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Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's the last thing you take off in a strip game???

Once upon a time, I "won" a strip poker game and was left wearing only a neck tie (probably not a story you want to hear). On that occasion I had the choice, but at LostBets, you don't always get to choose. The update this week features Arwen, Brigid, and Faith, playing a game of high card. The winner of each hand not only gets to decide what the loser removes, but she gets to personally strip the loser herself. As a result, there is one girl (I won't say who) who is left with only her shoes at one point. The TWO losers get to streak down the hall from Red's room to their room (with Red, and the winner following behind).

Here's a sneak peek...


Anonymous said...


The streaking is a great forfeit. A suggestion. Consider a forfeit where the losers have to "streak" while walking. Perhaps with the winner in front setting the pace and you behind.

A question: The clip with Penny and Samantha playing Strip Dice is one of your best. Penny shows true embarrassment. Clearly no faking. Any chance we;ll have the two of them in future updates?

Red said...

Thanks for the compliment, strictprof. I'll see about getting walking streakers... it might be tricky to convince the girls to risk it but I'll do my best.

I believe that we've seen the last of my Penny/Samantha footage that I've already shot (I may be wrong and can double check but I think so.) But I can certainly contact Penny and see if she'd be up for another round.

assohamster said...

I also love the streaking forfeits, and I liked the last update with streaking to the other room.
Of course you can`t go too far with this, but there`s still a chance to make it even sexier and more daring.

What, if you have a house next to the one where the girls are playing, so the losers will have to make their way through the garden or the backyard to the other building.

As a little help they may be allowed to dress up with improvised clothes, such as being wrapped in newspapers, or a cardboard box, or just a pillow to cover up a bit.
I guess you could let them streak longer distance - which means longer and even sexier forfeit time. And let there always be 2 or more losers doing this :-)

Or another suggestion: What about adding a little competition to the forfeit? Say, there are 3 losers. They all have to take a daring challenge - naked of course. The winner gets the most safe "dressing" for the final main forfeit, 2nd prize is leaving in underwear, while the 3rd prize is staying naked, and therefore having to perform the main forfeit naked - such as streaking.

For a game with two losers it would be all or nothing - one of the competitioners will have to do two forfeits in the nude, while the other can "earn" a safer dress for the main forfeit.

I`d love to see those girls competing in desperation and true embarrassment, preparing to "survive" the main forfeit as safe as possible.

Nakedcelt said...

Movies with the girls undressing each other are easily my favourite - hence my 'other' vote in the poll - long may they continue!

Red, have you ever considered having a scenario where the naked losers gang up on and strip the winner?