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Friday, September 2, 2011

Credit where it's two

First off: I've started to fall behind in blog comment and email replies. Sorry 'bout that. I'll catch up.

Second, this week's update, or actually updates. First up, episode 239 featuring new girls Brianna and Angel. They play Memory, with the loser getting hogtied and vibed to O. Angel, by the way, is the second girl we've had who's played while pregnant. The last girl to do that, Rainy, provoked mixed reactions, with some really liking her, but others being utterly turned off by her swollen abdomen. For the benefit of the latter group, there's the second update this weekend, which I think will have more universal appeal. Two of my best, most popular girls, Ashley and Candle, meet for the first time in episode 240, playing Battlestrip, for a forfeit we've never used before. Hint: it's kind of appropriate, considering the name of one of the players. Coming Saturday.

Finally, I'd like to again highlight the contributions to lostbets.com of folks other than me, but this time, it's a little different. Hang on to your hats.

The two girls in question recently signed up to help out with some of the organizational and management stuff that it's really tough for a lazy guy like me to get behind. Since they haven't actually started yet, it may be premature to call them out for kudos, one of them has already been a part of lostbets.com in a more conventional way: she's sultry Italian beauty Zayda. She's not only a hot-bodied girl with a dazzling smile and a competitive streak, she's whip-smart and I don't doubt that she'll be of enormous help in getting some of the things that have been stalled moving.

The other girl is her friend Xena.

Last time I asked, 60% of your guys identified yourself as geeks. If you're like me, you really like girl-geeks, and Xena is that, one of thee geekiest girls I've ever met. We're talking cons and FPSes here -- she'll kick anybody ass at L4D2. I typically don't much care for it when girls get themselves all tatted up, but I'll make an exception when the tats include a motto from BSG on her tummy, some Klingon on her arm, some Elvish on her belly, and a Star Trek communicator on her chest. Slender and small-breasted, her father was in the Royal Air Force and her mother was a Korean whore he married and brought home (*) The ethnic mix is exotic and striking.

And she blushes so cutely, too. (Yeah, I think she messed up the quote a little. Cut her some slack, she was nervous.)

She wanted to work with Zayda and to help with the same sort of organizational challenges, and that's what she'll do, and I'm sure she'll do well. But I also asked her if she might be interested in playing a game or two. Here's what she said, after asking about what games I had in mind:
Here is where the second thing comes in. You can get me down to my drawers but that's about it. But they are the most super rad superman boy cut underpants you have ever seen.

I came back with:
I've shot girls whose comfort levels have spanned a huge range, from girls who were too shy to open their legs on camera to girls who would do anything (figuratively and literally). But the absolute minimum has always been nudity... if you can't strip if you lose, I can't use you as a player, no matter how cute your boy-shorts are. Sorry.

In case you were already drooling in anticipation from my description, you may be shocked right now. You might be wondering how I could turn her down, even if we could only see her delicious naked breasts. Relax. I was bluffing. If she'd really stuck to her guns, I would've relented. But I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary, and it wasn't:
If you can be a spur of the moment guy I just might change my mind. :) but I do understand where you are coming from. See you tomorrow

That email was two days ago. Zayda and Xena stopped by yesterday. Good times were had, business arrangements were made, and eventually, cameras were broken out. And one extremely nervous but determined geek girl found herself risking her clothes against one of the most die-hard competitors on my site.

Coming soon.

(*) So she says. She's either one of the most interesting people or one of the most accomplished liars I've ever met.


GatorFan said...

Holy crap man, you sure do know how to get somebody excited!

Anonymous said...

hot wax forfeit for candle and ashley, obviously :P

-youtube guy

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, DirtyOldMan here - without giving anything away about today's clip, will Brianna be back?

Tipiker said...

Hi there,
Not a big fan of preggo here, but I hope we see more Brianna... More of her losing, of course. It would be a shame if a so cute body stayed covered...

I recently came across Stephanie's vids and this girl is stunning. She's beautiful of course, but I also just love her attitude. Any chance to see her again, maybe in B-sides ?
And what about more Julie coming ?


Red said...

