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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I really dig those styles they wear

I hail from Seattle. And there are some damned fine chicks around here, many of whom have appeared on lostbets.com. And there are some even finer chicks in areas within reasonable driving distance, like Portland and Eugene But variety is the spice of life, and sometimes you just gotta go outside your area to get what you want. So I, Johnny, Hippo, and Lauri just got back from a trip to the east coast for a whirlwind of game-playing and filming.

I write this from the plane on the way back, and all I can say is, holy crap. What a ride. Many returning favorites, like Candle, Ashley, Cory, Britney S., Hollis, Rainy, Jessie, and others) and many beautiful and spunky new girls (like Marie, Chelsea, Tori and otjers). Many new games, like Snapper and O'Connell and Croc-and-Balls, many new forfeits. And lots and lots of fan requests fulfilled. In the cargo hold right now is a hard drive with 1.2 terabytes of precious, precious footage.

I don't want to go into too much detail of exactly what went down, because the sad truth is that most of it won't make it into production for many months and I don't want to tease you. But I'm excited about it, and I'm going to tell just one (and by no means the hottest) hot story.

This was a four-girl game, played to two losers. The two winners then each picked a loser, and got to work on her with a massager. The goal was for the winners to force their losers to orgasms, and for the losers to resist. (Fan request!) When the losers were determined, both said that we'd be there for a very long time, if not forever. One said that she was simply incapable of achieving orgasm without penetration. The other young lady said that she hadn't had an orgasm in over three years and didn't think she could anymore. The first girl asked if they should fake it. Now, you know how I feel about fakery, so I told her, "no, let's just see what happens."

So the winners bent to their task for a few minutes, then the first girl started to writhe and moan in what seemed to me to be an extremely insincere and fake-looking approximation of ecstasy. I rolled my eyes and mentally classified this one as a B-sider at best, when I looked over at the other girl. She was breathing hard and twitching, and her face was flushed and getting reader and redder. With closed eyes and parted lips, she slapped the couch with her hand as her hips started to writhe. Before much longer... well, I'll let your imagination take it from there. But it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

I was actually starting to run a little low on unpublished footage. I'm not anymore. The next few months will feature some incredible stuff. I'm always concerned about how to keep lostbets.com fresh and new and exciting, but now I don't need to be concerned about it for awhile yet.

edit: Oh, there was an update on Friday, as scheduled. Didn't blog to announce it 'cuz was busy behind a camera.


Anonymous said...

don't keep as waiting to long for that one pleasssssssseeeeee.


Anonymous said...

YES!! My request got fulfilled that's awesome. Thanks so much, looking forward to it


damndable said...

But: is there any more sassy?

Anonymous said...

Clip looks hot. Other thing this blog post has got me thinking about: Who is Lauri! I think if she is implicated so much in lb.com she should risk something :).

You can tell her there is at least one fan request for her!


Red said...

@Pete: I'll do my best. Now that I'm home (and after a brief moment of utter panic when I couldn't find the damned hard drive at first) I've got a lot to do to organize and catalog all this footage. But I want to get this produced quickly, believe me.

@E-Male: My pleasure! Don't forget to remind me again when the clip is finally published for your free copy.

@damndable: Not this trip, no. Sassys's a local gal. If I film her again, it'll be here.

@yoyo: Lauri's my production manager and handles a lot of the niggling, boring details of filming that Prudella used to before she got a real job. As for having her appear: there's even less chance of that than there was with Prudie. Trust me.

realnot said...

Hey, here's an idea, or maybe half of an idea. I haven't figured it out completely, but maybe you or someone else here can take the idea and run with it.

I know you've had "pros" on the site before. I've recognized at least a handful of them, even though they've been posing as regular chicks. What if you announced them, and did some sort of pro/am shoot? Maybe some sort of contest involving both pros and amateurs, interacting with each other? As I said, it's only half of an idea, but maybe someone can take it and figure out something fun.

Anonymous said...

if i read you right, you traversed the nation and STILL didnt find Camilla, Taylor and Nicole?

i think you didnt try hard enough...

here's a hardcore forfeit idea:
get one of those group games with 5 or more girls and an audience of 3 or more guys.
the loser girl gets stripped and heckled by the other girls as she gets taken by the guys. that would be hot. dont know how feasible,though...

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

This all sounds very exciting and I look forward to what's up coming. Is the photo site still in the works. Also, I would like to see to of my favs back again Kamora and Isis. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Are there any hardcore forfeits in the videos coming up over the next few weeks?


Anonymous said...

theres a gem or two on the B sides. just got B008, with Raven.

wow! what the hell was that doing on a 'B' side?

Red said...

@realnot: The problem with that idea is that I really prefer not to make an issue out of which of our players are more "pro" than others. They're all professionals in the sense that all of them are compensated for their time, but beyond that, I prefer to let people use their own imaginations, unless they ask.

@CAFan: What can I say? If I can't reach them, I can't reach them. I'm doing what I can. As for your idea: it's a good one, but unless I'm willing to fix the game, it requires me to find at least five girls who'd each be willing to pull a train consisting of at least three guys if she lost. Kind of a tall order, but I won't say it can't be done.

@Anon 6:00 (please sign your posts): I believe that Isis moved out of the country. Kamora might be possible, I'll see what I can do.

@Marcus: Yep. Coming quite soon, in fact. Still in the 230s.

@Anon 3:39 (please sign your posts): I'm glad you liked that one... like I said, there are some diamonds in the rough to be found. In the case of that one, the reason was simply age. If it was filmed more than two years ago, it'll end up as a B-side.

Anonymous said...


I've got varied my suggestion a bit, so you won't get problems with the hotel reception:
You have a game with two losers once the girls are nude
the girls should make a kneeling crawling run along the hotel room with their legs spread wide open with the spreader bars the slower girl is the ultimate loser and has to do another forfeit.

Greetings Ravenfan

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

have you ever had another video with a girl waxing her pussy hair since the upcoming of Amber H.?
It would be great, viewing a girl getting her hair removed with wax or hallawa. There is no need to remove the axily hair pussy hair is painful enought. Please get a girl removing her pussy hair with wax or hallawa (sugar paste). Or at least more shaving forfeits.



Red said...

@Ravenfan: Now that sounds a lot more feasible than a waddling, spread-legged race down a hotel hallway.

@Panther: Funny, I just got an email from somebody who hated the waxing forfeit. It goes to reinforce my notion that there's a wide range of tastes out there. You're right, I've only done waxing the once and I haven't done shaving in quite awhile. Time to make a few new ones, I think.

Anonymous said...

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