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Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to the bar

Episode 198 is live, in which one of two cute newbies will make the trek to the hotel bar sans any clothing except for a lostbets.com thong and a couple of pieces of duct tape. Enjoy.


MJD said...

You've got Kym?!

Please tell me she's going to be a regular. I've been a huge fan of Kym for years from her work on other sites.

Mistervo said...

I know a new game for you, Red. It's a dutch drinking game: Blow Cards (In dutch that would be 'kaartje blazen'). You place a small glass, the kind that you use for strong booze, uspide down on a table and a deck of cards on top of the glass. Then each of the players have to blow cards from the glass; if you blow off the last one or if you have just one card left, you loose. You loose as well if you topple the glass. If someone looses, they have to take off an article of clothing.
It is great fun to play because, when you get the hang of it, you try to screw up the other players. The forfeit can also be in the style of the game... I hope you like it.

Anonymous said...


I've been thinking. The most common strip game and source of humiliating wagers are Strip Poker and sports wagers respectivly. You haven't done that much with either on your site.

A real Strip Poker game would probably be too slow and require too much post-prodution for your purposes, which is a shame because it would be so cool. Lots of people, myself included, enjoy regular Poker on cable, just think of how much greater Strip Poker would be. Maybe someday.

As for sports wagers, Jamie Lost a Bet was a nice try but as poeple commented after the attend-a-party-naked forfeit, showing is better then telling.

The NFL playoffs are starting. There are two weeks between when the Superbowl teams are chosen and when they play. Get two reliable, local girls who know a little about football, then film a little video of them each bragging about how great their team is and how much the other team sucks and how much they will enjoy humiliating the other girl when her team loses. Post them here and on youtube. Then after the Superbowl, rush production of a clip of the loser doing naked cheers for the winner's team and whatever other humiliating tasks the winner demands.

It should be legal, they've made humiliating sports bets on The Tonight Show before. Nothing like this, of couse, but the precedent has been set.

There won't be much need for a spoilers warning, but there is not much you can do about that.

Maybe someday, when giant TV sets with picture-in-picture and an internet interface are the norm and you have your own website, you can do a live show with the girls watching the game. After every score a girl would lose a piece of clothes and get a swat for each point. The girl whose team was losing would have to provide the halftime entertainment and there would be a suitable punishment for the loser. Just be sure the game can't be heard on your feed beacuse you aren't getting "express witten permission" from anybody.


Red said...

@MJD: Glad you're a Kym fan. Unfortunately I only have one other game featuring her (and Chrissy) on tape. But I agree she's awesome and I'm definitely going to try to get her back.

@Mistervo: That sounds like a neat game. I'll give it a try. Think I'll keep the Dutch name, too :)

@Dex: Thanks much for the suggestions. One thing, though: you say that poker might require too much post-production for "my purposes." My purpose is to make great videos, and if lots of post-production is what it takes, massive post-production is what I'll do. I'd love to do strip poker, and do it all-the-way, with a real poker table and a handful of inexpensive webcams mounted under it to catch glimpses of the hole cards. The problem with poker, and one of the big reasons that I haven't used it yet, is that like many games, it's not really fun to watch people play who have no idea what they're doing. And you'd be surprised how many girls don't know how to play poker. To do strip poker right, I'd need to find six girls who a) know how to play poker and b) play it well, but are c) willing to risk getting naked for the Internet. The talent pool is pretty small.

Which isn't to say I won't do it. As I said, I'd love to do it. And someday, I will.

As for sports betting, I'm afraid that there are troubling copyright/trademark considerations. They may have done a Super Bowl bet on the Tonight Show... but the Tonight Show airs on NBC, which owns the broadcast rights to the Super Bowl. Having players bet on a real sporting event might be legally problematic. Then again, it might not be. I'll seek some advice on the matter.

Actually airing the game during a live show would very likely be considered a copyright violation on both distribution and derivative-work grounds (IANAL). But I've always liked the idea of doing shoots before a live streaming Internet audience. It's on my definite "to-do" list.

Red said...

BTW: coming this week, the return of Maya-with-a-Y, for all you chubby-chasers out there. She squares off against new girl Je C (yes, that's how she spells it) in a winner's-choice game.

Anonymous said...

When's the game with the group of players coming out?


Anonymous said...


On Poker:

I didn't mean what I said as any kind of an insult or anything, I was just trying to acknowledge that you aren't ESPN yet. It would take a lot of effort to put on a great Strip-poker show and you might want to concentrate your resources elsewhere for now.

