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Friday, July 3, 2009

Whoomp! There it is

Episode 101 is now published. Featuring five people, including two new girls and one new guy, it's the first in a pretty spectacular series. Enjoy.

EDIT: I neglected to mention that this one was ably edited by Crosis. My bad.


Anonymous said...


Were these girls able to sit down for the rest of the day? :-)

I really like Candle - I've seen her work before on Addie's sites, but Malloy was new to me. But all three of these girls are gorgeous, fun and two of them I know are up for it.

This looks like the beginning of a verra interesting sequence.

Just one minor thing though - it might just be me, but this clip looked a little overcompressed. The wood panelling was a bit blocky and the red asses were a bit too contrasty.

- Trike

Mark said...

I love that clip all the girls were hot. i was looking at my clips and was wondering if you had anymore clips with Kat in them

Anonymous said...

cute chicks, but the standard for spanking forfeits should be similar to the one Derek received from Gina.

Red said...

Trike: Thanks for the feedback re. the compression quality. Come to think of it, hard drive space has gotten way cheaper since I started filming in high-def, maybe it's time to bump up the bitrate a bit. Also, don't worry about Malloy's willingness to put it on the line... trust me, she did fine.

Mark: I do have some more stuff with Kat around here somewhere. I'll see about getting some of it published soon.

Anon (please sign your posts): Derek vs. Gina was an epic spanking, but it's not something I can get many girls to be willing to endure. Most girls, if I tell them "okay, the winner of this game is to spank the loser until she raises welts", will flee in terror. But I'll see what I can do about getting some harder spankings done.

Anonymous said...

Mr Red just wondering where did you get your paddles made how mush did the things cost?Will we be seeing them again? I hope you did not pay a lot of money to use the things just that one time.
This was the frist clip I borught that did not have Ashton or Mia. I saw a perview a while back and ashton had a paddle when are we going to see that footage?

Red said...

MJ: the paddles were made by my buddy Hippo. They were expensive, but believe me, I intend to get plenty of use out of them.

Anonymous said...

One of your better ones Red. Maybe your best. Especially on a 22" wide screen monitor.

How about getting the men to take the clothes off the ladies? Jack.

BB said...

Great clip and really devious to have the loser of the first suffer in the second forfeit. Keep it up! A good idea for future three player games.

I loved the pddling forfeit. A couple of observations for future paddling forfeits: to me, both paddling at the same time did not work. It was almost as if they tried to hit, not just at the same time, but with the same power or strength. The one on the right is hitting back-handed and at a disadvantage. It may work better with a number of licks, as the time got interrupted with the talking and moving around.

Again, way to go! Great job, guys!

Anonymous said...

hey red how about bringing victor, ashley and wednesday back togather and this time making victor the loser.

mabey the girls find him tied up from a date that had gone bad. cut his boxers off and shave him. then they throw his clothes out in the hall and as he is running around collecting them the elevator opens and is full of hotties.

profhackney said...

Excellent clip. One of your best. A small suggestion for the next time you use this penalty. Break it into two rounds so each of the two winners can stand to the left of the loser. Anyone right handed who has tried to deliver a spanking from the right side knows it is not possible to get as much force. That put Candle at a distinct disadvantage from Addie. Each girl would still only do one cheek, but both would have the same opportunity. Perhaps you could flip a coin to determine who goes first. The game and penalty should definitely be used again. Perhaps Candle wants to demand a rematch since I think she was the real loser in this game.

profhackney said...

One additional comment. I often read comments about sites where the girls do other work. Is it possible to give the url for these sites, i.e. Addies mentioned by Trik? It would not mean I'd do less business with Lost Bets, but it might mean I do more business with the individual girls.

Red said...

Jack: Thanks for the compliment. Having the guys remove the clothes from the girls, hmm, not a bad idea. I'll have to see what I can do :)

BB and prof: I can try to do sequential (rather than simultaneous) paddling next time. However, I've already got another game with this forfeit filmed and awaiting publication, and it worked the same way, so if you see it, don't think I've ignored your suggestion.

Anon 3:20 (please sign your posts): It's an interesting idea and I'll think about it... but most likely it'd have to involve different players. I never say never, but right now it looks unlikely that I'll be working with Wednesday and Victor anytime soon.

Prof: Believe me, you don't need to assure me that telling you about Addie's other work wouldn't cost me any business... I've said this before and I'll say it again, I don't really see this as "business" and I definitely do not run it with an eye towards maximizing revenue. The only reason I'm at all reluctant to talk about the fact that some of our players do other work has to do with maintaining the fantasy... while some of the girls (and guys) who play at lostbets.com truly are shy about getting naked and doing forfeits, others are fairly experienced porn starlets. Addie, for one... she's been around the block several times. I don't really like to publicize that fact, but since that particular cat is out of the bag, some of Addie's other work can be seen here and here. Google for "Addie Juniper" and you'll find plenty.

Red said...

BTW, Crosis has a life which has kept him busy with more important things this holiday weekend, but I hope he hurries up and comes home, because he's really the one who should be taking the bows for this one.

Crosis said...

It's a good feeling when you come back from vacation and find your video is #2 on the charts!!! Thank you all for the positive feedback on this one.

Believe me, these 5 had fun all day, and the rest of the series will not disappoint. Without giving away too many spoilers, we will indeed get to see Candle's tushy at least one more time, and yes, it's still quite red!! The next time we see these players, the guys get in on the action for a game of Fuckit, with 3 losers doing some naked yoga.

To the anon that wants to see Victor stripped, shaved, and thrown to the wolves so to speak, I would suggest e-mailing Wednesday and Victor directly. I would definitely buy that video. The only problem is that Victor is perhaps the single luckiest strip game player on the planet. I don't think I've ever seen him lose a game.

Maybe we should have a space for links to our friends' other projects. In addition to the clip store links that Red provided, Addie also has a blog.

Keep the comments coming!!

Big Ninja Jim said...

I try not to begrudge other people's fetishes but after looking at some of the videos Addie has done, there are a lot of fetishes I just don't get. That doesn't make me want to stop getting videos with Addie in them just that I don't get the others people enjoy.

Anonymous said...


While you may want to defend the fantasy (which i myself was led to believe), it would be better for everyone if you disclosed who has other work (and possibly where) and who doesn't. The problem with shielding that information is that for those who still believe the fantasy, suddenly finding that girl bashful about spreading her lips having hardcore sex doesn't just ruin the illusion for that girl, it brings them all into question.


Anonymous said...

i'm new here addie has a few sites, really like candle