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Friday, April 17, 2009

Like the corners of my mind

First things first: I want to thank everybody who took the time to make suggestions in this comment thread for the upcoming return of Julie and Elizabeth. I wish I could use 'em all. I can't (at least not for this shoot) but I'll definitely use as many as I can.

Next: this week's update is posted. As promised, it's a long-forgotten clip from the Lost Bets Vault, featuring Wednesday and Ashley. The last time we saw these two together, one of them was doing some pretty nasty things to the other one. This time around, the loser isn't going to be bound, shaved, and forced to orgasm, but she is going to have to go outside in her birthday suit and go for a jog... and, as it turned out, put on a bit of a show for the neighbors.

Next week will mark the long-awaited debut of two-on-two boys-versus-girls Beer Pong. Crosis worked really hard to edit that one together, and I think the results are great.


MC_Sadist said...

Red, I had an idea for a forfeit cooking in my head for a while. I was thinking, if you had three girls, a forfeit could be that the two losers would have to kiss both of each other's butt cheeks. It's not extremely dirty but it's still kinda kinky. :-)

Love your videos, even if I can't afford most of them I still always check the updates because the descriptions of the games are hot.

MC_Sadist said...

Oh yeah, forgot another one of my ideas. You could make a wheel of forfeit, and when a girl loses she has to spin the wheel and do what ever forfeit it lands on. That way it gives her a cute kind of tension as it spins, and she has a chance to do something simple like a naked twirl, something like answering the door naked, and then something dirty like open legs. Or what ever you'd wanna put on the wheel.

Again, thanks for the great site.

Red said...

Thanks for the suggestion, MC... I think I'll use it. But I'll modify it slightly... how? Wait and see. It'll be worth it.

Sadly, given the amount of time before I greet Julie, Elizabeth, and the other two players (about 10 hours, give or take), the construction of wheels is not really practical at this time.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of more Stacey in the near or distant future?

Red said...

Definitely, Tank. There's plenty more to come from her shoot with Mary, Addie, and Lily, and as for bringing her back for future games, well, the best way to make that happen is to make sure I know she has fans who want to see more of her.