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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As promised, there will be a bonus update today, featuring the introduction of Camilla, Nicole, and Taylor. You'll be seeing more of them this weekend.


Anonymous said...

what a cute collection of babes. cant wait to see more of them this weekend.

CA Fan

Randomguy85 said...

Congrats on the #1 spot at C4S Red! Also I wanted to say that the three new ladies... very nice, very nice! Hope to see more of them (especially if there's a tickling forfeit involved)

Anonymous said...

Many of the girls on this site have been very attractive, but i feel like Nicole is the first one that i would classify as lava-hot...looking forward to seeing her in more updates!


Red said...

Got some unfortunate news, gents: today's update, featuring Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole (doing something considerably harder than tickling) is going to be late. It's encoding right now but will be about another five hours, and then it's got to upload. I'll get it live as quickly as I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
There appears to be a LOT of compression artifacts in this video. Whilst the content was good they were very distracting.


BB said...

Red, not only the top store, the top clip, but 4 of the top 25 clips. Domination!

Red said...

@G: Thanks for letting me know. My production workflow is changing somewhat and I've been experimenting with different technologies. Unfortunately episode 164 will be encoded the same way... I hope the artifacts are less annoying in this one. I'll try to change things up for #165.


Episode 164 continues chugging away in the encoder. Current ETA is another hour and a half, then figure in time for uploading to Clips4Sale. But I'll have it published as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

This clip reminded me of an idea for a more soft-core forfeit for a basketball game. You will need to find some less-experienced, girl-next door type cuties with a modest cupsize for this. (So might need more than one, since your games are fair).

Have the girls play in bikinis. The losing girl is placed ander the basket and has to keep her arms up, touching the basket (Choose a high point she must reach to). Now bring in some guys. Loser now reads from a card. First she states her name, age and cupsize (preferably A). Have her announce that 'as a loser I invite every-one in the room and at home to check out how small my tits are.'

Winning girl(s) now remove the top (tadaa!). So he girl now stands with her titties exposed and no chance to cover them up. Have the spectators comment extensively on the size of her breasts. Tease her, fi on how flat she looks in this position.(Maybe even prepare some tasteless jokes 'did you mean cup A or Cup 0'). Have the winner(s) express how happy they are it's not their breasts on display like that and the object of scrutiny and ridicule. Eg., just try anything to get the girl as shy (or annoyed) as possible about her predicament, so we get to see a self-conscious cutie who is really not happy about being a topless loser.

(Afterwards you can assure her how sexy she looked ;) )

Hardcore variation, easier to realize and more to every-one's taste: losing girl again placed in underwear under the basket, arms up high. Winners or guys take a number of shots (you figure out the rules).

1st score: get topless
2nd score: grab her tits
3rd score: get nekid
4th score: free-for-all grope-fest
5th score: bring the loser to a orgasm (still standing with hands up).

Again , i like the idea of having the girl read the forfeit from cards. (Wouldn't sweet Julie be the perfect candidate in this predicament, fearing each and every shot. Just imagine the look on her face when she reads out the cards).

Amongst all the excitement of the hardcore forfeits (Taylor is hot),I hope you'll have time to consider this.


Red said...

AV: That's an awesome fucking idea. Excuse me, I've got a phone call to make.

Red said...

Aargh. Okay, do you want the good news or the bad news?

The good news is that I'm tentatively scheduled to shoot Julie and others. The bad news is that her limits are still pretty tight. Rest assured I will do what I can.

Anonymous said...

Nice girls,

I saw the strip memory they did a little while ago.
The girl Nicole is really something.
Does she have other clips/movies/videos or is she just starting out ?

Anonymous said...

I too would like to know if nicole has been in anything else.