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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here's a preview of coming attractions for this week:

Want to download the high-definition version? No problem. (Please right-click-save-as.)

There's also a new poll in the right sidebar. See, the Shockinaw thing kinda broke after this game. What do you guys think? Should I buy another one and keep using this game, or have we had enough Shockinaw? I gotta admit I don't always feel great about torturing these girls.


Big Ninja Jim said...

Yeah this game seems better for a bunch of guys than hot chicks stripping. Some buddies and I tried this game at a mall once. We all got shocked but my brother got it the hardest. He has a lot of natural electricty in his body, to the point where he burns out watches. He walked away with light singe marks on his hands.

The Strip Game Fan said...

Hey Red - previews seem to be back on the C4S site, but 143 needs one added, and 144 could use a better one than the logo. :-)

Red said...

Jim: Ouch. I hope none of the girls read that. But "a bunch of guys" is not a bad idea... if I revive Shockinaw, maybe it can be part of a couples game, with the men playing the game and their women stripping when they lose.

SGF: Both clips are set to have previews in the administrator page, and if they're not showing properly there's not much I can do. C4S doesn't give me a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to previews... I can only have a ten-second preview, which can begin at the start of the clip, 10 seconds in, 1/4 of the way through, 1/2 of the way through, or 3/4 of the way through. Both 143 and 144 are set to preview from the 1/4 point. If they're not working, my guess would be that C4S has yet to completely fix their bug.

Anonymous said...

I would not miss this game. I don't want to see these girls suffer from
electric shocks

As you know, it's the girls that make the point

and of course:

the forfeit!

Anonymous said...

I do not think red should a other maichine. Do not spend your money MJ

Anonymous said...

I think it's a cool game, however I haven't felt compelled to buy any of them yet so I can't really say (more due to the combination of players and forfiets not interesting me enough otherwise I would cause the game gets a few points from me compared to others). Honestly though, it's a little shock. If these princess' can't handle it and it's too much trouble then I guess there's other games but c'mon, it's just a small shock.

Anonymous said...

Hey I couldn't find a place on the site to send an email that wasn't open to everyone but I guess it's on topic.

I don't know if the video for download is such a good preview. I'll admit I like the whole streak the hallway thing but the girls are just not ones I'd advertise, as it doesn't realy matter to me what they do when one looses as I just don't care to see either of them naked. Two measures of annoying mixed with a few teaspoons too many of fugly doesn't really do it for me.

Anonymous said...

I prefer strip no-name.
Red, have you considered using no-name in a two girl against two girl situation? You might have to play it standing at a table to get enough room. Also, if you are playing as teams, might it be an idea that, if two players have to remove an article of clothing at the same time, that they can't both remove the same article of clothing? Like, if one takes her shoes off, the other has to pick something else to remove.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a strip fight contest where 2 girls in regular street clothes wrestle and the object of the game is to strip the other girl naked. Such a game between Sienna and Idelsy would be incredible

Red said...

Anon 9:30 (please sign your posts): Hey, if you think it's tough to watch these girls getting electrocuted, you should try being in the room while it's happening. They glare.

MJ: Thanks for the feedback, but really it's not about the money at all. The game is pretty cheap, which is probably why it broke. If I thought people liked the game and wanted to see more of it, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

Anon 6:33: You can reach me at red@lostbets.com, or just post here, but if you post anonymously, please sign your posts. And as for the promo, if it convinced you not to buy this one then I think it's a very good promo, because otherwise you might have bought the clip and not liked it. I've said this before: I'd much rather have somebody not buy one of my clips than buy it and be disappointed. I realize that this will sound like BS to a lot of people, but it's the simple truth.

Gordon: How do you see noname working with four players? And I do like the "two players can't remove the same piece" rule; I'll use it next time I'm running a two-on-two game.

Anon 5:19 (please sign your posts): yes, a strip fight would be awesome, but there are problems with it. The biggest one is that to legally have events where people are assaulting one another, you need all sorts of licenses and permits, and to take all sorts of safety precautions against somebody getting hurt. Speaking of getting hurt, if somebody forcible tears your clothing off your body against your will while you resist, you're likely to end up with bruises or cuts. Most of the girls would rather that not happen to them, and would be reluctant to participate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I sent you an email with a site suggestion and an idea for a new game. Just wondering if you got that (it's a gmail addy); I know you get lots of mail and are busy. Should I post it here so other fans can give feedback? Or... you can add it as a new post, if you like.

- N.C.

Charlie said...

While I like it when the players really *don't* want to lose, I prefer them embarrassed rather than in pain. (And the more embarrassed, the better.)

TheSilentOne said...

I like Shockinaw - surely the shocks aren't as bad as everyone is making out??? I like the point made by Charlie - I prefer it when the girls don't want to lose and since most obviously don't mind the stripping so much, Shockinaw seems a pretty good way of achieving this!

Charlie said...

Any more plans for a large game-show format game, especially with a studio audience?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment off topic, but I'm having a problem buying clips. Made one successful purchase, but subsequent attempts bring up error message "Your Order can not be completed without contacting Customer Support at 772-539-0895 or info@Clips4Sale.com (err-aey)"
I have e-mailed twice, but no-one replies. Can anyone help?

Simon_Templar said...


I like the Shockinawe game... I really liked it when you did it with Raven & I definitely think you should buy another because it seems the girls have more incentive NOT to lose on this game than others.