GatorFan: Glad you're excited to see this. I hope the eventual result lives up to your hopes, and I think it probably will. If anything, I've undersold it.

youtubeguy: Yeah, well, no prize for guessing that... the clue wasn't exactly subtle :)

DirtyOldMan: Without giving anything away about yesterday's clip, yes, Brianna will be back.

Tipiker: It sure would be a shame if such a cute body stayed covered. I'm not going to give away any spoilers (if you want 'em, email me) but that's one of the risks I run when I insist that the games aree played fairly and without rigging, as is the case with the overwhelming majority of the games and as was the case with all four games Brianna played this time around. It sucks when a girl escapes exposure (which I am not saying was the case with Brianna) but I still think it's worth it.

I haven't seen Stephanie in years, but I have her email address around here and I'll email her as soon as I make this blog comment. (There's nothing more of her on film, no B-sides coming, unfortunately.) As for Julie, I'm really low on material featuring her, too. Probably getting close to time to bring her back... but I could use some advice there. Julie's been such a reliable and popular player that I'm running out of ideas for new things for her to do. (I'm not sure if she'd be willing to be the first one to risk wearing my new wireless remote control vibrating egg in public. I can ask.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

any idea what's on tap for publishing in the next few weeks?


Sam said...

Regarding Julie: has she been subjected to any bondage (or even the risk of any bondage)? I would love to see her tied down and...whatever you can get her to risk.

Sam said...

You have had a few games involving an audience: I'm thinking of the Zayda/Franco/Julie game of strip cut throat. Do you have to pay audience members for these (making them high-cost shoots)?

I ask because I'd love to see more of them. I'd really like to see more public nudity / public sex actions, but realize those are close to impossible. These audience-based forfeits are the next best thing. Hot forfeits might include:
* Losers act as nude waitresses for some time.
* Losers have to preform strip-tease / poll dance / whatever for the audience. (Perhaps keeping their cloths on for the game itself).
* Losers are bound up to a cross or some such and left on "display" for some period of time.
* Losers are subjected to audience fondling.
* Losers have to make-out, feel each other up, or more for the audience's viewing pleasure.
* Losers have to preform audience requests.
* Losers are auctioned off to the audience, with the buyer(s) getting them as sex slaves for the next X minutes.

Really - anything you have had girls do normally will be even better in front of an audience.

Red said...

Bad news re. Stephanie: neither the phone number nor email address I have for her seems to be working. I'll try my best, but...

E-Male: Yes, some idea. Episode 240 is the next one with Tori, Bibi, Cody, and Kodak. They play the new game of Strip Snapper, and two losers masturbate for the winners (and us). One of the players claims never to have masturbated before, which still strikes me as incredible, but I don't know why she'd make that up.

Episode 241 isn't through postproduction yet but I'm pretty sure it's going to be the first game featuring Alexis (remember her?) and her (now-)boyfriend Tony with new girl Whitney and her boyfriend AJ. They're couples, although their first game is a free-for-all, with the losers having to... shit, I just realized that this'll give me two masturbation forfeits in a row. Maybe I'll make this one 243 and pick something else for 241.

242 has Ashley and Candle back, this time joined by Cory, whom we haven't seen in way too long. They play a game of Strip Candy-Passing, with the loser getting to star in our very first video featuring the slingshot swimsuits.

After that, I'm not sure. Maybe the game with the clothespins I talked about recently. Or maybe Tiana and Chrissy playing Cranky Canaries. Or

Anonymous said...


I've got a suggestion you should make a contest with two loosers, which girl can put the most ice cubes into her pussy and ass and hold them in her holes for let's say 10 seconds. Ice cubes in the ass count double. The girl with the less ice cubes will be left to the mercy of the winner for 20 minutes so that the winner can do whatever she wants to. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

hwo about 4 or 5 person game, where the loser gets ice cubes, kinda like the tickle forfeit, but with ice while handcuffed?


Anonymous said...

hot wax forfeits are HOT, as is this one.
a couple suggestions...
use a red candle, anything but a white one. white doesnt show up very well.
i saw some vids where the model was loosley restrained spread eagle for the waxing. it was extra special watching her writhe and turn while still not being able to do much about it. her struggles just doubled the hotness of the action. maybe you can try that in the future?


