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Sunday, July 24, 2011

B-Side myself

Finally! It's been a long time coming, but my second store is now open.

Lost Bets B-Sides will host all the videos that time forgot. Videos that I never got around to publishing and had totally forgotten about, videos that I didn't publish because of imperfections in the audio or video or other technical imperfections, videos that I didn't publish because I wasn't happy with how they turned out (but you might be.) Updating every week until I run out. Hope you like.

Now to get to work on that photogallery store...


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

great content on the B-Sides :-)

Espeacially anything with Raven is more than welcome. I think there is no chance that she will return, is there?

One minor thing though: The Snip Dice game with Kimberly, Wednesday, and London has allready been published on the main store.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I like the old tame forfeits long as the girl realy doesn't like to lose the game.

Which reminds me...
I seem to rememeber you announced a game one time on the blog where the loser was on the brink of tears anticipating the forfeit (tickling?) but braved thtough it. DId it over get publisher or any change it showes up on the B-sides?

Also , was the Sybian really only used once? That clip is one my favorites and screams for a rematch.


Red said...

@Edgewalker: By Jove, you're right! Snip Dice with Wednesday, Kimberly, and London was published as episode 042. My bad. Well, I've taken it down and replaced it with another game featuring these three, one which I'm quite sure I've never published before.

As for Raven: well, never say never, but it doesn't seem likely in the near future. Raven is one of my more "pro" ladies. She's a fetish model, and she signed an exclusive deal with another producer. The world weeps. But contracts aren't forever, and who knows?

@AV: The game you mention is indeed slated to be a B-Side. It's a bit trickier than most since it was edited on different software. But it definitely falls into the category of "vids I didn't publish because I wasn't thrilled with how they turned out." The trembling anxiety the loser went through when she found out that she would be bound and tickled... unfortunately most of it wasn't caught on camera. And as I've mentioned about this particular shoot, she was supposed to be in a leg spreader, but it was too short and let her close her knees. Sigh.

But just 'cuz I'm not happy with it doesn't mean that other people won't be... or that other people won't be eager enough to see more of the loser that they'll tolerate a mediocre forfeit. That's a big part of what B-Sides is for.

As for the Sybian: you're right, it's overdue for a reappearance. The problem is that it wasn't my Sybian. It was a borrowed one that I no longer have access to. I've resisted buying one 'cuz they're expensive, but hell, the fucking machine was kinda pricey, too. I really oughtta get my own.

Anonymous said...

Aah,at least my memory was not failing me. A damsel in distress is always attractive to see, even though there'll no hero rescuing her from her predicament. And please consider purchasing a Sybian, i'm sure i'm not the only one who'd like to that happen.


Anonymous said...

awesome, do you have any b-sides games with mary and amber or julie

Red said...

@AV: Yeah, you're right. I'll order one.

@MS: As fate would have it, the very first weekly update of the B-Sides, coming tomorrow in fact, features Mary and Amber, and Lily. Got a whole bunch of games from that shoot that were lost in a hard drive crash and are only now being revived. And I think they're pretty good. Julie, there'll be at least one B-Side coming, but probably not many more of that.

Anonymous said...

any more Paris?


Red said...


Anonymous said...

Are you going to put a link to the new site on the main page?


Anonymous said...

Kandie? or Sassy? or Nicole?

mismanager said...

I am enjoying the b-sides, though I'll probably regret it when next month's credit card bill comes in. Great to see a pre-enhancement Kala, as well as some other old favourites. Do you have any more of Kris and Yola? It is a shame that you've only published one of them.

Red said...

@K: There already is, at the bottom of the text at the top. It's also supposed to show up in the "Our Other Stores" dropdow. but it's not. Instead, the only thing that appears in the dropdown is my totally nonexistent membership site. I gotta find out what the problem s.

@Anon 1:46 (please sign your posts!): Not this week, no. Kandie will almost certainly make future appearances. Sassy, I'm trying. Nicole, I'm also trying but that's less likely. But all three (as well as Camilla and Taylor) will have a clip or two on the B-Sides.

