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Friday, May 28, 2010

Double-update weekend

Two updates this week, both of them catering to fans of relatively soft forfeits. Fans of the hard stuff, don't worry, there's some stuff coming up that you'll very much like.

The first update (on Friday and Sunday as usual) features three things we haven't seen in a long time. First, a POV game, where the girl (or in this case, girls) play the game against you. We've only had one of those before, but plenty of requests for more. Second, Strip Mogadishu. And third, the return of who is IMHO one of the cutest girls I've had the pleasure of filming, Julie. Enjoy.

The second update (on Saturday and Monday) features Heidi vs. Samantha. To be brutally honest, it isn't one of my favorite clips, which is why I'm making it a secondary update rather than devoting a whole week to it. But fans of either girl should like it just fine.

Next week, something more risqué. And coming very soon, the promised match-up between Zayda and Amber Heavens.


Anonymous said...

Great clip. I just wanted to ask a qestion. I sent you an email but I know your busy. I just want to know if you ever found out what cyndi planed to do if she won the rematch game with Charlie?

Anonymous said...

Hey, i have an idea, Julie and Sammie vs Elizabeth and Claire. strip bear pong. For the forfeit the two losers compete in a famous LostBets orgasm race, the loser of that gets tied up and placed at the mercy of the other three girls, e.g vibrators, fingers, lips.
I have no idea how to get the girls to agree, but it would be great if they did. ty MGS

Anonymous said...

I probably fit into a small demographic for my request but I'll make it anyway. If you do more of these POV games, could you include an alternate version where the girl(s) win and react to the player having to strip.

I don't think I would be interested in only a girl(s) winning version but as an extra to the regular game I would love it. It would feel more like I am actually playing.

BTW - More of these girls. They define Cute.


RS said...

You know, I had an idea, following up from a previous thread, for how you could safely do the "snip" games where clothing is destroyed and then make the losers have to walk naked in public.

You could rent a booth at the Folsom Street Fair, the annual fetish fair in San Francisco, and bring some of your favorites to play stripping games throughout the day. For legal reasons, you'd probably have to position the cameras so that they're only filming people inside the booth, not people walking by. But you can have a separate viewing area for spectators who've provided the appropriate ID and signed waivers to appear on camera. You might even be able to enlist some spectators to play. And then you could do a "snip" games where the loser(s) clothes are destroyed and they have to wander around the fair completely nude to buy clothing to go back to the hotel in. Might not be able to film all of the wandering part because of needing consent waivers from bystanders walking by, etc., but you might be able to get away with a fair amount. Plus you'd probably be able to film a ton of new games in one day, including getting some fetishists willing to also play for free.

Anonymous said...

Bear pong sounds really dangerous.

Mark said...

I am stell hopping that you can bring jane back she was hot

Anonymous said...

Could you please update the "bare bones episode guide"? (http://www.lostbets.com/episodes.html) It's months out of date, only going up to ep 133. Thanks.

Red said...

Hey, all. Been out of town for the holiday weekend... hope you all had a good one.

@Anon 5/29 3:26 (please sign your posts): I'm afraid I haven't heard from Cyndi lately. I'm hoping to get both her and Charlie back for more games, and if/when I do, I'll be sure to ask her.

@MGS: Sammy would probably go for that. Julie I could probably talk into it, Claire I'm not sure. Elizabeth, highly doubtful. She's got pretty tight limits on what she's willing to bet.

@BMung: I can try. Probably the closest thing I've got is the interactive games, where it's possible to lose. (So far, only one's been published... sigh.) And I'm working on getting at least Julie back soon.

@RS: I'll think about that. I've heard of the Folson Street Fair, and even seen some pictures of it, and it might be a great place to play games, and to recruit players. (I've thought about using Mardi Gras in New Orleans or spring break in Ft. Lauderdale as a place to recruit players, too.)

@Anon 5/31 8:28 (please sign your posts): And now we must play... the most dangerous game.

@Mark: I'm pretty sure I've told you, I do have one more game with Jane in it, but I'm having a tough time finding the tape it's on. When I find it I'll get it published ASAP... you've been waiting patiently for a long time.

Anonymous said...

thats fine if you can get someone to replace clare and elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Idea number 2!!!!!
Cory and Britney vs Renna
The way i see it she's won both times. or at least in the games you published. if you ask them to come back (if you can) you should set up rematch giving Cory and Britney a chance for revenge, one game if the team wins they get to have there way with Renna for 20 minutes, if Renna wins again she gets 20 minutes to make the other two do as many sexually embarrassing as she likes. sounds good right.

Anonymous said...


Just a thought, for anybody who has read this blog they know you have mixed in some real amateurs with some models with some "actresses" in your games. In your posts you make it clear that some of the ladies have some very strict limits whereas others can be persuaded to go a little further than they thought they would. How about putting in an "actress" to help another lady or two decide to stretch their comfort zone. It of course would work better if the other ladies do not know that one of them is an "actress".


P.S. I would understand if you would think this tactic as going against your ethics, it is on the sneaky side, but of course everybody would have to agree to the terms of the forfeit before the game is played.

Red said...

@CT: Updated. Sorry about that.

@MGS: That's a good idea with Cory, Britney, and Renna... as soon as I have the chance, I'll use it.

@gb: Honestly, I don't think that'd work very well, and could potentially backfire. And I think I do a pretty good job of coaxing girls into pressing their limits as it is.

mattymatty18 said...

just an idea
how about the strip beer pong idea with mixed teams then the losing team have an orgasm race in the 69 position to determine a loser but they tell each other the forfit they have in mind for each other before the race so they really go for it.

Anonymous said...


Understood, just a thought, you are the one who is there and yes it could backfire if the girl(s) who end up being coaxed get pissed when they find out they were with a professional. Good luck with future shoots.

Any chance on seeing Amberlee and/or Jane again?


Armin8512 said...

I think after the kick in the balls Addie can't refuse any forfeit in the future.
I would like to see as forfeit for her pumping up her pussy with a tool like this one

When the lips are swollen she can show everything. That would be very embarrasing but not so painful as the kickballs.

Anonymous said...

After the hard stuff she has done to Simon. I think Addie couldn't also refuse pussy waxing as forfeit next time.

A Fan of your Site