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Friday, July 15, 2011

What time is it when you go to the dentist?

Episode tooth-hurty is coming this weekend, along with 231 as part of a double-update wekeend. Both episodes feature a variant of sending a girl down to a public place in unusual (and revealling) clothing. (231 is actually coming first, today, with 230 tomorrow.)

Why publish them together? Well, that'll take a little explaining. Long-timers know that I've always striven for variety. That means that whatever your "type" of girl is, you'll probably find her here. The flip side is that if you've got a type you find un-attractive, you'll find her here too. I've never been shy about publishing clips I think most people won't like but some people will liek very much, but when I publish a clip like that I'm going to try to publish a clip with more mainstream appeal alongside it, so there's a better chance you'll like at least one.

Why do I think a lot of people may not like 231? Because of the multiple complaints I got about Sammy in her latest videos, specifically her emaciated appearance. Well, Sammy looks like a sumo wrestler compared to Betty Jo in her latest clips. She's thin to a degree that I personally find unsettling. Bu I'm certain there are folks who like their women rail-thin, for whom there's no such thing as "too skinny". This one's for you guys. Let me know what you think.

For everyone else, enjoy the new girls in 230.

In other news, I have generated photoseries for every single one of my video and am in the process of uploading them to Clips4Sale at this very moment. I have also createe a second store for additional games, and am in the process of populating that one as well. With luck, both store will open next week.


Anonymous said...


Maybe next time you should do another pizza delivery dare and see if you can get her to eat some of it.

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with thin, unless it's an unhealthy thin. (In which case, I have no idea what to do, as I think I have just proved.)

Congratulations on the photoseries and the outlet store. Lost Bets in on the march.

Any chance DVDs are next on your master plan? (Fingers crossed.)


Anonymous said...

Dude, I can't go bashing the diversity thing, but seriously, Betty Jo looks like an unwrapped mummy. I love your work man, seriously, it hurts me to pile on you like this, but diversity at a porn site is like when McDonalds started serving salads. Why does no one at McDonalds buy one of the salads? Because that's not what they came there for. They came there for meat. When I go to a porn site, I want to see meat in all the right places. The whole diversity thing in honorable and I believe your heart is in the right place, but like McDonalds serving salads, it's just not what we're here for. I say you can't go wrong with white girls with humps-n-bumps. I love you man, but you strayed way too far from your Big Mac.


Anonymous said...

has betty jo gotten even thinner than she was in earleir games? that cant be good. it was aceptable before.

i like a diversity of range. i dont want to see perfect proprtions all the time becuase there is more to a woman's attractiveness than her bust and waist line.


Anonymous said...

I am 5'9" and weigh 130lbs, so I need my girls to be skinny.

That said, this is a little too much, and if she's getting skinnier as some people have implied then one should always remember that eating disorders aren't ever sexy :/

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

When you say an new store for additional games, what do you mean? Are these games that doing fit in at LostBets?

Curious as always,


Anonymous said...

...that DON'T fit in....

Anonymous said...

so what happened to 230? 11PM here on the east coast


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've been out of circulation for a week.

For the forfeits, an orgasm as the forfeit to my suggested game sounds great. And the loser has to give an anatomy lesson like mismanager suggested last week.

Yo Momma

UKfan said...

Hey Red - just thought I should warn you in case you didn't know, the clips4sale preview for the newest clip is a major spoiler. Not only does it show who lost, it gives you a REAL good look at her and shows how much the other girl was wearing at the end too... Not sure if you have control over that or not?

Anyway, the full thing's a great clip, love the new girls. Cheers

Red said...

@Dex: I've gone back and forth on whether or not to do DVDs. Arguing against it is that fact that, let's face it, it's a dying medium. I don't think it will be long before physical media are a thing of the past, and digital distribution the primary route for entertainment. Also, there is exactly one DVD replicator who's willing to handle adult content, and they didn't return my email.

On the other hand, an awful lot of people have requested DVDs. And even if I can't find a replicator, I could always sell DVD-Rs and burn them myself. So the short (and unsatisfactory) answer is that I really don't know whether DVDs will be in the future.

@JJ: Thanks very much for the comment, although you really, really don't need to be so diffident when offering criticism. When anybody has something even remotely negative to say, it's often expressed like, "Red, I love your work, you're awesome, you're better than Jesus, I named my firstborn after you, but as blasphemous as it may sound to imply that anything you do falls even a hair short of utter perfection…" It isn't necessary. It's great to hear people tell me they like my stuff, it really is, but nobody ever needs to apologize for telling me what they don't like.

As for McDonalds salads, I dunno. I prefer to think of it more like a restaurant with a robust menu. My favorite restaurant has a mushroom risotto on their menu. Now, I loathe mushrooms with an intensity I cannot put into words. The very smell of them turns my stomach. But I know why the restaurant has them on their menu: as bizarre as it seems to me, other people actually like the vile things. I don't get it, but there's no accounting for taste. I cope by ordering something else.

