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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Episode 122

New game, familiar girls.

Coming Friday November 6 at the usual time.

Here's an interview with Kimberly:


Mark said...

I was looking true my last bet clips and was wonderingif y had naymore of Kat sh is hot and almosted lost but did not

Red said...

Mark, I do have more of Kat (although she goes by Naomi now) and there will be more coming soon. Stay tuned.

Lostbetfan said...

Hi Red,

Any news on isobel?

And keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hello Red and Crosis,
Let me first say I'm a long time fan.. So please read this constructive critisism, I think it might actually help you guys.

I think a great way for you to improve your work is to focus more on the creative process of making a film. Just look back on previous work and just analyse. A lot of clips have a surtain "something" wich make it either great, or spoils the fun..
And most of these hings are not content related, but have something to do with basic story-telling. Like atmosfere, attitude, sespense etc.

Wich clip has the most sexy/non sexy CONVERSATION, and why was it so sexy/not sexy?
Quote: "I don't want to see your pussy"
Quote: "And the loser has to show everything, and I really mean éverything!!"

Wich clip features the most sexy sexy/least sexy ATMOSFERE? And what made it so sexy/not sexy?
Exhample: Giggles.. Sexy or not, and in wich proportions?
Exhample: Attitude. Dó the girls want to see each other naked, or are they just playing the game?
Wich different types of sexy attitudes do you know? Exhamples: Noughty/shy, dominant/submissive, milf/schoolgirl, giver/taker, etc etc.
In acting-classes it's a very common exhersice to put two opposites in a scene because it creates tension and creative possibilities. (just think of what would happen in your clips!!)

Wich clip has the most sexy intro?
And what made it so sexy? What can you do to give them more anticipation?

Wich clip features a sexy "extra"?
Exhample: During the game one of the girls suggests to make the forfeit worse.
Exhample: A coin toss decides if clothing above ór under the waist goes first.
These things are about your "story's" plot.

Just look at an old clip and think: What could I have done to make this clip more sexy? Very often little things make or brake a clip.

I think that if a director gets the basics right, such as atmosfere, conversation, attitude, sexual tension, suspense, surprise etc., than the clip is ALLWAYS good, no mather if the viewer likes the forfeit or not!
Ooh, and If you mess up with the camera.. just yell "cut!". Don't let it fly, you're better than that!

Jeroen (all the way from the Netherlands)

Troosevelt said...


As always, I continue to enjoy your material. But I have to ask when we're going to see the final Ashton/Mia videos?

I know those are now a scarce good, and wouldn't want you to blow them all out at once, but it has been a while.

And while I'm hear, you must have some more footage from the day you had like 9 players or so. I enjoyed the pool game with such a large audience. Is more coming?

Keep the jumping jacks coming,


Mark said...

I had to think about wether to get this clip are not and I got it and I am glade I did. going over some of my clips of Jane she was to happy that she did not have to masterbate i would like to see more of here thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
I like your videos, mostly the sexy ones, and the ones, wher both players, fight too win, and players like Raven, Mary, and Amber is hothot!
I would be Crazy too see, two girls play, where the looser, would belong too Raven, and see her play with the looser, while the Winner is looking, and help Raven too embrase the looser sexuality!!
Love from Kim

Red said...

Howdy, folks. Apologies to those of you who've had to wait for a reply... been a busy couple of days.

LBF, I regret to say that at this time I have no plans for Isobel to make a return appearance. I can see about making it happen, but it won't for a long time, if at all. Sorry.

Jerpen (all the way from the Netherlands): Thanks very much for your input. Believe me, I'm constantly looking over my videos (and your comments) to figure out what works and what doesn't. A lot of it boils down to the players... I don't give a whole lot of direction, preferring to let the players' natural personalities shine through. The girls that do the best tend to get invited back again and again, because they consistently star in the best videos.

Like episode 123, for example. One of the best yet, coming this Friday.

By the way, to everyone else who's from outside the United States, as you may have noticed the US dollar is rapidly approaching par with the Elbonian eyecrud. Goods priced in dollars will be real bargains for you, and that includes good ol' American pornography, like that sold at lostbets.com. Stock up for the holidays!

lostbets.com: patriotically helping to shrink the US trade deficit since 2007.

Troosevelt: Thank you for reminding me that there are some remaining games from the last ever shoot (sniff) with Ashton and Mia. I'll get it in the editing pipeline.

I do have more footage from the day in question, but it might not be what you want. The other was a pool game featuring Julie, Zayda, and Franco, with the others as spectators (until the end). No more 9-player games, sad to say.

Mark: I do have one more clip featuring Jane, and I'll get in the editing queue. Jane has also asked to come back, but I haven't heard much demand for her. What say you, everybody?

Kim: thanks, that's a good idea. Hypothetically, if Raven were not available, is there anyone else you might like to see in that role? Don't answer until you've seen episode 123.

Mark said...

yes please bring Jane back and i can only pry that she looses only thing is i do not have the best luck in the world witch mens she will win lol