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Friday, March 12, 2010

What was the name of the South Park boy band?

If you remember that one, from Season 4, you'll have an idea what the forfeit is for this week's update.

I hope you guys like Holly, i.e. I hope that the aggravation of dealing with her was worth it. Never in my life have I come closer to strangling one of my players. (Ordinarily I'd be reluctant to say such a thing about one of my girls, lest she read it and be offended, but I doubt Holly has the wits to turn a computer on, much less use one, so I think I'm safe. If I'm wrong and she's reading this... um... just kidding, sweetie.)

By the way, I've been coping with some unfortunate personal matters and have been neglecting both my email and this blog. If you're waiting on a reply to either, I apologize and will try to catch up shortly.


Randomguy85 said...

HA! FingerBang! That episode was hilarious.

Jefferson said...


Hope all is well. I feel compelled to ask: did Mia ever have to do jumping jacks? And if she did, any chance we could get that clip to the front of the cue?

I always thought her chest would be conducive to that.....

Anonymous said...

That was a great forfeit, would love it if you could get Julie to play that game.

Red said...

@Jefferson: I don't recall for certain but I don't think so. You're right that she's got a chest that would have looked great doing jumping jacks but regrettably I don't believe she ever had to actually do it. And unfortunately she's retired now (she got a job where it would not be taken well if it were discovered that she played stripping games on the Internet) so it's unlikely to happen in the future. Sorry :(

@Anon (please sign your posts!): Which, should I get Julie to play Snip Memory, to play a game with a fingering forfeit, or both? The former, sure, no problem. As for the latter... maybe. When she first appeared here Julie wouldn't even risk having to open her legs on camera but I've gradually led her into sexier territory. I don't know if she'd be willing to submit to getting fingered by another girl (or even to being the one doing the fingering) but I can ask. She's been calling a lot lately looking for work, so maybe.

Matty said...

What we got coming up for this weekend?

any with sienna or raven coming up?

it looks like raven could be up for anything after the blowjob forfit.

Red said...

@Matty: What we've got coming up this weekend (in about an hour and a half, actually) is the introduction of three new girls. I hope you'll like Cory, Britney, and Renna. And a whole new forfeit... but I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

Raven is great (and indeed up or just about anything) but due to certain circumstances is unlikely to be appearing here again anytime soon. It's nothing bad, don't worry... if you want to know more, drop me an email, I'd rather not post about it here. As for Sienna, I do have one more game featuring her vs. Idelsy, but it's pretty short. I was planning to use it as a bonus update this month.

Simon_Templar said...

This video was good... although there were times when Holly's stupidity (generally when she was showing an intellectual capacity lower than Baldrick in the British comedy "Blackadder") got on my nerves the forfeit she had was punishment enough to get her off the hook... I think this forfeit was a good one as it looked really humiliating... maybe you should consider doing "before & after" interviews with those involved so we can all find out just how humiliated the girls feel after their forfeits?
The only thing that was a shame was that we didn't see more of Zeyda... I imagine it'd be a challenge to find a forfeit that would humiliate her given her work on some other sites... but maybe that's a challenge for the future - I for one would certainly buy it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

It would be great if you could get Julie to do both the game and do a fingering forfeit.

As you said every new video she seems willing to go a little further. So it could be worth asking???

Marcus (Anon March 18, 2010)

Red said...

@Simon: Believe me, if Holly got on your nerves, be thankful you weren't trying to direct her on how to play games. Gaah, even the memory is causing my hair to fall out. (Screw Your Neighbor? What was I thinking?)

I like the idea of doing before-and-after interviews. (Sites like Ultimate Surrender do them, and they work out pretty well.) Any suggestions for good questions to ask?

As for Zayda, I did have a couple of ideas that might embarrass or even humiliate her, but... well, let's just say that running honest, un-fixed games is not without disadvantages, especially when the girl I hope loses is paired off against a dimbulb. The good news is that she definitely wants to come back and I'm planning another shoot. Probably after the next one with Julie though.

Speaking of Julie:

@Marcus: Thanks for signing your post :) Julie definitely wants to come back, and she has a pretty hot friend who's heard about lostbets.com and is intrigued enough to give it a try. Also, Sammy wants to come back as well. I'll try to push Julie's limits some more, and we'll see what she says.