You make a good point about some skill being necessary for a strip poker game.

While I applaud your commitment to variety, I do prefer games of skill over games of chance. I feel it adds a little something extra if the loser knows her predicament is the result of her own failure rather then just random chance.

My ideal scenario is a game of skill in which both players only agreed to play because they both were sure that they would easily win and be the one doling out the humiliation rather then the one on the recieving end. Of course, they can't both be right. One of them will find out too late that her pride in her skills is misplaced.

With that in mind, I would like to know if your players have expressed any preferences on chance vs. skill. And have any of your players ever been willing to risk more on one game then another or lobbied you for a particular game that they felt more comfortable in for a particular forfeit?

I completely understand that finding a high level of game playing among nude internet models is something of a challenge.

Sometimes we are going to end up with a strip Pool game featuring two players who look like they have never used a pool-cue in their life. Hey, it's a lot better then no strip Pool and at least it's a fair fight.

So, yeah, the contestants should know how to play Poker, but they don't have to be experts. In fact my favorite Poker show was not the WSOP or any other professional poker tournament but watching comparative amateurs on Celebrity Poker.


Um, sorry. What were we talking about? I got distracted thinking about spending my future Lotto millions.


Anonymous said...


On Sports Bets:

A woman or her husband can go to Vegas and bet the rent money and their kid's college tuition on the big game and that's all perfectly legal, but she can't bet her clothes on the internet? That sucks.

Even the live-feed idea for the superbowl, which I just threw out there for fun, rather then a serious proposal (Please concentrate on DVD's before live streaming) should be legal. Other media companies have produced and promoted alternative half-time shows piggybacking on the superbowl.

Still, I get it. It's not about right and wrong, or even legal and illegal, it's about David and Goliath. That's fine. One bet I don't want to see is you betting your company.

Thanks for listening to my ideas. I'll let you know if I come up with a good non-sports bet.


Charlie said...

"My ideal scenario is a game of skill in which both players only agreed to play because they both were sure that they would easily win and be the one doling out the humiliation rather then the one on the recieving end. Of course, they can't both be right...."

That is my absolute favorite scenario, players who really want to win, really think they are going to win, and are genuinely humiliated when they have to pay up.

Also, I think there should be enough potential players who know the basic rules of poker without being experts in strategy. That should be feasible. And it is of course the grand daddy of all stripping games. (Think of the search engine optimization, if nothing else.)

Charlie said...

BTW, Red, I think you are absolutely right about the legal copyright implications of streaming the Super Bowl. Even if you just saw their reactions and only heard the game, *hearing* the game would be a copyright violation. But you could film an interview before, a halftime interview (maybe whoever is down at the halftime has to strip and spend the rest of the game naked, even if she ultimately wins), and then the post-game penalty. Throw in your own homemade graphics between the three parts explaining what happened with the game at that part.

Could be fun if you arrange it as a Super Bowl party. You can even film a little during the game as long as the sound is off (closed caption and don't videotape the screen?). So there's an audience seeing your participants.

Red said...

@Jawz: Well, that would be episode 200, scheduled for publication on January 21. It's currently giving me major headaches, though... game plus forfeit add up to NINETY MINUTES. Never mind the question of whether people would even want to watch a 90-minute video, at the full HD bitrate the clip would blow through Clips4Sale's 1GB maximum filesizes. And I shudder to think what the minimum price they'll allow me to charge for it. We're looking through it trying to find stuff we can cut, but most of it is pretty damn good stuff and it's hard to get rid of it. Difficult decisions ahead.

@Everyone Else, including people who've emailed me lately: due to the above I've been busy wrestling with the problem. I'll get back to you, promise, but it might be a little while.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Charlie. I like opponents who are bitter rivals and who truly revel in their enemy's abject humiliation. I like games that involve a lot of trash talking and taunting out of the winner. Likewise I like to see losers who blush, squirm cry and become generally overwhelmed. For me hard core embarrassment is way more of a turn on than something sexually hardcore.

My faves are probably the ones where girls are forced to streak the hallway and get caught by an unsuspecting bystander. Do you do that on purpose. Would it be possible to put a large crowd of rowdy taunting guys (or perhaps women as well) and force a loser to slowly walk to the end of the hall and back?

-Unsigned Post

Anonymous said...


Any chance of selling Episode 200 on another format? Maybe on DVD by mail order or a special download?

