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Friday, April 24, 2009

No Mr. Colbert, Beer Pong does not cause...

herpes or any other sexually transmitted disease. It can however be used to cause extreme sexual humiliation.

Presenting the very first release from our very first "couples" shoot. Johnny and Kat have returned and brought along their friends, Daisy and Joe. First up is the long awaited, much anticipated game of Strip Beer Pong. There's been a rash of photos and a few videos of this college pastime floating around the ethers for a while and here's our take on it.

EDIT: The standard def version has been released and will likewise be offered at a discount for the first 48 hours of availability.

For some strange reason, the players neglected to do the standard intro of, "Hi my name is... and we're going to play strip..." So here are the rules that we used. It was guys vs. girls for this one. Each player had on 4 articles of clothing and 5 cups in the target in front of them (their initials were on the inside lip of the cup). When a ball was sunk into a full cup, that player had to consume the beverage and remove an article of clothing.

The teaser promo for Beer Pong can be seen here.

note: portions of this game not affecting the outcome were edited -- Because of this, here is the breakdown of what the video contains:

17 minutes is the total game time,
the forfeit takes up 3 minutes,

and the final 3 minutes consist of an exclusive sneak peek into our upcoming game show You Bet Your Ass.

The promo included in the Beer Pong game contains full frontal nudity, along with scenes of the punishment one could expect for lighting the grail shaped beacon at the Castle Anthrax. As such, it is not a promo that's likely to appear on the blog or even at DailyMotion.

This is not that promo, it is however the introduction of the players from the game show, and more to whet your appetite.


Red said...

Hey, I just want to chime in here to thank Crosis for doing a great editing job with some really challenging footage. (It was not my best camera work, nor was it Prudella's.)

Also wanted to let you, the folks who are dedicated enough to read comment threads, know that I've slashed the prices of our 9 most expensive videos, which used to cost between $28.99 and $37.99, down to just $19.99, or $17.99 for the standard def version if there is one. This is some of our hottest material. (Also some of our longest... the formerly most expensive video clocks in at 50 minutes.) Here's the list:


profhackney said...

Bet Your Ass looks interesting, but I'm concerned it will be much too long. I was getting bored before the promo ended. Also, mixed sex games are losing their appeal. As a straight guy I am not interested in buying a clip such as "Beer Pong." Is you market straight, gay or bi. "Win, Lose, Strip" is clear that its audience is straight. Non-scripted games are fine. However, you should only have all female contestants.

Red said...

strictprof, I'm sorry you were disappointed. But as for if our target audience is gay, straight, or bi, the answer is: yes. Our target market is everybody, and we try to appeal to a very broad swath of people. Since the day I started this, it's been a priority to have as much variety as possible, and if there's anybody out there who likes all of our videos, I feel like we're doing something wrong.

I wish this game had turned out differently, but as I said in the spoiler text, that's one of the risks of not fixing the games. Maybe I should give up my policy of trying to keep the games as real as possible, I don't know.

But in the meantime, we'll continue to have both female-only games and mixed-gender games. (Male-only games... well, we don't have any of those yet and I don't have any plans to shoot any of them either, but never say never.) If you don't like the mixed-gender games, I'm sorry, but you don't have to buy them. The majority of our games will continue to be all-female, so when the occasional mixed game is published, just wait until next week. I hope the next video (which is all-girl, and in fact features a girl who if she loses will make her first ever on-camera naked appearance) is more to your liking.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Crosis for the editing. I can imagine it was difficult to shoot too, being a dynamic game with four players and trying to balance wide shots and close ups must have been hard, so kudos to Red and Prudella for the camera work. No doubt you'll get better at it :-)

I enjoyed the game here, not so much the forfeit. I tend to buy these without reading the spoilers (I hate spoilers!).

Perhaps the mixed games work better when the multiple losers cannot be all male, particularly when the forfeits are, um, stronger?

I think the Beer Pong might have been better with mixed teams - each girl plays against her man - just as embarrassing for the losers, but a better view for the winners - if you like watching guys, there'd be a guy, if you like girls, there'd be a girl. Same as if you bought an all-girl game, the loser's definitely a girl. The only people who would lose out that way is those who would never buy a game with male nudity/forfeits (or female, but I suspect there's relatively few of them on here).

