasment of the loser. I say a skill based game (preferably best three out of five so the anticipation builds), and then have the winner (still clothed) strip the loser completely naked and give her a scrub down. Nice soapy water with a rough facecloth to really "stimulate" the loser when her pussy gets scrubbed.

Anonymous said...

I should have added when I said the winner strips the loser that the loser shouldn't strip herself. The winner should undress her. And possibly tie her hands behind her back so she doesn't get to interfere with that pussy scrub...

Anonymous said...

If both of the girls are particularly athletic (or even if they're not, could be fun anyway), a naked headstand/split/general gymnastic type deal would be fun for a less explicit-type forfeit, maybe as a prelude to something else.

I also have to say, I rather like the pie-in-the-face type forfeits.

I'm not sure if you have one, but a game involving Nintendo Wii (errr...a video game system resembling a current video game system) could always be fun, stripping down for losing matches in the tennis/hula hoop/fitness challenges on...said video game system. Of course I realize now that this may be difficult due to copyright deals, but if anyone can figure out something, I trust that it's you, red.

Also, I have to ask...was it a Roundhouse reference in the current video's description on C4S?


Red said...

grater: That's an awesome idea. In fact, you could say it's grater than many of the ideas I've heard. Consider it done.

itsonlyamemory: I like the idea of naked gymnastics. Handstands, splits, what else should it include?

I sold my Wii a long time ago. But there are many, many videogames I would long to have the girls play. DDR is the obvious one, but Guitar Hero could be fun too. Sadly, I am advised that videos featuring the girls playing those games would constitute derivative works and would infringe Konami's or Activision's copyrights respectively.

But I wish you hadn't put the pressure on by expressing such confidence in me to "figuring out something", because now I am going to have to. There are plenty of computer games which are free (or subject to a permissive license) which might make good candidates. I'll see what I can do I promise you.

And finally, as I have no idea what you're referring to by Roundhouse, whatever you thought might be a reference probably is not. The only roundhouse I know is a kick.

Red said...

Yeah, StepMania has possibilities.

Anonymous said...

A while ago Ashley played a game against Paris, with the loser masturbating to the point of orgasm. It would be great to see Ashley play a game with that forfeit at stake again -I'm just assuming that she would accept that forfeit b/c she did once before. No offense to Lily on how I'm writing this, it's just that Ashley put an "O" on the line once but she won that game.

The basketball hoop hanging on the curtain rod game got the ladies standing and more visible as they stripped - less knees and elbows in the way. I didn't mind that the basket was more dollar store than NBA quality. As an alternative, maybe ring toss on a dildo?

Grater's idea with the wash cloth is good. I once saw stripper use a wash cloth on her like that while the song "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair" played on the speakers.


Red said...

Dollar Store? DOLLAR STORE?! I'll have you know I paid $19.95 for that thing! (I'm not sure, but I think it might have the NBA brand.)

Anonymous said...

How's about using dice but the numbers relate to certain things e.g.
1- you lose 1 piece of clothing
2- they lose 1 piece of clothing
3- touch the other players...
4- kiss/ tickle the other players...
5- you lose 2 pieces of clothing
6- they lose 2 pieces of clothing.

you could then make the players roll the dice again ,to determine what clothing is removed or where to touch/kiss (leg, ass, boob etc).

Im sure there's a way to include forfeits with this as well.

As for the forfeit, i'd like to suggest the loser getting blindfolded and then another person helping with the forfeit. I think that the loser realising there's someone else there would be interesting to watch.

keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Ya, sorry Red. I looked at the strip basketball clip again and the basketball net isn't a dollar store thing, BUT the rim does act like a man who really needs a prescription for Viagra --- NOT THAT I'M AT ALL FAMILIAR WITH THAT!

More seriously tho, would shooting an empty pop can with a dart gun be an idea? I'm afraid to mention that every time the ladies bent over to pick up the darts that you might see something interesting to film! Especially if they dressed for the game like Daisy Duke!