Or to pick a more relevant example: you and I prefer our ladies with a little meat on the stick, but to me at least it's very possible for a woman to go too far in the other direction, and overweight can be as unattractive as underweight. And yet there's a thriving market for BBW porn. My understanding (which may be wrong) is that to people who find big women beautiful, it's the bigger, the better. There are also people who like their women at the opposite extreme, and I assume (again, maybe wrongly) that it works the same with them: the farther towards that extreme, the better. It's not to my taste and not to yours, but it's not like there's anything wrong with them for liking what they like. Again, there's no accounting for taste.

I want as many people as possible to be able to find something they like at lostbets.com, which means occasionally I publish something that is unappealing to many (or most) but tremendous appeal to a minority. When I do, I'll try to publish something more traditional at the same time. This is one reason I resisted going to a monthly subscription model for so long. Somebody who's paid for a subscription can rightly feel ripped off if the updates aren't to his liking, while with an a la carte clip store, nobody needs to pay for something that's not his thing. (This is also why I try to make sure that if a clip has limited appeal, that's made clear in the description. I've said this before and will say it again: I would much rather somebody not buy one of my cips than buy it and be disappointed.)

Thanks again for writing, and even if I don't agree 100% with your criticism, I hope you won't be shy about offering more criticism in the future. That goes for everybody else, too. Please tell me what i could be doing better.

Red said...

@Lewis and @Anon 8:37 (please sign your posts): Yes, I think she's thinner than last time she played. But she seems energetic and full of life, so I doubt her slimness is a result of poverty or disease, but is probably a choice. As for an eating disorder, I'm a little reluctant to pin it on that, too. I'm no pshrink, but she seemed happy enough. If she does have an eating disorder I hope she gets help. She has a husband who loves her and I'm sure would not want to see her come to any harm.

@Len: I have some ideas for material that wouldn't fit into lostbets.com, and maybe someday I'll put them into practice. But the new site is going to have content very similar to lostbets.com. It'll feature all the games that for whatever reason haven't been published on the main site. More details later this week.

@E-Male: Sorry. There was a glitch and I was out of town and couldn't correct it as quickly as I would've liked. It's up now, and I hope you like it.

@Yo Momma: Just like nobody needs to apologize for criticizing me, nobody needs to apologize for being out of circulation for awhile. I sure do it myself often enough. Hope everything's okay.

@Jay: I'm glad you like them! Sadly, I have just one more game featuring these two, but it's a good one, and I'm gonna try to get one or both of them back.'

@UKfan: Thanks for pointing that out, it's fixed now. The only control I have over the previews is to choose whether they start at the beginning of the clip (useless), ten seconds in (also useless), 1/4 of the way in, 1/2 of the way in, or 3/4 of the way in. What I usually do is select 1/2, then look at the preview to see if it has spoilers or is just a bad segment, and drop to 1/4 if it does. This time I must not have hit save after falling back to 1/4. Sorry 'bout that, and I hope the spoiler didn't hurt your enjoyment of the clip too much.

RS said...

Any upcoming plans for more co-ed games?

Anonymous said...

You're probably right about dvds dying out before too long, and I think they're already buried when it comes to adult content. I think most people are probably more interested in the bundled content that would be on a dvd than they are the physical dvd. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing if you put together the same content that you would release on a dvd and just offered a digital copy of it, people would be just as happy as if you released an actual dvd (after all, they could always burn it themselves). I guess there could be an issue with the size of the download (or upload for you), but people download entire movies when they want them badly enough, and I think people want your videos badly enough.

Mr. X

ForfeitFan said...

Hey Red,

First, I bought Strip Ring Toss. It was my favorite video so far. There was a lot of chemistry between the girls and I loved the forfeit. Great idea having them tied together. Awesome vid!

In the "Seagate" post, I had an idea for a game with micro forfeits. You said the hardest part was coming up with them. I thought of a few more that might work.
1. Have all the other girls kneel on the floor in a line. The micro-loser has her hands cuffed behind her back. She has to crawl face up through the tunnel formed by the other girls' legs while the girls tickle her the whole way. (she could be snapped with rubber bands, or go face down and be spanked also)
2. Jumping jacks with a dildo in her pussy. If the dildo falls out, she has to start over.
3. "Fetch" a doggie bone that the winner of the round throws outside using only her mouth
4. Eat a banana (not peeled) with hands behind her back (don't eat the peel, just leave the peel on to make it harder and messier)
5. Have to locate some item in a bowl of shaving cream, or some other messy substance with hands tied behind her back.
6. Bob for apples while the winner encourages her with spanks.
7. From now on, you draw 2 cards. Your card is the lowest of the 2.

