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Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Clip... New Girls... New Forfeit...

Danielle, Penny and Samantha play Rock-Paper Scissors with the loser getting tickled. We've received several requests for tickling forfeits and I can honestly say this one definitely delivers. The loser gets cuffed and tickled like a red furry monster (whose name I can't say here due to copyright laws), writhing around and giving us a good look at some lovely curves. There's also a nod for good dental hygiene towards the end (I'm sure 4 out of 5 dentists would approve). Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

You did spoil us with a losing girl who happened to be very ticklish ;-)
Did those 3 lovely girls play other games too ?

Red said...

They sure did! Believe me, you haven't seen the last of these girls.

Anonymous said...

it was boring the first you should have had a secon place looser

Anonymous said...

this game was boring it should have a secon place

Anonymous said...

Looks like another fun game,Red. I've bought a baker's dozen so far and enjoyed them immensely. I have a question about something I expected to see but haven't seen. Other than the "snip" games, I haven't found a game where the winner of a round gets to remove a piece of the loser's clothing. Is there a reason for this? If not, I think it would be one more way to add variety to the games. It could be used in a game like "Memory" with the girl making the match getting to pose the owner of the item and remove that item. (Look at the picture of Ashton, Mia, and Ashley that leads your sight and imagine how it might look if Ashton had just won under that rule.) It could be used in a game as a reward for good play or good luck (a bullseye in darts, an ace in high card) or as a minor forfeit (for missing the dartboard, spinning the bottle to yourself, drawing a deuce in high card) or simply as an extra element (upping the ante when you have a redo in rock, paper, scissors), and sometimes it could be combined with giving the winner the choice of what item of clothing is to come off (in spin the bottle, the first spin to yourself would mean another player removes an item from the loser, a second time means another player would also get to choose what comes off). Again, I really do enjoy your sight and hope these suggestion, if feasible, would help sustain the variety you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

These three ladies have alot of potential! Too bad (won't say her name and be a spoiler) lost so soon while the other two had plenty still left on, but that's the fair play factor of a game!

Red, you met the various ladies that you filmed in this hotel room at a convention, didn't you? I was wondering if Faith, Arwen, Brigid, Danielle, Penny, Samantha, and whoever else you might have taped at that time are going to be return contestants in the future? You also wrote at one time that Ashley was possibly going to be back for a taping, is that still on?

I saw some posted pictures of people playing strip beer pong on one click chicks the other day, and that would be a great game to watch - I think Crosis brought that game up a while ago. Beer optional, of course. It's a table game, so the players are standing and are more "visible", and the players can try to distract each other when they are trying to shoot! Maybe one cup for every article of clothing, plus one more for the forfeit (better chance for the winner to still end up nude). Maybe the forfeit could be that each cup has cold water in it, and the loser gets the cups that haven't been "ponged" poured on her!


Crosis said...

Mark: I'm sorry you found the clip boring. Some of our games only have one player lose, some have 2, and some will have 3 or 4 naked losers. Personally, in this case, having two winners attack one hapless loser is very fitting.

Anon: What you refer to is what I like to call "Everything Goes" style stripping, where not only does the winner of each round get to remove the losers clothes, the winner also gets to put the loser in any position while doing the stripping. It is definitely something we will add to our games.

Gordon: I'm glad you liked the clip. Red has assured me that we will have more from these 3 (and some further exploits from Danielle that I can't mention right now). I too saw that beer pong clip at OCC, and please stop peeking at our secret files, we have several pages of ideas on how to best use beer pong. It will be featured in some games soon. Speaking of things to come, Ashley is indeed on the schedule for another shoot (but perhaps I've said too much already).

Unknown said...

Mark: Sorry you feel that way. Many if not most of my three player games end in two naked players, but I'm always trying to mix it up and add variety. If it's really important to you that two players lose, you can check the spoiler tag for each clip.

Anon, um, whoever you are. Please sign your posts :) I'm pretty sure I've done at least one game where the winner removed the article of clothing from the loser but it's been a very long time and I've been remiss in not including that element. Thank you for reminding me; I promise I'll use it in my next several shoots.

Gordon: Well, let's just say I got a lot of numbers and a lot of email addresses. And a lot of girls I'd love to have back. Ashley _is_ coming to town, and she'll be in front of my camera in early October. Addie's coming back too, a couple of weeks earlier. So now is an excellent time to make requests.

