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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time for another contest

First up: New poll in the sidebar. Check it out.

So, I mentioned in the last post that I've unleashed Zayda and Xena on an unsuspecting city to do some player recruitment. I think they're much better suited than I am for approaching chicks in bars and other places and luring them in. The ladies got themselves an iPad, and they want to put some sample clips on it so they can show prospective players just what they're getting into. I gave them episode 237, but they should have more.

So which episodes do you think would be ideally suited for introducing newbies to LostBets.com? I'd like to have a few each hardcore and softcare. Nominate up to three in each category, along with some brief text explaining why you think your candidates are good ones. If you nominate a winner, you get a free episode of your choice.

(Sooner or later, people will realize that these contests are my way of getting other people to do my work for me. I do appreciate it.)

Edit: I suppose a contest needs a deadline. This one ends next Friday, when 240 is published.


Anonymous said...

My three, off the top of my head

Strip Bender with Camille, Taylor, and Nicole. your first really hardcore hardcore clip: intercourse. great stuff.

Strip No-name Game with Charlie and Cyndi. More hardcore and I think that Charlie had a great personality that really showed up well on film and I would want that from all your girls.
*spoiler* I know that she's a pro but I still think it's a great example of the type of interaction I want to see from those who play, as tough as it may be.

And finally I'll pull a possible wild card and say the very first game ever played at Lost Bets. Ashton and Mia Rock Paper scissors. How can you not I mean it stars the very first girls, in the very first game and highlights how far you've come (pun sort of intended) from that time.

Those are my nominations. I'm glad to help a little as a thanks for all that you do.


Anonymous said...

I'd say Game 53 featuring Danielle, Lily, and Auriana ... easily one of the hottest games out there and really shows girls pushing their limits ...

Game 213, part of the Pizza Trilogy ... what is Lost Bets without the pizza guy coming to your door?

And the 200th Episode Spectacular would be great to show prospects to let them see that they would be joining something special, successful, and long-running ... it's also a HUGE game, so it might help ease people into wanting to play ...

I'd agree with E-Male on Strip Bender, great choice


Anonymous said...

oh you said three in each category. so I get three more then. 1 hard, 2 soft.

for the hard I'll say Amber and Mary play Mogadishu. one of the first hard(er)core clip, great girls, need I say more.

Spin-the-Bottle with Iris, Asia, Berenika, and Tatiana. I liked the ethnic diversity and I loved the public nudity. I thought they had a good rapport with each other as well.

And finally I'll go with Strip Bender with Claire, julie, and Elizabeth. I'd be remissed if I didn't have a Julie clip nominated. and earlier means she's much more shy than she is now.


Anonymous said...

I will add one more as well ... Game 152, Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Cory, Renna, & Brianna ... the girls have great chemistry and they play the game competitively ... the forfeit is hot and the players are smokin' hot ...

Anonymous said...


Reno said...

164 for hardcore, because the forfeit showed two girls actually seem like they were getting into it. If a girl were to lose, I don't think they would mind getting some kind of pleasure out of the loss.

223 in I don't know core because it showed a girl in a situation she could not get out of, but still had great mind blasting orgasms. Show the girls they don't always have to be in control.

221 for hardcore because it showed women permanently losing their clothes. Also showed two beautiful women having a great time. You want the women to believe they are beautiful too.

And then you could show a montage of Julie forfeit clips to show how far she has gone in each clip, because you have gotten her to go pretty far.

Next thing for Julie is getting to have sex with someone in the crowd even if she knows them.

I also have to agree with E-male about the Amber and Mary play Mogadishu. That was one of my very first buys and I still find it quite erotic. Again, showing a girl having an orgasm.

Heck anything with a girl having a real genuine orgasm would be good iPad fodder.

Reno said...

BTW, you called the Ashley and Candle one in your last blog post 240 when it says 239 on the Lost Bets Productions video store. Figured you might want to know that.