@mismismanager: Well, if you wind up with credit card debt up to your neck, at least it's for a good cause. (Seriously, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the support and I'm glad you like the new content.)

As for Kris and Yola, that's a tragic tale. They actually played more than one game thaet day, but thanks to utter idiocy on the part of yours truly, I accidentally recorded over the tape. Those games are lost foreer, and the world is a sadder place.

Now that I've safely shot some of the footage, I can tell you two more of the returning girls: Chrissy and Tiana. In addition to the returnees, there are some truly amazing new girls. There's one game in particular thaet has to be seen to be believed. Good times are ahead.

Anonymous said...

Any luck getting Taylor back?


Anonymous said...

camille, taylor and nicole:
get them back, whatever it takes...


Ready Fred

Red said...

@AV and Fred: Sorry, gents, I haven't been able to reach any of the three, but I will redouble my efforts.

I did come close to getting Camilla... specifically, one letter close, with new girl Camille. She came by with returning girl Catherine, plus her husband Mike and Catherine's boyfriend Ziggy. They played some of them couples games folks have been asking for. The handjob race was a sight to behold.

RS said...

Looking forward to seeing the couples' games!

damndable said...

These two girls play this classic game of trying to extract some poor schmuck's organs without touching the sides. When a girl loses, the other girl gets to cut a piece of clothing off her body with scissors.

The loser (who is ...


Anonymous said...

Any chance that there is some Stephanie and Tristen or Cory, Britney and Renna on the B-sides?
Stephanie spreading is still one of my fav clips.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the idea with the clothespins sounds great to me.
Also the tombola would be very surprising.
The cum on her face roulette I read last week would be also one of my favourite games, but I think the girl on which the cock is aimed would have to keep her eyes and mouth wide open.


Anonymous said...


I've got a new forfeit suggestion:
You have a game with two losers once the girls are nude
the girls should make a kneeling crawling run along the hall with their legs spread wide open with the spreader bars the slower girl is the ultimate loser and has to do another forfeit.

I also thougt about the rope where the girls have to go through on tiptoe with their snatch between to prevent them from doing their hands between the rope and the snatsch their hands should be tied behind their back during their motion along the rope, so the snatch is uncovered.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I repeat a suggestion of Ravenfan some time ago. Please answer what you think of the idea.

what about a new game where once a girl is naked and she loses again the winner could place clothespins everywhere on he nude body (I think her nipples or her clit will be great places to have a clothespin). For every further loss there will be placed one clothepin more. This goes until one girl can't endure any more clothespins she is the ultimate loser and has to do another forfeit like being tickled for 5 minutes it must be a forfeit she fears because otherwise she will soon give up letting attach any more clothespins at her body. So there might be more than one nude girl with clothespins.

What do you think?



Ostz said...

Do you have more games with Erin?

Red said...

@RS: I doubt you'll be disappointed. I sure as hell wasn't

@damnedable: Um, oops. I'll get that fixed today.

@OD99x: Tristen + Stephanie and Cory + Britney + Renna happen to be two series where I used every game. (I do have some footage for interactive games from the former. I'm trying to talk C4S into relaxing their rule against ZIP files and letting me sell them.) But if not Cory, Britney, and Renna, would you settle for Cory, Candle, and Ashley? It's happened and will be published, um, eventually. See the blog post I'll make after writing this reply.

@Panther: I think the clothespin idea has potential, but having just one clothespin for each loss seems like it'd take forever. But I did recently shoot a game where as part of the forfeit, the winner covered the loser's chest in clothespins, then yanked them all out. Ouch.

@Ravenfan: Your idea sounds hot but extremely risky. While I like to push envelopes, I don't want to get one of my girls actually arrested, or kicked out of the hotel.

@Ostz: Yep. They'll be coming, either as A-sides or B-sides.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, get Nicole back as soon as possible.