Also, I had another idea for a game. Play a quick game to determine 2 losers. The losers will be dressed in thong, short shorts, and a tight tshirt. Next, tie the losers hands around each other like you did in the ring toss forfeit, then tie the ropes together. Now the girls will wrestle and try to pin each other to the ground. No punching/ kicking, just trying to get the other girl's shoulders down for 3 secs. Play 8 rounds. After each round, the loser loses 1 pc of clothing and gets 10 swats over the winner's knee. When a girl is naked and she loses, she must take her swats with the LB paddle instead of by hand.

Thanks again for the awesome work!

realnot said...

I really enjoyed the Earth and Fire game - do you have plans to do more contests where sexuality is part of the game itself? Two suggestions:

1. A tease/denial game, where two female contestants are restrained. They are stimulated with vibrators, but the vibrators are pulled away/turned off before they're allowed to climax. First to give in and beg for her orgasm loses.

2. Play that word/spelling game with two girls. Each has a butterfly vibrator attached, controlled by the opponent. Each contestant can use the vibrator during the other person's turn.

Couple ways you can go with this. You can put a limit on how high they can turn it up, so it's distracting but not too overwhelming. Or, say that forcing an orgasm isn't allowed - if a contestant has an orgasm, she *wins* the game. So it's in your interest to distract the other girl but not too much.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I agree with realnot that making arousal a part of the game is a great addition. Perhaps more ways to do that:

Scrabble/ other board game: each player gets vibrated or "massaged" by an outside player during their turn. Orgasm is an immediate loss, but if none orgasm then the outside player has to play the loser for an ultimate forfeit.

Any game that takes concentration while being aroused would be great.

Guessing game (hi-low, perhaps): each incorrect guess gets more time with the vibrator, guess correctly and it passes.

Thanks so much, Red, I named my firstborn after you.


Anonymous said...

First you are awesome, the site rocks, my first 3 born are now named Red, it gets a little confusing around here, but have to pay homage to the master, lol.
Quick idea for a game that I think would be a mega hit...and something totally different.

Start with 2 couples who switch partners. Then have the women give hand jobs to each other's man. First guy to orgasm, loses and his partner has to pay the forfeit of serving the winning couple, while the early cummer watches. I think there is a ton of possibility there, the girls would be trying real hard (pardon the pun) to please the opposing man so as not to be the slave and this could lead to some very interesting banter. Ideally I think you set it up with both guys lieing on a table or bed in the same room..where the girls can trash talk...

Think there is a lot of possibility there, and I think it would be a big hit. A touch of embarassment for the guy wo can't hold his load and lets down his girl. Then the forfeit possibilities are limitless.....

Anonymous said...

is there any chance of Sasha and Vivian I really liked there videos.

Red said...

@RS: Yes. Yes, there are.

@Mr. X: Well, in this day and age, mammoth file sizes are getting to be less of a problem. Clips4Sale currently imposes restrictions on maximum file size, but there may be alternatives.

@ForfeitFan: You forgot the best micro-forfeit of all: loser walks over to the camera and let Red fondle your boobs. Gordon first requested that one a long time ago. I haven't put it into practice yet but I haven't forgotten.

@realnot: Excellent ideas. I especially like idea #1. I assume that if one of the tied girls actually achieves orgasm, the girl vibrating her loses?

@Arthur and @Anon 6:53 (please sign your posts): It's good to know that there are all these little Reds running around. You know, I've always been a bit full of myself, but hearing actual praise has made me humble.

@Anon: I agree, that has a lot of potential. I don't have any two-couple games planned, but maybe I ought to. I know that both Mary and Amber thought they might talk their husbands into playing...

@Anon 8:39 (please sign your posts): Nope. Sasha I haven't heard from in awhile, while Vivian... I was going to shoot her and her boyfriend in, ironically, a two-couple game with new folks Mike and Brandy. But the boyfriend showed up hung over and sick and probably still drunk and couldn't play. I'm not eager to rely on her again after that.

SwedishGuy said...

I love the idea of ​​real couples who are competing. I think the girls fight for the guy's orgasm is really exciting, but it misses some of the page's idea, the game of clothes.

My idea, for example, Mary and Amber with boyfriends. All four have five articles of clothing and the running strip basketball. Mary and Amber throws. If Mary scores are Amber and her boyfriend of a garment, and vice versa. When the first girl has made five hits as she begin to get the guy from the opposite couple to come, (the mouth or hands)

The other girl's still struggling to reach five hits. She throws every time and now the other guy up. For each hit the girl does get the guy to take off a garment. For every hit the guy, he makes 15 seconds of groping the girl while his girlfriend gets a little head start.

The first guy who will lose. The losing girl fucked by guy and licks the girl.

realnot said...

Yeah, I'd say so. I think it might be best with two contestants restrained at the same time, with two non-contestants teasing them. Maybe the two losers of a previous game have to be contestants for this game, and two winners get to be the uhh... vibrator-wielders? The two wielders are competing as well, trying to get their respective victims to give in.