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Friday, December 26, 2008

OMG a Friday update!

Hi guys, just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still alive and kicking, and also that I'm finally back on schedule and this week's update is now posted. Crosis will post more detail later, along with one of his awesome promos, but for now, enjoy! I also wanted to post to whine a bit more about how there's been a lot o' shit going down in Red-ville, not all of it pleasant, and it's prevented me from devoting the attention to Lost Bets that it's deserved. Again. Anyway... if you've sent me email you've probably been waiting quite awhile for a reply, but a response is forthcoming.

I hope everybody had a merry Christmas, a happy Hannukah, a kwazy Kwanzaa, and/or a solemn and reserved Ramadan, whichever you may celebrate. Best wishes to us all for the New Year, and may 2009 bring us joy, peace, and lots and lots of blushing naked girls.


Bogart said...

Hi Red
Im a long time fan and most of the vids are awesome, but these
three latest girls, Im sorry they just are not very attractive. I can't speak for anyone else but watching unattarctive, over weight
women even if they are naked is not
what Im looking for. Sorry if this sounds mean, but ugh. almost all the girls on here are very attractive, and some complete knock outs, but these three no

Anonymous said...

I object to the type of comment Bogart made. Constructive criticism is helpful, but to simply complain about the looks of the women is boorish. I'm certain it isn't easy for Red to recruit women to play an unscripted game where they may end up naked, humiliated and on the Internet for all to see. Since blogs are public it makes sense not to make comments about the models that you wouldn't make to their faces.

My comment on the update is that, while others may enjoy it, I don't care for streaking forfeits. Spanking, masturbation, body writing are more interesting to me. But, I also understand that a lot of people purchase the clips and Red has to have a variety. If viewers want streaking then Red should meet that demand and I'll wait for the next update.

By the way, I've seen these girls in another video and I think they are attractive.

Anonymous said...

Everyone always forgets Boxing Day :(

Glad to see you back on a Friday updating schedule, and hope all is squared away in Red-ville or at least on it's way to there.

Crosis said...

I most certainly did not forget Boxing Day. i spent the entire day wearing gloves and beating the crap out of anyone who I passed...

Promo is on it's way...

Red said...

I don't "object" to Bogart's comments, Strictprof... I welcome all comments, even critical ones. The only thing I'd say to Bogart is that I'm sorry he doesn't care for the look of these girls, but in a way I'm a little bit glad. Long-time readers of the blog will be rolling their eyes and saying, "here he goes again," but: from the very beginning, variety has been an important goal of mine, and I feel like if there's anybody out there who likes all my productions, I'm doing something wrong. So not everybody will find every girl to their liking, and that's fine. I hope if you don't like some of my girls, you'll like the others.

I guess the other thing I'd add is that you're right, this is a public blog, and I know for a fact that some of the girls read it. (A few have even left comments here.) The people in my videos aren't cleverly-built humanoid robots, they're real human beings, with real feelings. If you have criticism, please let me know it, but if it's something that could hurt someone's feelings to read, it might be better to put it in an email.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. January 20 is Inauguration day in the U.S. - I suppose it's also out-auguration day. That's about 3 weeks away. Any teaser info on the "removing of the Bush" forfeit game? New ladies/returning ladies? Did you get a chance to invite Jenna and Barbara Bush for a "Bush losing the bush" game?

If this game fell thru, no problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red merry christmas and a happy new year in previous posts you have said if we want to see more vids of one of the girls to ask so im asking can we please see some more of derek thanks you very much and looking forward to more on time friday updates.


Red said...

Your wish is my command, Dave! Look forward to more of Derek soon.

(Gordon: still working on our special presentation for Bush's Last Day. Stay tuned.)