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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coming tomorrow

Hey, guys, I didn't do a blog post announcing last weekend's update. Sorry about that. Things have been... well, let's just say that sometimes real life gets in the way. If you've sent me an email lately, you're probably still waiting for a response. Again, sorry about that, I'll try to catch up soon.

This weekend will feature the return of Tatiana, Berenika, Iris, and Asia. These are very cute girls (I just love a Slavic accent) but I should warn you guys that you ain't gonna see them doing hardcore. Believe me, I tried.

But their softcore forfeits are pretty good. This one is a draw-on-with-markers forfeit, with two winners doodling on two losers, and I honestly think it may be the best marker forfeit to date. The winners literally spend 15 minutes decorating the losers. There's some great spontaneous dialogue and some very creative drawing. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

Will we ever see Asia in hardcore?

Red said...

Good question, anon (although please sign your posts.) According to my notes about her: hardcore, probably not. Bondage, possibly.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old "spread your legs for the boys at home/pose the loser" forfeits. Are there any of those on the horizon?


The Strip Game Fan said...

Hey Red - haven't written in a while. This post triggered a thought that has been brewing in the back of what passes for my brain for some time now.

A lot of the forfeits (which have become quite diverse) are now cleanly falling into two categories: 'softcore' and 'hardcore'. I was wondering if it would be possible to look at creating a third category - 'midcore', perhaps?

I perfectly understand that you will never get some girls to agree to full-on masturbation, penetration by dildo, blow jobs/oral sex, and other really hard stuff. But I can't help but wonder if there isn't a lower bar that could be set that some of the might be willing to try.

For instance: you already have established a forfeit of being restrained and tickled. I wonder if the 'midcore' version of this could be restrained and touched from head-to-toe - meaning, the winner both fondles the loser's breasts and rubs her hand over the loser's pussy.

If it wasn't inserting fingers inside, just running across on the outside, I wonder if that's a 'just on the edge' of what some girls might be willing to do. And I wonder if similar things (maybe running a vibrator against a barrier of some kind, so there's no penetration) could lead to some girls pushing their boundaries a little more.

UKfan said...

Totally agree with Strip Game Fan. Would be great to see some more mid-level forfeits like fondling/groping, light bondage and so on.

By the way, thanks for the last video Red - combines my two favourite things (Strip Memory and restrained forfeits)... any more games of Memory coming up?

Anonymous said...

I only have one question, is Candle ever coming back?

Red said...

PissTron: I've got a few things along those lines in the pipeline. There's some more use of the yoga pose cards, too.

SGF: Honestly I don't really think in terms of hardcore vs. softcore; it's all about what I can convince the girls to do. (When I first started, my rule was "find out what their limits are and respect them." Now it's "find out what their limits are and push them.") But I like your ideas a lot... they might be very useful in getting girls to push their limits, by pointing out that they're not that far beyond what they had in mind. I'll do what I can.

Julie, I think, is a prime target for persuading into racier territory. She's already gone down that route, first with open leg, then with vibration. I think I might be able to get her to go farther still. I'll certainly try.

UKFan: Yes, as a matter of fact, there is more Memory in the cards (har). I took a fan's suggestion to have a Snip Memory game and it went well. Two girls playing, two guys watching, with the loser of the game getting gang-groped by the other three. Good times. Besides that, I've got a bunch more Memory games on film just waiting to be produced.

Speaking of Memory, an observation: a lot of these girls have no idea about strategy. Seriously. I mean, let's say the players are red and blue, and we see one of the red bra cards, then a few more rounds are played, then the red player accidentally turns over her other bra card on her turn. Almost every single time, the blue player will immediately turn over the bra card she just saw, then go hunting for the one she saw awhile ago, very often getting it wrong. Sheesh, ladies! You know where one of them is, so try to turn over the other one first, so if you get it wrong you haven't wasted your turn! If you ever hear a "click" on the audio track after something like this happens, it's me slapping my forehead behind the camera.

Anon (please sign your posts!): Yes, there is definitely more of Candle to come! Thanks for reminding me of that; I'll try to get some of it published ASAP.

Thanks all for the comments and feedback.

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting the guys involved. It is good you have been get the guys invovled in some of the forfeits, but I would like to see them involved in the whole game. No not taking their clothes off per say, but they could be involved in removing their partners or oposing teams clothing, choosing clothing to remove (maybe do a little fondling during the clothing removal), and then theirs the forfeits! Jack.

John K said...