I know the difficulty is getting the money from customers and accuratly delivering the product, but setting up a e-commerce system using Pay Pal or some other service may solve the issue in the future. I have not seen what episode 200 is yet, but it is sad to think of a good production being reduced to a clip...


Anonymous said...


Ninety Minutes? Sounds like DVD length to me.


Jack said...

Maybe #200 in two files? Cutting good parts is not a good option. Haven't you got anybody in your team who is able to create your own website with some ccbill or similar payment options? Would give some other advantages as well...

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of PayLoadz.com? I've seen a few adult sites using them and they don't have file limits for their premium ($14.95 a month) accounts. They also take zip files so maybe those games you originally wanted to do could happen...


Anonymous said...

i say put #200 into two, or thre, peices.those with less cash can buy it a piece at a time.and those with cash wouldnt have to balk at a major expediture all at once that they might not like.


Tom said...

Your update from 1/14 has the wrong picture, just so you know

Red said...

Okay, catching up:

@Dex: Don't worry, I didn't take what you said as any kind of a slight. Sorry if it came off that way. (And I really like the way you put it: I'm not ESPN "yet". Someday, my friend, someday :)

I also prefer games of skill to games of chance, for pretty much the same reasons as you. But when I ran a poll asking blog readers which they preferred, I was surprised to find it just about even. So I'll keep on having a mix of chance and skill, but my personal bias will always be towards games of skill.

Players have expressed preference for (or dread of) particular games. And I have been able to get players to agree to things they're reluctant to do by pointing out that they've got a good chance of not having to do it. It's rare, but it's happened. One girl, in an as-yet unpublished game, actually got trembling and teary-eyed when she realized that she'd lost and would have to suffer the consequences. I'm enough of a sucker for a damsel in distress to have offered her a way out, but she bravely replied that she'd gambled and lost and she'd pay her debt.

There's tension between "the players don't need to be experts at the game" and "the players will be willing to risk more in a game of skill." If a player's not at least reasonably proficient in a game, it might actually have the opposite effect, making her not want to play or not want to risk anything serious. And it'd have to be a fairly common game... very few girls would consider themselves an expert at Four-in-a-Row or Fuck-It.

So here's the format I was thinking of for a strip poker game. Find six girls who all know how to play poker and consider themselves good at it. The first three players to lose end up naked. When there are three players left, a player has the option of conceding and taking third place while she's still wearing one piece of clothing. When it's heads-up, a player has the option of conceding and taking second place while she's still wearing two pieces of clothing.

The drawback is that all the stripping to nudity would take place during the first half of the game. But it would allow me to pitch the game to the girls by pointing out that if they finish in the top 50%, they don't have to get naked, and if they finish in the top 33%, tney don't even have to get topless. That might be enough to convince some cocky female poker players to take the risk. We can hope so, anyway.

@Charlie: I like your idea of doing interviews pre-game, at halftime, and post-game. It might be a little late to set something up for Super Bowl XLV, but there are other events out there. I'll start asking players if they're fans of any particular sports teams, so I can match up rivals.

@Unsigned Post: Those are my favorites too, they're just so damned hard to come by. Most of the girls (with some notable exceptions) are generally sweet by nature and cruelly humiliating their opponents just doesn't come naturally to them. But I've got certain patented ways of bringing out the mean streak in the ladies, and I'm working on perfecting them.

Every forfeit I've ever done involving streaking, every passerby or spectator is completely genuine, and genuinely taken by surprise. I'm not sure what you mean by asking if I do it "on purpose", but I don't plant spectators in the halls... although if I happen to see somebody in the hall as I'm carrying out cameras in preparations for filming the forfeit, I might suggest that he ought to stick around for a few minutes.

@Z and Dex: Believe me, I really, really want to do DVDs. For one thing, I have a .ISO of YBYA (remember that?) with pretty menus and everything. I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger just yet. But it's coming sooner than it was.

Red said...

@Jack and shredder: Splitting the clip in two is one of the options I'm considering. But really, there are parts of this behemoth that can be safely cut. The game is Screw-Your-Neigbor with nine players, and there are times at the start of each round when the dealer passes out the cards and nothing interesting is said or done during the deal. I don't think much is lost if the video cuts from the dealer starting to pass out the cards to the first player making the stay-or-swap decision.