JackEJ said...

The choice is not the same as I would take when listing my favourite games (although there are some I would choose on both lists). For example girls pushing their limits is NOT exactly what makes girls decide for lostbets. They want to be sure they are not talked into somthing they do not want.
The most impoertant question is: What will really new girls find important when thinking of taking part in your videos?
I think it is the following:
1. Will people like me? Am I beautiful enough?
2. Do the players have fun?
3. Are the games fair?
4. Are there forfeits that fit into my preferences (are tame enough, so that I don't have to do anything I might not want to)?
5. Do I earn enough money?
6. Are the producers reliable guys?

No. 5 and 6 only you and your staff can explain. 1 to 4 should have clear "yes" after watching the following 7 vids (or parts of them, as not every girl might be shown the hardcore stuff) which I chose because of their different game-characters and different forfeits.

a) 112 - the first 9-player-game.
Game: Multi-Player, co-ed, luck and strategy
Forfeit: Spread legs, shake booty (not too soft, but no hardcore at all).
It is the perfect game for getting people interested, I guess.
1. Many players (m/f), all have fun, different reactions to winning and losing (-> team character, diversity)
2. More than 50% do not show any of their private parts (-> fairly played, good chances of escaping a forfeit)
3. A guy is amongst the losers (-> fairly played)
4. The players look different and very much as average persons (no top-models), every new girl will find very likely herself better looking as at least some of the participants (and not because there is one "ugly" girl/guy but they are all not perfect although rather good-looking depending on preferences)

b) 172 – Strip-Highcard with Asia, Berenika, Iris and Tatiana
Game: Multi-Girl, pure luck
Forfeit: Getting rubbed with oil (very soft)
Four different looking girls (although all model-style), very tame as the forfeit is not revealing and the two other girls show neither tits nor pussy

c) 103 - Strip Bender with Julie, Claire and Elizabeth
Game: Girl only, more skill than luck
Forfeit: Kissing (very soft, but kind of intimate contact)
Three cute, but rather average looking girls, a funny game

d) 018 – Strip-4-in-a-row with Addie and Simon
Game: Boy-Girl, pure strategy
Forfeit: Masturbation - softer hardcore (or harder softcore?) ;-)
Everything in player’s hand, no luck at all. Loser needs some time to get used to the situation

e) 204 – Wordscramble with Kandie, Sassy and Amber
Game: Girl only, mostly skill and little luck
Forfeit: Legs fixed, getting fingered to orgasm
To have some game with some toys and with other players bringing the loser to orgasm (and different girls, and a girl who has not got a chance because she’s worse than the others)

f) 120 – Shockinaw with Raven and Alan
Game: Boy-Girl, skill
Forfeit: Blowjob - hardcore
To have a blowjob forfeit in the choice, good reactions of the players, different type of girl

g) 186 – Noname with Ashley, Alexis, Johnny and Tony
Game: Two-couple, skill
Forfeit: Getting fucked and giving oral sex
A hardcore game which does not have the „winner“ (the guy who may fuck a girl) fixed

The first four games a) to d) are those I find quite perfect to get people in touch with lostbets. The real harcore videos are subject to change. Those who are thinking of doing that kind of stuff will be rather easily talked into it.

Anonymous said...

strip noname with sammy and julie. estonian roulette with erin and betty jo and strip bender with Clair, Elizabeth and julie
Three very good clips :)

mismanager said...

My choice would be

Soft/softish: 1)Ashley and Kala Snip Surgery. Kala, pre boob job is one of the most attractive girls on the site; 2) Claire, Elizabeth and Julie Fuck-it, a great forfeit; 3) Addie, Candle, Chuck Malloy and Simon Fuck-it

Those 3 would give potential stars a good idea of the forfeits involved.

For hard core, I'd have to agree with Bender with Camille, Taylor, and Nicole and Amber and Mary play Mogadishu. I'd add Julie, Leilani and Sammy Earth and Fire, one of the best of the more recent games.