Uhhhhh, I would pay a load of money to see Asia give head. Grrrr... Where is the update for this weekend?

Anonymous said...

This weeks update is there, but I think it's at the end instead of the beginning.. just do a keyword search for "asia" or "tatiana" etc. and it'll show up.

Red said...

Okay, starting with the anon comment immediately after my last comment. Does anyone know what the deal with these is? I've been getting a lot of spam comments that say things along the lines of "what an awesome post, it changed my life." I may have a pretty big ego, but not enough to believe that the announcement of a new clip changed anybody's life. What I can't figure out is what the point of these spams is. They don't seem to be selling anything, or have any links in them. What are the spammers trying to accomplish here?

Jack: I forgot to mention that in the aforementioned Snip Memory game, it was the male spectators who cut the clothing off the women. It can be tough to get guys involved -- a lot of girls, as soon as they hear that there will be guys involved in the shoot, immediately get apprehensive -- but even so you'll see more male involvement both as players and as extras in the future.

I just finished Mass Effect 2, which has a character in it named Jack. Completely different from the way I picture you though. (Others who've played the game will no doubt agree.)

John: Well, I can talk to her about it, but I wouldn't get your hopes up too high.

Anon (please sign your posts!): Shit. I was wondering why nobody seemed to be buying it. Thanks for informing me... the new update is sorted to the top like it should be now.

Anonymous said...

Is there any more Zayda coming up?

-- Hugh

The Strip Game Fan said...

Hey Red - as of Saturday evening (Feb. 20), all of the previews (the video clips that play when you click on the images) are not working. I tried it in Firefox and IE.

Mycroft said...

@The Strip Game Fan: I've done a scan of several Clips4Sale studios that had previews, and all of the studios seem to be missing the previews.

Red said...

Hugh: Yes! In fact, she's one of the girls who played the memory game I mentioned. She also played some other games, like Beer Pong on our new-and-improved table, and of course her role in Best in Show. Hope you like. I know I sure did.

I like it when I can report good news :-)

SGF and Mycroft: Sigh. Hope C4S gets whatever it is fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Red said...

See? There it is again. What the hell do these guys want?

Randomguy85 said...

Question for you Red. I remember the marker challenge where Ashley lost and she got drawn on, which tickled her a lot. Now that's what my preference for forfeits is, Tickling Forfeits. I'm just curious, for someone of my preference, would this marker forfeit (or even the one uploaded a couple of weekends ago) be worthwhile, meaning does it have the same unexpected tickling reactions?
P.S. Loved the Strip Memory Kala and Elizabeth.

Red said...

@Randomguy: Hmm, I'm not sure. There's a part where one of the losers is definitely getting tickled by the marker, but I don't think I'd say that this clip would be particularly appealing to tickle fans. The tickling is mostly incidental, and fairly brief.

Glad you liked the last tickle vid though. There will be more to come.

Mindworm said...

I see in this post that several fans desire more male-involvement. Just remember that not all fans enjoy this. Personally, watching a girl blowing off a man, gives me nothing, I don't enjoy looking at dicks! :P

Some time ago a game with a 69-forfeit was mentioned. When will this game come up? Every Friday I've got my hopes up that this one will come next!

A long time ago, I suggested that maybe you could make some games similar to what was made at the late Dare-ring-site (preferable with only girls), and you said that the idea was interesting, and that you had tried to contact the persons behind this site, but hadn't got a reply (do I remember correctly?). Has anything more happened to these plans? Do you really need a permission to make something similar?

Red said...

@Mindworm: Duly noted about the guys. But all I can say is that I'm continuing to strive for variety so while the vast majority of episodes will still be female-only, there's gonna be some with guys. (I just realized that in the last few episodes with guys I haven't been posting my standard "highlight to se if there's male nudity" spoiler; I'll get back to including that.)

Re. the 69 forfeit... ah yes, Cory and Britney and Renna. I'll try to get it published by the end of March.

Re. Darering-style games, yeah, I never heard back from the guy. I don't need permission, no, but I thought it was only polite to ask. I just think it's rude to rip off someone's ideas without at least making sure that he knows you're doing it (*cough cough*). But you're right, it's been long enough without a reply that I've at least made a good faith effort and can proceed with a clear conscience. I'll see about setting something like that up. If you can think of things that would be good to have in the "dare jar", feel free to email them to me.

Anonymous said...

That is good news about Zayda. I'll be looking forward to her reappearance. I'm hoping for some harder forfeits from her, but I get the impression that she is a bit on the shy side.

-- Hugh