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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Chanukah Strip Game Story --by Crosis

The following story is fiction. The only place this game happened was in the depth of my imagination. The party in the story actually happened, the people are real- although the names have been changed to protect the guilty (no one was really innocent at this party), and the mention of the strip game did actually happen, but it was intended as an inside joke between old friends rather than an actual suggestion....

The Players:

Crosis- Yours truly, and the host of the party. Male, 5'11" with a body that was at one point in time athletic light brown curly hair.

Diane- My girlfriend. We had been dating for about 2 months at the time and things were going quite well. She's 5'2" with curves in all the right places and a GREAT rack (that she was very shy about for some reason). At this party, she was meeting 2 of my old friends from back home for the first time...

Lisa- One of my oldest and dearest friends. We were friends in high-school, "friends with benefits" (before that was even a common term) in college, and roommates on many occasions. She was always a bit kinky, and has since gone on to become EXTREMELY kinky (leather, whips, chains, and handcuffs barely begin to describe how kinky she can be). It's kind of strange, because if you didn't knhow about her kinky side, she comes off as a laid back hippie chick.

Geoff- another close friend. Tall (6'3") lanky artistic musician type.

Andrea- my next door neighbor. Cute hippie chick with a pierced tongue. She had an on and off boyfriend (who had left the party early in a snotty mood). She was about 5'8", with a nice body (that she refused to admit was nice). She also had the same aversion to razors as Lily.

Cindy- She was a friend of Andrea (co-worker I believe). Cute college girl. About 5'4" with brown hair and cute bubble butt. She was wearing tight jeans with hints of a teal thong peeking over her the waist band.

Erik- Downstairs neighbor. His girlfriend was working that night- that's important,because if she was there, he probably wouldn't have been as laid back as he was that evening.


Andrea suggested a Chanukah party... I had moved into town about 6 months earlier, and some of my old friends from back home were coming into town in December to meet my new friends, so why not. I had thrown some real stinkers of party us in my past, but for some reason, this one was really good. We had a good amount of people for the space (a small 1 bedroom apartment). Geoff played some tune son the guitar, we ate latkes, lit the menorah, drank the ceremonial drinks (beer, wine, tequila,), ****ed the ceremonial **** (edited for personal protection), and played Dreidel. (If you don't know what Dreidel is see here.)

To keep this from being a mega-post, the rest of the story is in the comments section...

If anyone has a story they'd like to add, please do so in the comments...


Crosis said...

Playing dreidel involves spinning a random 4 sided top with different letters on each side. The traditional game involved winning or losing chips to the pot based on which letter came up. At first some of my friends, having never played with one before, had some difficulty getting a good spin. For a while we were playing it like "Battle Tops" and just seeing who could keep theirs spinning for a while.

Cindy, who had already drank quite a bit, chimed in, "We should make it a drinking game".

"You apparently don't need a game to do that," I responded. While I know it's big amongst college students, I had long outgrown the need to play such games. I had also seen Cindy get too drunk before, and I was trying to keep that from happening. I looked at Lisa and half-joking suggested, "we could play Strip Dreidel."

Lisa and I had a history of playing strip games with and against each other that dated back to high-school, and based on her current lifestyle, I shouldn't have been surprised when she smiled back at me and giggled, "I'm in". Actually, a strip game at this party would be tame by her standards.

Cindy agreed (surprise surprise). At this point, she had been flirting with Geoff for most of the evening, and the two of them were getting very "friendly". At one point in the evening, somebody took a picture of her bent over straddling his legs. I think she was just trying to get past him on the couch, but it sure looked like a lap-dance to me. Geoff said, "ya know, I've always joked about playing strip solitaire," then added, "why the hell not".

I looked at my girlfriend Diane. I honestly felt she would be a roadblock. She wasn't shy, in fact she was quite social, but she was modest about her body. While I (and many others) happen to think that she has a great body, she doesn't feel the same way. Whether it was the drinks, or the party atmosphere, or just her knowing that I really wanted to play (we had discussed my "strip game" fetish once before), she smiled at me and said , "ok," then whispered to me, "I really don't want lose."

Andrea also indicated that she was game. This surprised me greatly as I didn't think it was something she'd do. She was convinced that nobody wanted to see her naked. I convinced her otherwise (I had wanted to see her naked since I first moved in next door,but that's a story for another time). Erik also was in (not that he had said much all night, but he was clearly enjoying the chance to be sociable without his girlfriend around).