Anonymous said...

what kind of girls will they be chasing down? amateur, like college girls away from home for the first time? or some with maybe a lil more experience, like party girls?

Viredae said...

First of all, I'd like to say that there's a reason why I'm picking these three, and that's because they represent all three types of forfeits on Lostbests: Casual, softcore and hardcore.

First off is Mary and Amber's strip four-in-a-row, thee girls always had good chemistry, and it'll get the girls relaxed since these girls seem to be having fun, and it's about halfway up the ladder of forfeits.

Second is Strip Noname with Sammy and Julie, same as above, this one has two girls with great chemistry.

Last is one that was picked here constantly, Strip Bender with Camille, Taylor, and Nicole, this pretty much shows the potential girls what's the higher tier of what they can get themselves into, not to mention, this one is a classic.

Anonymous said...

1. strip bender with Camille, Taylor and Nicole because they seem to be having fun and there is that extremely hot sequence where Camille says “WOW“

2. strip screw your neighbor with Zayda, Ashley, Elise, Natalia, etc. because once again everyone including looser seems to be having a pretty good time.

3. Mary and Amber play strip Mogadishu. It should be there for the “what's the most I can risk“ type of girl who wants to know what is the worst type of loss they can endure - still not that bad re: you still get to cum!


163. PIzza delivery forfeit. Need one of those, relatively mild yet a thrill. Some girls might want to risk just that

Mia, Ashley, and Ashton play Strip Memory
Fun game, mild forfeit. Pretty girls

Elizabeth, julie and lily play strip spin the bottle. You can't grasp the concept of lostbet any clearer than with this type of game.

That's it Red,

Thank you,


RRFrope said...

I see the post about the "hardcore" term, it is difficult to say what is hardcore of softcore. I consider hardcore for this contest when a girl cum in front of the camera.



172 Asia Iris tatiana and Berenika play strip high card. You know I love handcuffs

without number Mia, Ashton and Ashley plays strip memory. One of the best "strip-tease" games. Cool for a "rookie"

No number Strip Jester with Alan and Raven. Handcuffs, (I know, I know love bondage) tickling and a man (bad for me, good for the game and the girls)

No number Mary and Amber plays strip mogadishu. My favorite! I dont know if the loser is a good actress or she didnt know nothing about the forfeit, but she looks afrais during the game

151 Estonian Roulette with Erin and Betty joe I love the face and the body of Erin.

223 Fuck em suck em robots with lily and RyAnne. I dont like the game so much, but the forfeit is great.

As you see I chose no game with Man/female sex, I dont like them so much. But some of them are great too as hardcore videos.

I hope it helps. See you

Sam said...

Softcore: Tageting girls who are borderline. You need clips that show this is safe, fun, and play to some inner desire to experiment.

1) 213 (Pizza Trilogy II): show how even the winners get turned on / excited about the forfeits. Make it look safe / appealing.

2) 124 (Candy Passing with Julie, Elizabeth and Claire): Innocent-ish, looks fun, appeal to the girl who might want to lightly experiment with lesbianism -- give them a safe excuse to try.

3) 128 (Spin the bottle with Tatiana et al): Really cute girls make this fun to watch. Appeal to someone who might want to lightly experiment with exhibitionism, lesbianism, or domination -- give them a safe excuse to try.

Hardcore: I assume any girls being shown these are going to be fairly open to sex -- you need to show them that this can be something they can really enjoy.

1) 43: Play up the point they have the potential to be evil to others. Appeal to a domination streak. (Is this hardcore? What counts as hardcore? :) )

2) 73 (Strip 21 with Lily and Auriella): Show how engaged the players can get -- that this can lead to something mind-blowing.

3) 123 (Memory with Ashly and Tiana) There is now question that Tiana got something out of losing. Visibly mind-blowing.

