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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did somebody say "Zayda?"

Commenter Hugh asked if we'd be seeing more of Zayda any time soon. Yes, as a matter of fact. Here she is with new girl Holly:

Holly is... Holly is... well, I'll have a lot more to say about what Holly is when she makes her debut. For now, let's just say that she's cute and she's got a hot body, but she's living proof that you don't need to be smart to wear glasses.

Expect to see them in about three weeks.


Anonymous said...

eagerly awaiting 3 weeks from now.
and is that a jump rope? interesting game/forfeit?


Red said...

Yes, it is a jump rope. Good eye. Unfortunately it didn't get used, or at least it didn't get used in anything I can publish. See, this shoot took place on my brother's birthday, so I had these girls play a quickie game of rock-paper-scissors with the loser having to strip off and sing Happy Birthday to my brother while jumping rope. I can't publish it 'cuz Happy Birthday is copyrighted, and we didn't get around to using the jump rope again that day. (Got started late, waiting for others to show up.) But I own a jump rope now, and you can bet I'll be making use of it.

Chip said...

Red - a suggestion to putting in some forfits into the games. I would love to see some wedgies put in. these could be put in several ways, as a good hard pull on losers panties while they have to strip an item, or use it as the final part - once there down to panties the ultimate loser gets a massive wedgie as her panties are ripped off her by the winner !


Let me know what u think of the idea, as i come from a "wedgie community" and im sure i would be able to get you an extra 100+ buys on a wedgie forfit clip !

Red said...

Thanks, Chip! Sounds good... I'll use it next chance I have. The only trouble (and this applies to all the good suggestions I've gotten lately) is that I don't have any shoots planned at the moment. I'm sitting on a massive backlog of unpublished footage, and have been trying to clear it out a bit before growing it some more. But even with the backlog I don't seem to be able to resist inviting girls to play games at least once in awhile, so it probably won't be too long.