For those who don't like the possibility of male nudity/forfeits, would a guarantee of mixed nudity/forfeits help you to buy the clip?

I must admit that I'm of the opinion that the mixed games are a bit of a swings and roundabouts thing. On the one hand, yeah, you might see a bloke's dangly bits, but on the other hand, you can see the girls' reactions to that; and the girls also presumably are a little less comfortable doing stuff in front of guys who aren't their partners. All adds to the ante.

For the record, although I've seen Red's scripted games and enjoyed them, I think they're a little too "porn" as the players presumably know what they're in for. Might I suggest a "fixed" game where the production team know who's going to lose, but the players don't?


PS ohforgoodnesssake! I can't write short comments at all, can I?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the game, but found it a bit long. Maybe some more editing could have made for a better clip.

As for the forfeit I just shifted the view on the monitor to show only the girls. Jack.

Anonymous said...

Great game Red, it looked like the players wanted their opponents to lose - rivalry amongst significant others. The nudity factor was way up there throughout the game - the clothing started coming off quickly and a fair amount of the game had players playing stark naked! PLUS it wasn't the knees and elbows nudity that happens when they play on a bed or couch. I think that was because they were standing around playing a game on a table, I'm very much in favor of seeing games played around a table (without chairs). Like, even Battlestrips could be played on a table instead of a couch, and you don't have to use the store bought game, you can use dry erase boards propped up with grid lines drawn on them.

It looked like the place where you taped this was a community centre or lodge hall. I could just imagine that the place was booked the next night for a little old lady's 80th birthday. The guests would be going around saying "Oh my goodness, why are there ping pong balls under these chairs?".


ps: did these two couples previously know each other? I'm guessing they didn't.

pps: I agree with Trike and prefer real vs scripted games. Fixed games, winners cheating a bit, losers grabbing the winners panties and yanking them down - sure.

Crosis said...

Thanks for the feed back, it's very helpful. First of all, I am a straight male that would rather see a guy lose a fair game to some girls than to see either a rigged game or one with all girls.
This series does feature some games that are couple vs. couple, some that are everyone for themselves, and even one where the guys play against each other with their respective girls doing the stripping and the forfeit.

Jack, I don't know how much more could have been cut, the full game and forfeit took over 40 minutes to play. I made something like 23 separate timing edits (some as little as a few seconds, and some that cut out several minutes). I toyed with the idea of having a contest to spot all of the timing edits, but scrapped the idea when I forgot where some of them were. :) Also, the close ups of the girls during the forfeit was about as good as I could get. We needed a 3rd camera for this one.

Just to clear up confusion, You Bet Your Ass will be a series of releases. The players did 4 separate rounds, each of which will be released separately with the corresponding demonstration round with Kat and Johnny. My goal is to get each game and it's forfeit down to about 15 minutes or so. Some rounds might even be a little shorter.

Anonymous said...

I think the camera work is very good, and the creativeness of the games and penalties you are coming up with are great. I'm not a fan of male nudity either as some have stated here, however there has to be I guess if the games are genuine and the risk honestly exciting. If there is anything I question and I truly apologize to all if this sounds mean and I also realize that it's all a matter of taste or opinion I suppose. But the girls in these new games generally are just not as attractive. Many of the games of the past had some really breath taking looking women in them, some of these girls are just not in the same league. I am sure getting girls of any kind to risk taking their clothes off is probably the toughest part of doing this site, but you asked for some honest comments and that is how I see it. Other guys may like them, but I just believe the standards have gotten a little lower in the looks department, everything else has improved I believe.

Mark said...

yes i think you should do couples that why there is own man and one women that dose the forfit if it was me it be easer if my girlefrind was doing that it would help me go to comeptlion

Myself said...