@Jack: Yes, I've got somebody on my team who is able to create my own website: me. But I've got so much on my plate, and I've got a bit of a mental block against hiring somebody to do something I'df enjoy doing myself. (I tried, once, through oDesk.com. Had a bad experience, didn't get much of value for my dollars. I should really give it a second chance.) I am, as difficult as it may be to believe, making intermittent progress on the website. Keep an eye on http://www.lostbeta.com; I'll try to get something up there within the next month or so.

@G: PayLoadz does not permit the sale of adult content. Which is kind of weird, considering their name. Sure makes me think "pornsite."{

@Tom: Yoicks. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Dare i ask what the trembly, teary-eyed forfeit was?


Charlie said...

If it's too late for the Super Bowl, how about March Madness basketball brackets? This would be more dare oriented that actual stripping. Players get points when their teams advance. Whoever gets the most points wins. Everyone else has to do a forfeit from a list. The loser with the second-most points picks first (presumably one of the easier ones), followed by the one with the third-most points, etc. Whoever has the fewest points will pick last, and presumably will only have really hard ones left on the list to choose from. (Running totally naked around a football field would be a good one, but probably impossible to pull off.)

Red said...

@PN: Tickling. A bit more than that... it was a suggestion posted on this blog, spreader-bar attached and tickled on the asshole, among other things. The girl in question is extremely ticklish, to the point of real discomfort, and she only agreed to play because it was a 5-player game with one loser and she figured her chances were good. Well, she gambled and lost, and she gets props from me for being honorable about it. I think the winners may have tried to go easy on her out of sympathy, but judging from the way she shrieked and thrashed about, I doubt she appreciated it.

@Charlie: I'm trying to put something together for the NCAA championship tournament. I doubt I'll be able to round up 64 girls to represent the teams, or even 32, but 16 just might be possible. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I have some ideas for you.

#1: A game. Strip yoga. Two, three, four girls, it doesn't matter. Player 1 of them demonstrates a pose, the others attempt it. If they fail, they remove one article of clothing. If nobody gets it, player 1 demonstrates another pose. If anybody gets it, it goes to player 2.

#2: misc. A...policy of sorts. After the game is over, but before the forfeit, there is a shop of sorts.the winner(s) can sacrifice a piece of clothing for various things. If it is a timed forfeit of some kind, she can "buy" more time. Or she can "buy" props (vibrator, ect.).

So, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think their suggestions will happen when Red gets a dozen people posting numerous variations of games for every one video actually posted.

BTW Dex, no one watches poker on TV, it's ****ing boring.


Charlie said...

"I doubt I'll be able to round up 64 girls to represent the teams, or even 32, but 16 just might be possible."

I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm okay with some of the players being guys. I love seeing losers being embarrassed around being naked in front of the opposite sex.

Anonymous said...


1. Of course Red is going to take my upcoming suggestions, because they are awesome.

2. Believe it or not, television companies have ways of measuring ratings, so if no one was watching poker they would have canceled it. One person's riveting is another person's ****ing boring. Even televised Golf must have fans, somehow, to have stayed on television for so long.
Unless the PGA is paying off the Nielson company. That does seem like the only possible explanation, now that I say it. I'm surprised no one has caught on until now.


Red said...

@M: Thanks for the ideas, but I think they need a little work. The first one seems a bit subjective... who decides if a girl has succeeded or failed at holding pose? As for the second one, I'm always a little leery of offering girls a choice like that for fear that they'll just say "nah", and then all those wonderful toys go unused.

@Austin: It's true that I don't get to use as many suggestions from viewers as I'd like, but I use as many as I can. I haven't kept count, but I'm sure I've used at least a couple of dozen, and I've got plans to use several more. (I've bought quite a few games suggested on the blog which I haven't had a chance to use yet.) Lately I've been giving free copies of the clips to people whose suggestions I use. Got any good ideas?

As for televised poker: there are lots of things in the popular culture that I just don't get. Jersey Shore is the first example that comes to mind. But hey, apparently a bunch of people like it, and if it brings them a little pleasure and makes money for its creators and sponsors, that's a good thing, right? Considering the prizes they offer and the sponsors they draw, I'm guessing that televised poker is popular enough to be profitable. People like what they like, and they like lots of different things, and you shouldn't judge them for it. There's no accounting for taste.

@Charlie: I don't know whether you're in a minority or not, but you're definitely not alone in finding CFNM sexy. I think you might like episode 200.

@Dex: Shit. I wrote my response to Austin's comment about televised poker before reading yours, and I could've saved myself a bunch of time by just writing "what he said." Now make with the awesome suggestions.