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Friday, April 30, 2010

...and tell me that you love me

Yep, I'm referencing that Monty Python song again. Appropriate for today's update, featuring the debut of new girls Mariah and Liliana. Unfortunately it's going to be a few hours late. Sorry about that. Blame Adobe. It'll be up tonight. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey red loving the new updates, however I have a request before introducing anymore newbies can we finish up some of the old series? I know for example amber Lily Mary and Addie was never finished. I'm loving the new girls they are hot, but im having closure issues with the remaining unfinished series. Keep up the good work

- Tank

Unknown said...

Hi. I see that this week's update features the winner sitting on the loser's face as a forfeit. Is it just vagina-licking that goes on afterwards, or also my suggested ass-licking? Is there lots of grinding?

Chip said...

Would deffo like to second that idea from Tank !!

Anonymous said...

Red...Here is a suggestion for you to accommodate those who prefer a more soft-core forfeit. When you do the more extreme hard-core or paddling you can first have the loser do a soft-core forfeit, like the jumping jacks or twirling or even spreading of legs only, without the "showing pink" as some have called it. Then when you produce the videos you can have both put up, the soft-core forfeit version with a second version showing the more extreme forfeit. This way those who do not like the hard-core forfeit can still download the clip and get to see what they want and those who prefer the harder stuff can get that version. If a girl is willing to do the hard stuff I wouldn't see a problem for them first doing a soft forfeit. I know it is more work for you in editing but if you can just cut the hard version after a certain point for the soft version and end it there. The filming should be about the same, just have a small point where you know you would cut it before the hard-core forfeit is done by the loser. Just an idea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, just joined lostbetsgames.com, though I have followed your blog (oops, I mean web log) for awhile. I was wondering if the games they get there, are requested by them or are they ones you're willing to provide? Seems like they have mostly the mild forfeit games. Ahston, Ashley, and Mia are my favorites so far. They have great rapport together. I like the screw your neighbor game. It goes fast and and lends itself to a lot of good teastng. You might want to consider having more than 2 losers in the game. Plus the first ones out should be forced into an embarrassing pose until the game is over. By the way, does the voice that says 'lostbets.com' in your promo, belong to Aston? Sounds like her. Love the little giggle at the end.

- Jester

Red said...

@Tank: You bet. There are quite a few "orphaned" games from old shoots which never made it into production. For some of them, this is for good reason... i.e. they sucked and would not make for good viewing. But there are some goodies out there. I'll make an effort to dig some of the worthies up, but I can't promise it'll be "before introducing anymore newbies." But the shoot you mention (Lily, Mary, and Amber btw) does deserve to get produced, and I'll see that it is.

@Bruises: Honestly, I'd say no, this isn't quite what you're looking for. Yet.

@Chip: Duly noted.

@gb: It's an interesting idea, but there are a couple of flaws, one of which is the C4S Version Problem, in which C4S does not let you "collapse" or group multiple versions of the same video, which means that the more versions you have, the more space is devoted to a single clip. I find this to be really annoying when browsing other C4S stores, where whole pages can be taken up by multiple versions of a single clip. I've tried to avoid the temptation to produce more than two versions of each clip.

Another solution to the soft vs. hard dilemma I'm considering is to double my publication rate (or open a second store) with one hardcore and one softcore update per week. Now that would be a lot more work, but maybe it'd be worth it.

@Jester: Welcome! I hope you like your membership. I also hope you signed up through the referral link on this blog; I get a bigger cut that way ;-).

The main reason the games you see on lostbetsgames.com tend to have the softer forfeits is that they tend to be older; I was very reluctant to relinquish control of my content (and, to some extent, my brand) to someone else, and lostbetsgames.com was eventually sold to me as, "look, just give us your older material." So my criteria for deciding which clips to send them starts with "older than one year." So lostbetsgames.com is a window into the past, sort of :-)

I don't normally take requests... but since you mention that you like Ashley, Ashton, and Mia, I'll make a point of prioritizing clips featuring them.

I agree that Screw Your Neighbor makes a truly great stripping game, at least with a large enough group of players who aren't too dumb to grok the rules. (Wait 'til you see Holly attempt it. Oy gevalt.) Making early losers sit in embarrassing poses during SYN is a great idea.

The vocal sting at the end the intro is not Ashton but Amber, at the end of her saying our tagline "I lost all my clothes at lostbets.com." BTW, credit for editing that whole sequence together goes to Crosis. Everybody, wish Crosis mazel tov. I don't know if he'd want me to say what for so I won't, but wish it to him anyway.

Anonymous said...


Love the site but I have to say the size of the LostBets.com logo and picture in the right hand corner of the videos is bordering on obnoxious. In #151 for example it covers the girl's vagina half the time during the forfeit. Can't you make the logo more subtle if you need it always showing? It would be appreciated. Thanks.

Red said...

Ron, that's a very fair complaint and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'll try to make the logo less obtrusive in the future. Sorry about that.

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

then i wont buy #151 until the logo thing is fixed.

a CA fan

BB said...

Suggestion for soft/hard forfeit. Each game with a hard forfeit has two forfeits: first a soft, then a hard.

Another posibility: sell the clip of the game by itself, the forfeit(s) sold separately. A game with a soft has one ending, a game with a hard has two forfeits, soft and hard.

Forfeit suggestion for four girl game: two losers are chosen and blindfolded. A third loser chosen by one game of RPS (silently). She strips and is blindfolded. With the first two not knowing who #3 is, you can have them do some of the sorority stunts, such as arranging themselves in a line from smallest to biggest boobs, no hair to full bush, biggest butt, heaviest ass, wettest pussy, etc. Sorry for long post.

BB said...

