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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Per request of an anonymous blog commenter (please sign your posts!) here's what's coming up:

Episodes 207 and 208 will be part of a double-update weekend. 207 features Vince dealing blackjack to Julie, Mika, and Sammy. Two losers masturbate for the winner's camera.

Episode 208 is Julie playing Noname vs. Mika, winner's choice of forfeit. I posted about this in a previous comment thread... it's pretty hot.

Episode 209 is Lola vs. Mo having an Ice Race. Unlike the only previous Ice Race (episode 127), this one has nudity, plus a nearly-naked bar walk with a mini-vibrator in the loser's thong. The vibe proved to be too much for hotel security, which asked the young lady to remove it, but it's still a highly entertaining video.

Episode 210 is the first video featuring Ashley, Zayda, Elise, Lucretia, and Natalia. They play a sudden-death form of Screw Your Neighbor, with one loser ending up entirely naked while the other girls are completely clothed. She balks a bit at stripping, so the other girls chip in to help her, and then, during their tickling of the loser, discover something interesting...

Episode 211 is a POV game... haven't had one of those for awhile. You vs. Zayda. Loser has to give the winner a show, exposing every naughty bit. Right now I'm planning to publish this as part of a double-update weekend with 210, but that might change.

That's as far ahead as I've planned.

Now, a solicitation for idears: You love her or you hate her. She's petite, frail, and mouthy. She don't shave where most ladies do. She's Lily, and she's coming back for another series of games for us. She'll be matched against new girl RyAnne, who's a fiery redhead with natural 36DDs, who isn't as hairy as Lily but does let her fire-crotch run wild. Definitely on tap is the motherfucking wettest and messiest wet-and-messy I've ever done. I wanted to do that during 210's shoot but didn't get around to it, and I'm pissed. But what else should I make these two compete for?


Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for the bondage screw forfeit you said was coming down the pipe.


Anonymous said...

a forfeit for a wet and messy round? the loser gets tied up, forced to orgasm, and as she comes, the winner dumps a bowl of tapioca all over her face, to her protest. or she puts something in her hair that's hard to get out. i dunno, some sort of cum analogue, for us visual fappers. -DirtyOldMan

Anonymous said...


Some pretty messy ideas in the emails I re-sent last week... Were they any good.

Simon Templar

Anonymous said...

Sounds nice, I like the sudden death forfeit.

Maybe you can try this one some time:
First have some girls play a "sudden death" style card or dice game. The loser of this game has to mark her tits as "toys" with a marker. After this she gets strapped topless to the door.

The second game is played by guys (Maybe as nerdy as you can find them). The losing girl has to offer her "toys" as prize for the winner to play with. She must explain this also means her "balls" can be squeezed hard for fun untill she begs for mercy.

This second game should be a more strategic game. After this game, the losing girl tells the winning guy he can now play with her toys.
The losing girl gets grabbed rather ruthlessly. Simple but would be nice to see the loser's breasts used for toys.

Anonymous said...


Any more games with Sassy or Amy from #200 in the docket?


Anonymous said...

While the ideas here are... interesting, I myself would like a few more hardcore themed ones (especially a cum in the mouth and having to swallow it). Ashley has been in a lot of the videos but never seems to lose in the ones that involve a sexual forfeit.

Anonymous said...

Any more games with Sarah or Cara (preferably hardcore)?


Anonymous said...

Yeah more hardcore type games seem like a winner.


Red said...

Well, that shoot is in the can. It was a good one, too... seven games, each of 'em I think a winner. Got to use a bunch of ideas from folks, too. RyAnne is awesome and will be a great addition to the lostbets.com player stable. Coming as soon as I can get it ready.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with the last couple of posters. I'd love to see Lily in a blowjob forfeit with the forfeit ending in her mouth. I'd love to see the look on her face.

As far as other Lily forfeits, you should engineer them so she can't wriggle out of them. Spreader bars, hogtie, etc. One of the most frustrating things is to watch her lose and not get her due.

I've enjoyed a lot of the recent offerings Red (sans the bar walks, but those save me money), keep it up.

-Random Guy

Anonymous said...

Been a member for a few months now.
First post hear. Now I'm a huge Julie fan and I want to know why we
don't see more of her in the
spanking scenes? She is a Doll and
while I don't want to see a rough spanking, a playful one would be so HOT!

Red said...

@RG:: Getting Lily to do a blowjob scene woud be a tough challenge; she's never been willing to do b/g before and she has a boyfriend who would not appear in the videos and would not be happy with her doing other guys. In fact, for his sake she stopped doing g/g on camera too, only agreeing to do it this time 'cuz she really, really needed the money.

But as for preventing her from wriggling out of a forfeit... how does having her get tickled for five miutes with her arms pinned above her head in a pair of doorjamb handcuffs sound? Well, maybe she lost the game with that forfeit, maybe not, but whoever lost had no choice but to just take it.

Like I said, I think the shoot was very hot (especially the girl getting locked in the stockade and vibrated to repeated and very juicy orgasms) and I'm really looking forward to bringing it to you.

@Anon 9:23: Welcome! Always glad to see new folks on the blog. One thing, though: I don't require that people register for a Google account to comment here, but if you're going to post anonymously, could you please pick a name for yourself and sign your posts with it? It's nice to know whom I'm talking to, and to be able to address him as something other than "Anon".

Now, as for Julie: Damn right she's a doll, and lots of people think so. And by a curious coincidence, I'm talking to her right now about coming back and bringing friends. I mean, literally right now, I just got an email from her as I was typing this. I'll see to it that a spanking forfeit is on the agenda. Any preferences for how the spanking should be carried out? Paddle, bare hands, other implements?

And to all of Julie's many other fans out there: now would be a good time to get your requests in.

Anonymous said...

Watching Julie spank another hot babe with
her bare hands and watching a babe
spank Julie with their bare hands
would be hot. Atleast 20 and and no
rough stuff.

Anonymous said...

Julie has a girlfriend? So cool!!!
Love to see games where they
spank each other.

Anonymous said...

When Julie played the LONG game of
pool and did not get spanked at the
end. Even that was hot. Love her
in girl only scenes. If she would
go over the other girls knee, that
would be super hot.

Anonymous said...

Picture this. Julie vs Arwin- the babe with the huge boobs. If Julie
wins she gets to suck those boobs.
If she loses she gets spanked on
her bare bottom.
Another really good one would be
if Julie wins she gets to spank
Arwin with 2 camera angles. The
first is from behind showing sweet Julie's soft hand spanking Arwin's
big round bottom. The second is
in front showing Arwin moan as Julie is in the background with a huge smile on her face doing the spanking.

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

or, julie could risk recieving the dante treatment.

that would be uber hot!


Anonymous said...

I really hope to see more use made of the doorjam handcuffs.
I hope you can try some of my previous ideas some time...

* loser is stripped, groped or fingered for every score made on the basket above her head.
*loser is stretched out against the door and has to announce her modest cupsize and and show everyone her small breasts so she can be teased about it
* loser has to offer her tits to play with as prize for another game


Anonymous said...

OK, one more, picture this (or film it): a girl dressed in a suit with high heels in the doorjam cuffs,blouse buttoned open, pants zipped open and a line of guys queued up ready to grab inside her blouse and feel between her legs.

Anonymous said...

concerning Lily, I would love another chance of seeing her get a Brazilian wax. Unfortunately, she won the last time. If not that, a risk of a hard spanking would be nice.