I couldn't believe my suggestion was taken seriously, but here were about to start the game. We agreed on rules that had each letter meaning a different thing. One was lose an article of clothing to the pot, one was take another player's article of clothing, one was to get an article back from the pot, and one was to lose an article of clothing "over the railing" which meant it was removed from the game (and thrown over the edge of the balcony into the courtyard). Any clothes recovered from the pot could be put back on, but any clothes that were taken from another player were held in lieu of a dare. We'd play until 3 people were naked, and then pay up all dares with the losers going last.

The game started tamely as shoes and socks were lost to the pot and some over the railing. Cindy was having trouble getting the dreidel to spin,so we instituted a sloppy spin rule where if you failed to get a spin in 3 tries you lost a piece of clothing. Before she managed to get a good spin, Cindy had lost her shoes, socks, and shirt, revealing a sheer teal bra. it wasn't until Lisa complimented her on her nipples that she realized that it was quite see-thru.

After that, I got the first right to take a piece from someone. Seeing as though I had already seen Lisa and Diane naked several times, I concentrated my efforts on getting to see Cindy and Andrea. Since Cindy was doing a good job stripping herself, I decided to take Andreas pants. She wasn't fond of shaving, so her legs were a bit hairy, but not disgustingly so. She apologized to me for not shaving, and I joked back that I'd make her shave as her dare to get her pants back and she told me, "I'll f*cking kill you if you do."

A few more spins went by and Cindy finally managed to get the thing to spin. She won the right to remove Geoff's pants, and tried to take his boxers down with them. Erik lost his shirt over the railing, and I lost my pants to Andrea (who said if she was shaving, so was I). Diane lost her skirt to the pot (choosing to use her sweater to cover her black satin panties). I then won the right to take an item from the pot, and grabbed Diane's skirt and used to it cover my navy blue boxer briefs.

In the next round, Lisa won the right to take Cindy's pants revealing her teal thong. Lisa commented that her bubble butt had the words "spank me" written all over them. On her spin, Cindy had to lose an article over the railing and chose her bra. She couldn't decide if she wanted to cover her breasts or show them off. She'd alternate between trying to hide them, and using her arms to push them together to give her B-cups some cleavage. Next, Geoff got the right to remove someone's clothing and had pity on Cindy and instead chose to take Diane's sweater. Her black lace bra held back her amble chest.

In the next round, Andrea lost her shirt over the railing and her bra to Erik (who said that he always wanted to see Andrea's tits). I lost my shirt to the pot and Diane's skirt which I was using as cover to Cindy (she said I was using it to cover too much). Geoff lost his shirt over the railing, and Erik won my shirt out of the pot. It was now getting serious as we had two topless girls, Diane in her bra and panties, and me and Geoff in our underwear. Erik still had his pants on and my shirt that he won from the pot, Lisa was covered until she lost her shirt over the railings.

In the next round, Cindy fumbled with the dreidel and lost her panties without a spin. As she slid out of her thong, a small patch of hair was visible, but she was otherwise completely shaved. I won Lisa bra's revealling multiple piercings in her nipples and she mentioned that she had several more in places that were still hidden. Diane won Erik's pants (although she teased that should could have had me naked if she really wanted to). Lisa then lost her skirt to the pot, and joked that her "other" piercings might be visible soon.

In the last round, Andrea lost her panties over the railing revealing an ample bush. and then Lisa won the right to take an article and decided that the game was over, but she couldn't decide if it would be me or Geoff that would lose our underwear. She polled the other girls and as a group they decided that Geoff should lose (I personally think that the fact that Lisa and Diane had both seen me naked in the past saved me).

The dares were paid off. Geoff had to stand front and center and play one of his songs on the guitar. Cindy was getting very turned on watching him, and kept trying to peek behind his guitar (which he was covering his goods). Andrea and I decided not to make each other shave, but rather I dared her to go and reclaim all of the clothing that had gone over the rails. In turn, she dared me to join her. She said I should lose my briefs while we do it, but I responded that I hadn't lost them in the game, so I got to keep them. On the way back up the stairs to the apartment, she seized the opportunity that my hands were full to de-pants just as we got in sight of the rest of the people.

Cindy owed a forfeit to Lisa, and I kinda hinted to Lisa to be nice (knowing what her imagination was capable of). She decided that Cindy's bubble butt did indeed need a spanking, but she let Cindy choose the giver. She chose Geoff to give her the swats. HE did a good job, although Lisa kept egging him on to hit her harder.

As the party wound down, and people started passing out, Diane took me back into the bedroom and challenged me to an all or nothing game-- but that's a story for another time...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, very cool. Though in my fantasy version, more clothes would have gone over the side, and all the players would have all gone down to get them, only to discover that the clothes were stolen and they were locked out.

Anonymous said...

Can't we have this game reinacted on lostbets?