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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Karmic balance

Okay, so, when girls get messy, they need to clean up, which means that after a game with a messy forfeit, there's a shower, and I'm usually there with a camera to memorialize it. And in nearly all of our messy games, the shower scene is appended to the end as an epilogue.

Not so with episode 124 (see previous blog post.) I decided last week that I'd split the shower scene from the game and forfeit, and make them available separately. The plan was to publish the shower scene as a special midweek update. But the fact is, I really regret that decision, and it's been gnawing at me all week. It feels like I'm first disappointing people, then I'm trying to squeeze money out of them, and that ain't right. Not good for the chi.

So, how to fix? Well, for starters, the epilogue is back in the version of the clip on the clip store, and the price remains the same. That doesn't help the people who already paid for the shortened version. So for them, I am making the epilogue available to download for free (update: not anymore, you had your chance).

Sorry about that, guys. By the way, this weekend's update features something I think we all can be thankful for... the rematch of Charlie and Cyndi.


Anonymous said...

No slight against you Red, because how could there be anything wrong with posting a free video of three incredibly hot girls in the shower, but I HATE RAPIDSHARE. I've been trying to download the video for the past hour and every refresh I get the same "no more slots for free users" crap. Thank you for the clip. Maybe sometime before the new year rapidshare will be kind enough to share it with the rest of us.

Anyway, keep up the great work.


Red said...

Hmm, you're absolutely right, PissTron. The post now contains direct download links, without any of this RapidShare BS.

Lotfw said...

Thanks Red..good job

BB said...

Red, when I read the description of this video, it didn't sound like it would be unusually good and I bought it with mixed feelings, until I saw one of the winners having a lot of fun with the losers boobs (licking, sucking, and mild biting) and in the shower almost half the time is spent with her bouncing the loser's boobs and later tweaking her tits. Great video! Suddenly an average forfeit turned very erotic - and the game itself with the g/g kissing - GREAT!

Anonymous said...

This game was a great idea - I'd definitely buy a video with this game again if it included Charlie & Cyndi / Ashley / Elizabeth or Raven. Forfeit was also an excellent choice which fit perfectly with the game.

Anonymous said...


I have always enjoyed the unknown "girl next door" types you use in your videos but was a little disappointed in seeing Charlie Laine on your site. Not only is she the Feb 2006 Penthouse Pet but has appeared in over 150 adult movies. Don't get me wrong. She is a beautiful girl but I have preferred your site in the past because of the amateur feel to it. The idea that I know Charlie would get naked at the drop of a hat leaves nothing to the imagination. Seeing an unknown girl "have" to get naked when she loses a game even though she really might not want to is much more exciting than knowing a porn star will do it without even a second thought. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...


I'd avoided posting about Charlie Laine, but now the cat's out of the bag, I noticed that too, but just because Charlie's major-label, does that make her any different from some of the other girls on this site who do internet-only stuff? Not naming any names, but if you look through some of the older blog post, you'll find a few.

Charlie's long been a favourite of mine, so I'm slightly biased, but basically I enjoyed both of the clips she's done with Cyndi, and I can only say "moar!" :-)

Sure the embarrassment factor is pretty low (or at least we'd imagine that) but there's a good repartee between the girls and the forfeit's pretty hot (understatement there, I think).

But it would be interesting if Red could get these two back, to get them to do forfeits that they might find embarrassing - I dunno what - even if they were less explicit.


Anonymous said...

Red I think that on an older post I saw you mention somthing about a lostbets website is this somthing in progress or the subscripsion website ? P.S what is going on with SGU it's a tiny bit past the 2007 date. Great vid. Rich

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, you've done a great job of responding to fan requests.

I'd love to see a forfeit much like in Strip Candy Passing; only instead of the loser(s) licking the sundae from the winner's breasts, they lick it from the winner's feet.

I think a lot of fans would enjoy.
- N

realnot said...

Actually both of them are pretty well known porn stars. Cyndi goes by a slightly different name.

Red said...

Hola, gents. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile (and didn't dedicate a post to episode 125)... I've been trapped with only a cellphone for Internet access. If you've sent me an email lately, you're probably still waiting for a reply. Will get to those soon.

Anyway, getting to the backlog: Lotfw, you're very welcome. BB, I'm very glad this clip exceeded your expectations. Anon 11:57, ditto, but please sign your posts. And now, on to the big issue.

Yes, Charlie is a porn starlet (of sorts; I've heard she doesn't do boy/girl but I may be mistaken). I didn't know this when I invited her to play, but if I had, it wouldn't have made any difference to me. I was glad to have her and would be glad to have her back. Why? Because she's cute as hell, smoking hot, and has an adorable personality that comes through great on camera. Regardless of whatever else she does, I think she's a great addition to the roster here.

The girls who grace lostbets.com with their presence come from a wide range of backgrounds, and some have more professional modeling experience than others. And that doesn't bother me... while I always like to recruit shy, innocent amateurs, some of our most popular girls (and some of my personal favorites) are adult/fetish models. I don't like to publicize which ones, since I think many people would rather not know, but if you're curious about any of them, ask me at red@lostbets.com.

N, that sounds like a great idea for a forfeit. I'll use it next chance I get. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's an issue of porn stars vs true amateurs. I like Cyndi and I think she looked great in the first video, which I purchased.

The problem for me is that one of the great things about your content is that it has a very real feel to it. The shy girls who are acting outside their normal sphere of comfort are fun to watch. In the case of Charlie and Cyndi though, they both act like they're shy in the video, but we know they're not.

Anyway I still enjoy the content, just not quite in the same way. Keep doing what you're doing - it's up to us to decide if we want to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Just to ask the question, but is it that if we perceive the contestants are something like college girls doing a dare that the games have a sense of real tension? 'Cuz, like I saw one of the players from earlier on in a 3-way interracial gang-bang thing before I saw her playing a game. And, some of these games were filmed in a hotel room where a fetish-con was being held downstairs, that's not a secret held from us. There are websites where you can see portfolios for models you might want to hire and about 85 percent of the ladies can be found there. Some are definitely willing to do more than others. I think Charlie still wanted to win her game, and her personality worked well. Her games have been just as good as the player who had a 3-way on another site but other people haven't seen.

I'm not saying this to burst anyone's bubble, I'm just agreeing for having Charlie on the site. However, I do prefer natural breasts.


chrisessex said...

Hi, I loved Charlie & Cyndi's games, will we be seeing more of them? Whilst the amateur aspect is part of the USP I would say that the girl's personalities & reactions as the games progress are just as important.