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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I want candy

Here's a taste of what's on tap for tomorrow. There's a high-quality version on our YouTube channel. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Now available.


Willy said...

why wait?!?!?!

Red said...

Well, actually, there's a very good reason... it wasn't done until just now. I've spent the last few hours fiddling. It's encoding now, and if you think I'm staying up to wait for it to finish, and then waiting for it to upload so I can publish it before the regular time, well, no thank you. Sooooo tired...

Mindworm said...

As I haven’t seen all your games yet, it’s possible you’ve already done this, but if not, why don’t you make a game of strip-Twister? I think you should have 3 girls (maybe 4) so that each round won’t last ‘forever’. You could do it in a way, so that the first nude girl has to play another round, or maybe until another girl is nude as well, as it would be great fun watching a nude girl doing a lot of acrobatic manoeuvres on the mat! If you want another forfeit after that, is up to you! Maybe your lovely assistant can do the spins? What do you think of this?

Red said...

Mindworm: Twister is a trademark, but check out episode 103 (published 7/18/09), "Strip Bender with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire." It's a shame that's our only example though... there's a game that ought to be played again.

BB said...

And Episode 103 is well worth the money - lots of good angles and close-ups of two bare-assed losers. But this game definitely needs to be considered for other girls to play.

And a suggestion for a game: in the movie Teen Wolf they play a game with two stripped to their underwear and hog-tied. Would be interesting to get two or three girls, hog-tied, and first one free is the winner. Loser(s) suffer a penalty, maybe being tickled before being untied. Or possibly loser(s) are at the mercy of the winner's creative imagination.

Anonymous said...

One thing I really like about the wet and messy games are the impromptu shower scenes at the end. I saw that the clip was only 12 minutes long and thought 'hmm, maybe no shower scene in this one'. And then when the clip was coming to the end I figured 'yep, no shower scene this time'. BUT, then right at the end Red puts "to be continued" just before the credits! Something interesting must have happened in the shower!

Do we get to find out next week, Red?


Red said...

Gordon, thanks for mentioning that... I should have myself, and I've now altered the clip description to make it clear that this one doesn't feature a shower. I'm sorry if you're disappointed. (But what did you think of the game?)

But yes, the girls did take a shower, and you will get to see it. The epilogue, 124a, will be published next Tuesday. I decided to split them as part of an experiment. This isn't the first time I've separated the shower from the forfeit, although it is the first time in nearly two years.

Anonymous said...

I love this game and how they makeout more of these games and lying down tickle forfits would be nice to see.

Not handcuffed behind their back, but hands over their head to the bed post or something.

Anonymous said...

The video was good, the game was good. I too missed the shower scene. As long as the shower scene is good enough on its own I will buy it, but if it is too short it or not interesting enough, it will not be worth it.

More comment on the game I would have prefered a slower game. Where only the chosen player took off her clothes if they had the candy. This would make for a better, slower, more competative game.

On the forfeit. I like it, and the banter was good, however, I would have liked it better if they had taken the syrup, cream and tonges down below the waist line. If you know what I mean. ;)).


Anonymous said...

Red, this was an awesome video, definitely a game that should be played again... Perhaps next time you could have a 2 or 3-way game with fixed pairs of girls, so each pair have 1 go at kissing & swapping sweet with each other & 1 or 2 goes at guessing the result of the other couples('s) swaps, forfeit either for the losing pair, or to be evil for the 2 losing pairs so that only the winners avoid a forfeit. It'd be really cool if you could have Charlie & Cyndi vs Ashley & Raven vs Kala & Elisabeth... (or maybe put Ashley & Kala on same team if not deemed too incestuous). Forfeit should be being covered in sauces again, but have them below the waistline, and make the girls "69" to lick each other clean.