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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Better late than never

There was no blog post announcing last week's update, and the unanswered blog comments are starting to pile up again. Catching up:

Last week saw the publication of Episode 242, featuring Candle and Ashley joined by Cory in a competitive kissing game. It was the first appearance of the slingshot swimsuit here, but it won't be the last, or the best.

Next week, Episode 243 pits returnees (and now-couple) Alexis and Tony vs. newcomers Whitney and AJ. Since it was requested by an anonymous blog comemnter (please sign your posts) here are pix of the newbs:

Episode 244 brings back four girls who, to my complete lack of surprise, have everybody clamoring to see more of them: Bibi, Cody, Kodak, and Tori. Elefino is a great game especially with girls like these, and when the forfeit is one of our messiest wet 'n' messy forfeits to date, it's a game I hope will make a lot of people very happy.

Episode 245 is when I'll finally have a game featuring newbie nerd-grrl Xena facing off against her friend (and ultra-competitive LostBets.com veteran) Zayda. This was one of the hardest-fought games I've ever seen.

Episode 246 will be a long-promised POV game. You play 5-card draw poker against Ashley and Julie, playing as a team. If you win, the two ladies have to simultaneously take a double-headed dildo for your viewing pleasure, but if you lose, it's the ladies who will be gloating and watching as you have to jack off for them. Which will it be?

That's as far ahead as I've planned. Other things in the near future will include the rematch of Angel and Brianna, the debut of a dozen new girls, and a real competitive game between Ashley and Julie, with the forfeit involving the stockade, the massager, and just maybe, a forbidden orifice.

Will catch up on blog comments later today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the thing with the pubic hair as last thing to bet before the ultimate forfeit comes is great. It would be fun watching some girls getting shaved or even waxed or with hallawa before the game ends and one ultimate loser has to pay another forfeit.



Anonymous said...

Hey Monsterslam, I'm glad there seem to be a few others who really like my idea!


Anonymous said...

Red will the long awaited PoV be a double version one where you win and one where you lose. been waiting for those double POVs for a while now :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Cory back. U have made me a happy man.

@Cory: hope to see you very often at LostBets.com!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice idea in the b-sides clip of making the loser pee in front of the camera and winners. If you want to make the humiliation really bad, make her pee in a litter box like a cat, or make her pee in a bucket and pour it over her head afterwards. Kind of extreme; would any girls go for that?

Anonymous said...

hi, have you had a chance to judge the contest?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I'm thinking on purchasing episode 242 Strip Candy Passing but the main decision maker is whether or not the loser goes down to the cafeteria barefeet?

Flip said...

An idea, next time there's a game of concentration, toss in a couple mild forfeits (jumping jacks, ice nipples, pie in the face, etc.) in, that if matched the girl making the match can assign it to which ever opponent she wants.

ForfeitFan said...

Hey Red,

Another idea for a game/ forfeit. Have 3 girls play a game until there are 2 naked losers. The losers will compete, one at a time, in a game to determine who will have to do the final forfeit (with the previous winner being the referee). In a relatively large, clear area (like a living room clear of furniture), there will be an empty box on one side of the room, and some objects on the other side. The goal is for the girl to get all of the objects into the box. There are a few catches though... First, she will be blindfolded and her hands will be tied behind her back wrist to elbow. And second, on the floor there will be 3 circles made of different color duct tape maybe 4 ft in diameter. Now, when she is walking across the room, if she steps in one of the circles, the ref says 'stop'. She must stop and receive the punishment for that color circle, either paddling, clothespins on nipples, breasts, pussy (that stay on until she fills the box), or having to lick the ref's pussy. The girl who gets her box filled the fastest wins. And the loser is at the mercy of the winner.


Red said...

First off, if you've been waiting for a reply in the last blog comment thread, I've caught up. Sorry for the delay.

@Monsterslam: Duly noted. Will add it to my list of things to do. Planning something for late October...