Unknown said...

Whoops, crosstalk. Yeah, what he said.

Anonymous said...

Who's who? Especially when introducing new women, please let us know which girl in the photo is which. I read the spoilers before deciding to buy a clip or not, because I like to know who I'm going to get to see naked. It does not help to know that X looses, if it's not clear who X is.

Anonymous said...

Your description informs us that Samantha will ....

In future might I suggest that you cover the name too.

The handcuffs were good, but it might interesting to try them sprawled out tied four poster bed approach (four poster bed not required, just tie under the bed).


Anonymous said...

joe: It's been a norm to introduce the names of the ladies in the same order as they appear in the associated photo/screencap. This will also be the aim in the future.

anonymous: Unfortunately blogger doesn't seem to provide a way to spoiler tag comments.

Red said...

No, I see what he's getting at. The description says "at one point during the tickling Samantha [spoiler]. With respect, anonymous, I don't think this description spoils anything. What's under the spoiler tag could be "laughs so hard she pees herself", or it could be "gives the loser a great tickle right on her nipples". Or anything else. I can try to be more extensive with the spoiler tags in the future but I really don't think this particular one gives anything away.

Also, just to clarify a bit on what Judge said, while it's certainly common for cli[ps to be named with the players in the order they appear from right to left, it's also common for this not to be the case. I regret any confusion regarding which player is which. In the not-too-distant future, we will have a Players Gallery, with a headshot, some pictures, and maybe some video of each player, so there'll be no confusion.

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy this video, looks very good.

Is there anyway I can pay by paypal instead of credit card?


Anonymous said...

Wow, best forfeit ever. The game should have continued until a naked player lost again. And the handcuffing should have at least spread her arms out towards the bed posts. And the camera could have moved to reveal more for us. But these are details. Wonderful with unscripted games.

Red said...

Eric: God, I wish. PayPal is not very friendly to sellers of digital adult content. Sorry.

Tony: the details are what make a good video, so thank you for the feedback. I completely agree about the handcuffs, but after, oh, I dunno, a couple of dozen times or so shooting in hotel rooms, I've come to realize the sad truth: hotel beds don't have bedposts. Makes any sort of serious restraint difficult. But I recently purchased an apparatus designed to slide under a bed and give you attachment points, so I'm hoping to do some more work with restrained losers soon.

Anonymous said...

Can you put it on Amazon and let me buy it there?

Have a free gift card there :)


Red said...

Maybe. You'll have to stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer when there are 2 losers in a 3 person game but there is something to be said about a little added humiliation when only one is naked in front of multiple "winners" or should I say non-losers. A little suggestion, especially when the ladies are wearing so much extra items, gloves etc. For a three person game of rock paper scissors you did have 2 losers each remove an item when there was 1 winner but you did not have the single loser remove 2 items when there were 2 winners of the hand. I also like to see an extra round be played for the forfeit instead of the first naked also gets the forfeit. This leaves the chance to see the "winner" naked as well as having a forfeit. My preferences but I understand you do not want all the games to be the same.

To me it seemed that Samantha was a little slow in showing her choice. It did not seem to help her out much but it could in the future.

I also like the idea of the loser being attached to the bed in some way instead of just handcuffed. Too much movement is still possible. A different camera angle would have been nice to show more of the losers goods but I know how you try to stay away from moving the camera.


Red said...

Hi gb. Thanks as always for your comments. Regarding:

"...but you did not have the single loser remove 2 items when there were 2 winners of the hand"

That's how I told them to play it. (That's how other three-person RPS games I've shot have gone.) They didn't listen, and I decided to let it play out, as I usually do.

"A different camera angle would have been nice to show more of the losers goods "

Good news: I've ordered a second camera. Well, a first camera, actually, since my old one broke, but it still had a couple of weeks to go on the warranty, so when my new camera gets here and my old camera comes back from being repaired I'll have two. One will be stationary and tripod-mounted (with or without an operator), and one will be handheld by me. I've done a test shoot like this (using my still-older SD cam as the backup) and I like the way it turns out.

Also, I like being handheld because it gives me an excuse to get very close to the action :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video Red, I loved it! The girls were gorgeous and very fun. And the forfeit was very sexy. I hope to see more of the tickling forfeits in the future. Especially with Danielle; oh man was I happy she lost.

Anonymous said...

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