I have no idea how you get girls to do this, or even approach them. Good luck to your "agents".

Red said...

Wow. This is going to be a tough contest to judge. There are a lot of excellent suggestions here, and it's great hearing what you like about the videos you chose.

Anonymous said...

hmm looks like tough compatition, time to write the name of every lostbets video EVER!!

Reno said...

My question is, what happens if you decide to use one that multiple people have voted for? I see one on there that well quite frankly, almost everyone has put it on there.

Red said...

Reno: Yeah, I didn't think this out very well. Next time I do a contest like this, there will be a limit of one nomination per entry. This time, I guess it'll be whoever nominated the winning clips first.

Amber vs. Mary Strip Mogadishu is a good choice for a video to be used to persuade people to stretch their limits at lostbets.com, since it's already worked for the purpose. It's what got Lily to try girl-girl.

By the way, the player is named Camilla with an A. I wouldn't make a big deal of it, but Camille with an E will be making her appearance here shortly :)

Anonymous said...

and pray that Camilla will again, too.

i think zayda should show some of her own games to potential recuits as well. nothing recruits better than showing you've done it yourself.


Red said...

@CAFan: That's brilliant. I'll make sure at least a couple of Zayda ones are in the mix.

As for Camilla, just yesterday I sent a text message to the only number I have for her. No reply... but actually, I think the number might be a landline. I'll try calling it. (Ashley is coming to town again, and I am looking for someone to match her against. RyAnne, to my very great sorrow, is not available.)

Anonymous said...

I think something with Mia in it is a must. So I'll agree with RRFrope and suggest the early video with Mia, Ashley and Ashton playing Strip Memory. 003

Unrelated to the contest, I've just noticed four typos on the clips4sale site.
Game 239. The last word in the spoiler should be wax not was.
Game 238 HD. after is spelt afetr in the final sentence.
Game 237. Camera is spelt caemera in the middle paragraph.
Game 236. Daisy Rae has her name spelt D:isy Rae in the first sentence.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of the PoVs

so they can get an idea of that end of the spectrum

still waiting for one of those new releases ;)


Anonymous said...

Red, I was thinking too that Zayda should show a few games where she's in them, but for a different reason. She should show propective players games 190 or 234 where she lost and had forced orgasms with the h-tachi. But get Zayda and the recruits around a table and video them while they're watching the clips to see their reactions - maybe some good extra footage could come out of a situation where Zayda is showing herself squirming and moaning in front of some newbies. Heck, maybe just film the newbies all the time while they watch your clips and just see what comes up.

ps. I bought a new 42 inch HDTV, and decided to watch game 239 on the big screen this weekend. WHAT A WAY TO WATCH A GAME!! Love the Hi Def!

Anonymous said...

one more thing, Red: since you changed your formatting, or whatever it was that changed recently, downloads times take forever.

239 took nearly an hour for me, about 58 minutes i think... previouly, a clip like that would take maybe 10 minutes.


GatorFan said...

Quick question, I always end up checking the site like 20xs on Fridays is there a normal time that the video is usually up by?

Red said...

CAFan: Sorry, but that one can't be pinned on me. The recent increase in HD video quality increased file sizes by 36%. If you're seeing 600% longer download times, lay it at the feet of C4S. I'll send them an email to see if they're having any problems.

Or it could be your Internet provider. I recently found my own Internet speeds getting very slow, and it turned out that my provider had decided that I'd used enough bandwidth and was throttling me. The problem went away once I paid for a higher class of service.

GatorFan: Videos are published at 7:20 PM Eastern time each week. And I can't tell you how flattering it is that you're so eager for the updates that you're impatiently refreshing the page. Thank you!

Red said...

Patches: Thanks, I've fixed the errors. I appreciate you letting me know -- and in case anyone's wondering, yes, I'm sincere. I always want to know about it when I could've done something better, especially if it's something I can still fix. My typing does seem to be more error-riddled lately.