@DaM: The new POV is going to have three versions: a version where the player wins, a version where the player loses, and a "Clue version" with both endings. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. This one is one of two of this kind I have on film.

@LBF: At the moment I just have one other game featuring Cory on tape, but it's a good one and I will make the effort to get her back for more.

@Anon 12:28 (please sign your posts): I agree that it would be very humiliating for a loser to have to pee in a litter box and even moreso for her to have to pay in a bucket that would be emptied on her. I'm not sure about getting girls to agree to risk that (more likely the former than the latter, I think) and I'm also not sure what Clips4Sale's rules are regarding that type of video. It might go a little far for them.

@mgs: No, and I'm sorry. The winners will get their rewards, I promise. There's just been a HUGE amount on my plate. But Zayda and Xena are coming by on Wednesday and I'll need to give them the videos then, so I'll have to decide by then for sure.

@Anon 5:02 (please sign your posts): Nope, I'm afraid not. The hotels have certain rules about being barefoot in areas where they serve food.

@ForfeitFan: Nifty idea. A little complex maybe, but workable. By the way, I may soon have access to a new location that might be perfect for games needing large spaces like this one.

I want to apologize again to everyone for making 'em wait so long for replies. Thanks for your continued support.

Anonymous said...

Are there any legal limitations to wearing the sligshot bikini in public, like can you go up to a drive thru window wearing one and not be worried about being in trouble with the law?

Also, if you have a game with two losers and you want them to compete for an 'ultmiate loser' how about having them skip rope? The first one to skip 50 times wins but if you snag the rope with your foot you lose right away. Naked women skipping rope would be nice to see!


Red said...

@Gordon: There are no legal restrictions, as far as I know, on the slingshot swimsuit. It'll protect a girl from a charge of indecent exposure. If we're on private property, though, we may be asked to leave, and in fact the hotel management had some words for me after this escapade. (Don't worry, we cleared it up.)

As for skipping rope, I definitely like the idea of naked girls doing it, and in fact I bought a couple of jumpropes for just that purpose. Haven't used 'em yet. I can't have a "catch your foot and you instantly lose" rule though, or the forfeits would be very short. Most of these girls haven't jumped rope since they were much younger and are kind of out of practice.

RS said...

I really, really like Clip 243. Even though I already knew from the spoilers that the player I was most hoping to lose didn't, I bought it anyway and wasn't disappointed. You said you filmed several more with these four? I'm looking forward to seeing those ones as well.

Red said...

@RS: I'm glad 243 exceeded your expectations. I think you may like the other three games featuring these players to come.

But I feel like I'm going to owe everybody an apology. I was reviewing my footage from that shoot and it seems my recollection was incorrect: for some reason, I didn't get any couple vs. couple games with them. The remaining games consist of two boys vs. girls games and one game between the girls while the guys spectate.

Not sure why I didn't get a couple vs. couple game here, but I'm sure sorry I didn't. But not to worry... we'll definitely see couple vs. couple action when I bring back Catherine (last seen with Maia) and her boyfriend Ziggy and pit them against newcomers Camille (not Camilla) and her husband Michael.

RS said...

Yay, looking forward to the other ones! The boy v. girl ones are fine. Couples would have been fine, but that's okay. My favorite are the free-for-all ones like this one where there could be any combination of winners and losers. Especially if there are lots of losers (ideally, only one winner). I hope the player I was most hoping to lose later has to do a really embarrassing forfeit of some sort. ;-)

RS said...

BTW, now that it's October and the warm weather will soon turn, I'm wondering if you had a chance to film any outdoors games this summer?

Anonymous said...

In the real couple-game. Which game will they play and which kind of forfeit is it for the losing couple?

/swedish guy

Anonymous said...

With Candle, Corey, and Ashley, I was surprised that the hotel staff didn't come up to you after the one lady poured sugar down the cleavage of the other wearing the slingshot and then lick it! As for jumping rope, ya the idea of the forfeit is to watch naked women jumping rope - extra rules would mess that up.