Anonymous said...

Some good ones here, but I agree that it's good to have a somewhat tamer one from time to time to go along with the more explicit ones.

Strip Memory definitely needs to make a comeback. Maybe 3 girls (if you can get a third to join Ashley/Lily), the two losers have to kiss/make out for 30 seconds or something?

And yeah, the pie-in-the-face forfeit should definitely make a return as well.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the loser get a 10 swat paddling then sit her in a chair and tie her wrists to the arms of the chair and her ankles to the legs of the chair and use a vibrator to force her to orgasm. Then after she's endured all that finish her off with a pie in the face.

Crosis said...

I need to cry foul on all of us (myself included)! Red went to great lengths to post the reading of the rules, and not one Monty Python allusion in 19 comments. In a previous life, I spent my Friday nights reading a similar list of rules to control the rowdies at the local Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Now we all know that there is never a rule #6, and that rules #1, 3, 5, and 7 are all "No Pooftahs", but my favorite was always rule #4. For thos of you who don't remember rule 4 (or for those who need a good laugh)


and since this version cuts before the song...


Bruce, I have a section in my games file about twister with the subject header in large bold font with a red background. I have a few thoughts on making the game a little quicker (the first of which is following the rules about starting positions).

Instead of using a Wii Fit to do Hula-Hoops, why not just use hula-hoops. It might be a bit much to fit into a hotel room, but one for the future could have two naked losers doing hula-hoops. When someones hoop hits the ground, they get the big forfeit.

Keep the ideas coming....

Anonymous said...

O-o-o-oh! I missed that one!

By the way, you can play beer pong on a Wii. But how that will film, trademark, etc........


Not Cleese: No, no I haven't!

Cleese: OH YES YOU HAVE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Actually Crosis if you look at my post again you'll notice that I referred to both red and myself as Bruce specifically to point out red's use of one of my favorite monty python skits. Glad to hear I'm not the only one thinking twister is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

The ultimate forfeit would be the loser having to give a BJ to a guy that watched the game. However, this may bee too graphic/porno. Although I bet it isn't anything they haven't already done on film before. Plus that doesn't show us what we really want to see, which is them.

So how about the loser has to get dressed and then goes into a connecting room or some guys come in and she must strip for them and give a lapdance like it is a bachelor party. That should create some embarasement, allow us to see plenty of good on the move,somewhat public nudity, and hopefully give a good show.

Anonymous said...

Can I second (or third or fourth) the exercises idea. The winner making the loser do squat-thrusts, sit-ups, star-jumps, handstands, the splits - it's all got potential - could even be quite explicit.

If you felt like it, you could always include a "You messed up that handstand? Time for a spanking.." element. I quite like the idea of a forfeit which is difficult to do, and gets the girl doing it in even more trouble if it's not quite right.

You could also combine the exercises with the scrubdown idea; she'll be a bit sweaty by the end, time for a wash...

Alternatively, you could get both girls to have a competition for who could say "Ni!" the loudest, with the loser having to make a shrubbery, while being spanked with a herring. I'm sure there's a market for it somewhere. ;-)

Crosis said...

Sorry oP... missed it the first time. I was slightly intoxicated when I made the post. I didn't expect some sort of Spanish Inquisition.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever does. Along with fear and an almost obsessive devotion to the pope surprise is one of the main weapons of the spanish inquisition. :)


Anonymous said...




Where's Cardinal Biggles?

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

How about a Sybian Ride as a forfeit with the winner running the controls. Surely you have a Sybian lying around in a closet somewhere red.

Anonymous said...

I'm chuffed now. The great thing about lost bets is that you actually feel you know the girls and the team behind the films. It makes watching the videos so much better.

Just to confirm I did read the original post in full and agree to rule #9, waiving any rights to the idea. I'll put it in an email if it helps.

Anonymous said...

In the Uk you can get a game that provides a small electric shock to the person that that is the slowest to respond. It can be played with 4 players as well.