I've downloaded (bought) your beer pong game. It wasn't exactly as I assumed : my guess was the game to be over when one team was naked, but then it still continued after that. Must be because I've never heard of beer pong before you announced it last week, and therefore don't know the rules ;-)
It was a really good game with players having fun too (which makes it even better imo).
As for the promo you added after the game : it gives me a great preview about what the episodes will be like. The 'oral' part put me off, however. It was a little bit beyond what I was expecting to find on your site. As you've informed us, you've split the episodes, so each of them will be a full game from the game show. And people offended by the oral can skip buying this part.
Anonymous April 25, 2009 4:54 PM wrote :
" Other guys may like them, but I just believe the standards have gotten a little lower in the looks department " All girls on the site are attractive in their own personal way to me - which doesn't mean they are all my type of favorite girl.

Anonymous said...

I wanna chime in on the subject of "standards of looks" here. One of the things I like about this site is the "girl next door" feel. And the thing about girls next door is that they are exactly that - you can't expect them all to be supermodels. And whilst I'm willing to say that some of the girls are drop-dead gorgeous and some of them are less so, I'll bet that not everybody agrees who's in which camp.

I like the fact they're amateurs (or "amateur enough" in some cases) that are willing to risk the forfeits (even if it's just nudity). As Myself said at above, they're all attractive in some way - for me, the fact that they're "real" and risking the forfeits is part of that attraction.

Let's be honest, with enough budget, Red could go out and hire himself some genuine porn stars who'd be willing to do whatever he wanted as a forfeit, but that would defeat the point of the exercise. And people would still moan about their looks.

And to be honest, I don't really use this site for physical stimulation* - it's much more of a mental thing for me, so it's attitude more than looks that are important.


*although, sometimes, the right girl and the right forfeit, well, you know... (and not always the obvious ones either) :-)

TheSilentOne said...

The gameshow looks great although the male iunvolvement could be a little offputting. "Volunteer games" sound interesting as girls from the audience are likely to be a little more embarrassed than people paid to be there (whether they later get paid or not).

A girls only gameshow would be nice to see at some point to satisfy the doubters, but I'm very interested in where this is going in any case.

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the game show format & await further update (not wanting to buy the strip beer pong). Not suer what games you are using but it seesm to me that the games used on the site are generally realistic (if sometimes a little long winded. How about strip minefield (used on your competitor site (stripgame central). With a couple of improvements:
Each player is cloted in 6 items (3 top half 3 bottom half). They are dealt 9 cards (face down) each card contains one of the following letters: T= item of top half clothing. B=item of bottom half clothing. F=forfeit.
Players must simutanesly select one card (as in rock paper sciccors) and then take off the matching article or if F is drawn you have 2 options not take off an item and do a forfeit (such as jumping jacks etc) or take off an item, and risk getting naked quicker. If that player has decided to take off an item from the top/bottom half and then later draws another top/bottom half card that they cant comply with, this will be held over until a loser is determined. Loser will be the player naked first, the loser must now redeem any left over cards (any F cards still in play or any un-complied cards). The winner gets to decided further forfeits but un-complied top/ bottom half cards must be forfeits count as forfeits to that particular zone (so Top could be oiling breasts, or bottom could be masturbation). I suspect a game could be over quite quickly but if you want a shorter version, try 4 itesm of clothing with 6 cards being dealt.

Anonymous said...

FYI: I see on the homepage of clips for sale that the beer pong game is the fourth highest clip sale on their site! Congratulations Crosis and Red - I guess that means you've got lots of beer money for another game of Strip Beer Pong!


Crosis said...

As of today, Beer Pong was up to #2. The only video ahead of it features London beating the crap out of some poor helpless guy. For some strange reason, the thought of wrestling against London for clips4sale supremacy has me feeling somewhat distracted...

Everyone else, thank you fort supporting our work!!!

p.s. while the place that this was filmed could be considered a "community center", I highly doubt that little old ladies were playing bingo there the next night (and if they were, I'd be very interested in seeing what videos may have come from it).

Anonymous said...

It is obviously up to you where you want to market your product, but with the content of this video you may want put the preview of this on some CFNM websites. With the girls getting naked it may not technically be considered CFNM but I'm sure it would still go over very well.

Hopefully even find yourself with some new customers!


Anonymous said...

You bet you ass looks like it's something that I'm going to very much enjoy! I like mixed sex games and I also very much like games where the outcome is in doubt. I hate the thought of fixed games!

A little otk action for the loser would also be fun.