Would "strip frisk" be an idea for a couples game? Only the women strip in this game. The men would have to wear similar clothing. You would play it in rounds, so there would be some video editing.
The men go to another room. They each have a dime and some surgical tape (hair friendly). The men agree to tape the dime on the same spot on their bodies - under their clothing. The women are under the assumption that the dimes could be anywhere on the men's bodies. The men might decide amongst themselves that there are certain places where they aren't going to tape a dime but the won't tell the women that.
The men come back into the room and 'assume the position' on the wall or over a chair - without talking. A referee says GO and the first woman to find the dime wins. The other(s) lose an article of clothing. The men leave the room, move the dimes to a different spot, and then you play another round - and so on until you have a winner.
The frisk-ees could be the woman's significant other, or another lady's significant other if they are comfortable with that, or they could switch men with every round (hey, that makes the game fair!!!).


Anonymous said...

no b-side today? ran out? or just a late update?


Red said...

@RS: Well, of the two players who didn't lose 243, I can confirm that at least one of them lost at least one game. And as for whether he or she had to do anything really embarrassing, that's in the eye of the beholder.

As for outdoor shoots, no, I haven't done it yet. But I swore I'd do it this year, and even though I may not achieve that goal, I'll be damned if I let a little thing like cold and rainy weather stop me. If the players get a little wet, well, often the forfeits have them doing that anyway. So don't give up on Outdoor Games 2011 yet.

@swedish guy: Well, there's the handjob race, for one. The lady of each couple tries to jerk off the gentleman of the other. The winning guy, who holds off the longest, gets to be finished off by both ladies after the losing girl strips naked. The losing guy has to watch (and probably not get any for awhile) as the winning girl sits on his girl's face and makes her eat her out.

@Gordon: The hotel management did come up to me after that, it just didn't make the final cut. The staff there have been very tolerant of our hijinks in their public areas, but this one went a little too far for them. "Strip Frisk" sounds like it has definite possibilities. But instead of making the men have to agree on a new hiding space each time, why not let them try to help their ladies by picking their own, hard-to-find spots on their bodies?

@E-Male: Thanks. Rectified.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Congrats, u r doing a fabulous job and i love ur vids. Wish to see a forfeit where winner/s will finger and torment the looser, making her scream and beg till she reaches her big orgasm or even multiple ones and even may go on and on so that she cant hold on anymore and squirt eventually......just to make it more humiliating, may even tie the looser during the process so that she is absolutely helpless. Hope to hear from you on this.

Anonymous said...

Ohh Red,
This is such a long overdue comment and I was gonna send a long gushing email but I figured this was much easier. And I'm gonna try to keep it as short and to the point as I possibly can lol.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the strip poker double outcome POV game. I've bought plenty of your videos but never have I felt like I got complete value out of every cent I spent, I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched it haha. If there was a site that offered only videos like this I'd be broke lol. I loveee the interactive aspect of the game. And I beggggg you to make another game like this sometime soon. It's your call but I think Ashley needs to be in it again. Her personality is pure magic for something like this. And the card draws could be a tad more realistic. (4 fours in one hand? Come on now lol) but the real uniqueness in this video is all in the sexy cute banter and the forfeit. Simply put the writing. As logical as can be, the more interaction with the "player" the hotter the video. More cute taunting when the player undresses and more commenting about the body. The forfeit was where all the longevity is and don't get me wrong I loved all the mocking and sexy joking but it was really lacking the sexy dirty talking about the players dick, the actual jacking off and when he cums. There just so much untapped potential and I would love to see you use this game format more often. I'd buy the video, everytime. Make another one, and make my dream come true lolol.

Sincerely long time troll, first time commenter
Thanks Red

Anonymous said...

I am interested in episode 246, the one in which the male loses.

I really enjoy CFNM (clothed female nude/naked male) and I would love to see some in which the male get's naked.

I like the idea of being naked in front of a women, there is nothing sexier then the smile of a women.