A request for a game for Julie - same format as when Lily played against the viewer. Thank you for many hours of tremendous video. Several other sites try but none are as good as LostBets.com.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red how does one send you an email or a pm?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red...I can understand you not wanting to have too many versions of the same clip like other stores. Just an idea, if you do decide to open up a second store instead of having 1 hard and 1 soft you could do 1 as the High Def and the other as Standard Def. This way you post clips to 1 store on Fridays and the other store on Mondays or Tuesdays. Also, those who want the High Def can just look at the High Def store and the others who either are willing to wait, or have to because of their computer, only have to look at the Standard Def store.


Anonymous said...

Did you film a rematch between Addie and Simon? If you did, are you going to publish it?

Red said...

@BB: Absolutely no need to apologize for the long posts, my friend... I always welcome suggestions and feedback, even if they go a little long.

It's an interesting idea for dealing with the softcore vs. hardcore issue, but I dunno... it seems like it might be a little weird to have the girl introducing the game saying something like, "The losers of this game have to shove dildos up their pussies... but first, they have to do ten jumping jacks/rub baby oil on each other/sing the national anthem/[insert other softcore forfeit here]." I think it takes something away from the softcore forfeit if it's known that immediately after it's over the losers will do something hardcore. I think I prefer to have the softcore vs. hardcore thing be a function of the players and their willingness. I'd rather have the softcore forfeits done by truly shy girls who'd be actually embarrassed to do them.

Your three-player forfeit has promise. The game would have to involve four players of similar stature, otehrwise the blindfolded losers might be able to tell who the third is just by standing near her. Also, after the three girls arrange themselves in what they think is the right order, what then? The winner judges whether they got it right? What's the penalty for getting it wrong?

I actually have some footage of Julie playing a "first person" game like Lily did. (I also promised to deliver more of those, and never followed through. Bad Red.) I'll get it into production... and get some more first-person footage. And thank you very, very much for the generous compliment.

@Anon 12:56: First things first, you're welcome to post anonymously here, but if you do, please pick a nickname for yourself and sign your posts with it. Thanks. You can reach me via email at red@lostbets.com. I'm sometimes a little slow to reply (as several people here can attest to) but I'll do the best I can.

@gb: Not a bad idea, mate. I'm not opening a new store just yet, but I'll definitely think about going that route if/when I do.

@Steve: Whoa, that's weird. Do you read minds? Or are you someone I know in disguise? Yes, as a matter of fact, Crosis and I did film a rematch between Addie and Simon, and it's just about done with postproduction right now. It'll probably make it onto the site in late May. Fair warning: it won't be to everyone's liking.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this one. One of the better forfeits. Is there any change that one of the girls makes good on her threats and uses a strap-on. rEALLY LIKE TO SEE THAT.

Can you give a hint what to expect this friday?

And what is the status with Kat, are there any plans to film her in the near future?


Mark said...

Maybe I am from the old school but I love tan lines I hope to see more of her thanks Red

Anonymous said...

There's still no standard version of this clip available.

Red said...

@Peter: Thanks! I'm glad you liked this one. Unfortunately I don't have any footage of either of them using a strap-on on the other... but believe me, strap-ons are on my list of things to do in the near future. Double-ended dildos, too.

I honestly don't know what's going to be published this Friday. Usually I maintain a small stock of already-edited ready-to-go videos, but it's dwindled considerably. I'm not sure what's going to be ready in time. Right now, I'm leaning towards a game featuring Addie, Malloy, and Candle, with Simon and Chuck as spectators (and boy, did they get an eyeful.) Not sure it'll be ready, but I hope so.

And yes, there are plans to film Kat (or Naomi, as she later came to be known as) in the near future... in the very near future. Check two blog posts ago, the one that says "Calling all Kat/Naomi fans." The game talked about on that thread is going to happen. In about two weeks.

@Mark: I dunno if it's "old school" or not, but I've always liked tan lines too. They really highlight the fact that you're seeing skin that's normally kept private and covered, even at the beach. Good times. (And there's more of these two coming, never fear.)

@oP: D'oh! Thanks for telling me; the problem is now solved.

Anonymous said...

I just had a thought. I enjoy hardcore forfeits and saw the mention of Screw Your Neighbor as a great game. Well why not put the two together. Should you get a group that is willing to go all the way, playing Screw Your Neighbor with the forfeit being an actual screwing. Jack.

Red said...

@Jack: Dang it, are you guys reading my playbook or something? A game with a "go all the way" forfeit has been filmed and awaits postproduction. The game wasn't Screw Your Neighbor but it was still pretty good. Maybe I'll use SYN next time I have some willing participants in such a game.

Anonymous said...

I really like the public nudity forfeits - I'd like to see more of those. And I'd really like to see more and newer updates on the membership site - I understand your concerns about it, but nonetheless I have to say it is a pretty expensive site, and the paying members should be treated accordingly.

Are Ashley and Kala really sisters?

Anonymous J

Red said...

@AJ: Glad you like the public nudity forfeits. I'd like to do more, if I can think of good locales that would have a relatively low risk of resulting in arrest. Re. getting newer stuff on lostbetsgames.com: duly noted. I'll send some more recent clips their way. Keep in mind that I don't control when any given clip is published there... I just send 'em a batch every now and then and they publish them when they see fit.

And yes, Ashley and Kala are really sisters. No foolin'.

Anonymous said...

[quote]And yes, there are plans to film Kat in the near future... in the very near future[/quote]

Hope you post it straight after you shot and edited it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who designs the pages for the membership site, but on the preview page "Ashton and Mia Play Strip Four In A Row" is spelled correctly, while on the members' page it says "Ashton and Misa Play Strip Four In A Row." It shouldn't say Misa! Or is she changing her pseudonym based on whether I'm logged in? :)

Anonymous J