Anonymous said...

Hi Red recently saw a clip with Mariah, very hot and very cute attitude. Any chance at all of seeing her back?


Red said...

Sam: Okay, bondage, that would definitely be something new and exciting for Julie. But what sort of bondage, exactly? I've found that "bondage" is a word sort of like "hardcore": it's not quite as bright a line as you'd think. Specifics, man, specifics?

As for shoots with spectators, let's just say that expense is not the reason I haven't done more of them. Venue tends to be a problem: you need a big space to hold a big crowd. I've got Zayda and Xena working on finding locations.

And I wholeheartedly agree that there are many extremely hot videos to be made in front of a cheering and/or salivating crowd. Thank you for listing out so many of them.

Ravenfan: Check your link, which takes me to the signup page for fuckingmachines.com's paysite.

So to you and to CAFan and all you other sickos who apparently want to see poor cute naked girls freeze their bits off, how does this grab you? Ice Race -- the girls have to fill buckets of ice, with nothing to carry it but their underwear -- with the loser having to masturbate with a glass dildo that's been parked in another bucket of ice? Or a three-person ice race where the winners dump all three buckets of ice onto the loser?

Either of those sound good? 'Cuz if so, you're in luck. Been filmed, awaiting production.

CAFan: Glad you liked 239, which I have to say has surprised me in not being more popular. Maybe I didn't do a good enough job of promoting the double-update weekend. (If so, maybe everyone who just checked the site on Friday will notice it this week.)

Believe me, I know that colored wax (especially red wax, in honor of me) would have looked much better. Here's what happened: the wax was purchased at a last-minute sweep of the sex shop prior to leaving for the trip, and white was all they had in stock. Next time I'll be prepared.

I do think that the white still looked pretty hot, in both senses, as it dripped on the losers nipples and, er, other parts. And I look at this sort of thing this way: now there's an easy way to make the next one better.

yoyoma: There may be a chance of seeing her back, and the best way to make it happen is to do what you just did. I just sent her a text, and we'll see what she says.

Anonymous said...

ok, Red...
for julie, how about spread eagle bondage with a waxing forfeit.

and hope she loses.

see, that was easy...


Anonymous said...

or, there's always the Dante treatment, with cream pie.


RRFrope said...

Hello Red
I see that you are looking for exciting forfeit for Julie.
What about the armbinder forfeit I told you few topics ago?
She would look great with that device, and she would be excited with that risk
See you

Mindworm said...

I like the idea of using more bondage as forfeits in your games. Having the loser tied up in a revealing position, and then played with, will make some really hot games!
I like positions where the pussy and ass are very exposed. For instance, if the girl is lying on her back with hands and feet tied together. Another way is having her spread-eagled with tied hands and feet, for instance on a bed.

I also think it's high time you have some more anal play in your games, and this can easily be combined with bondage. Few things are hotter to watch than a tied up girl having to wear a butt plug, and then getting her pussy played with by other girls!

I don't care too much for the "hardcore" bondage though. Some light spanking is ok, but I don't want the girls being in too much pain! I haven't watched the candle-game (yet), but did the loser actually like doing this? Would this be something she would like to do again, or did she do it just because she needed the money and thought she could stand some painful minutes? I'm not so sure about the ice-cold dildo either; that must be a very unpleasant experience on the border of being directly unhealthy?

Crosis said...

Personally, I'd like to see Julie locked in the stockade with the winner using the Hitachi on her (ala Lily and RyAnne).

Anonymous said...

Brianna is gorgeous! I would love to see a lot more of her. I will personally buy any clips she is in. Even losing her shoes was sexy!

Red said...

CAFan: Yikes. It's great that you have such faith in me, but I'm not a magician for crying out loud. I suppose that anything is possible, but getting Julie to risk "the Dante treatment" is right up there with inventing cold fusion or bringing peace to the Middle East. I think it might (repeat might) just be possible to convince Julie to risk having sex on camera, with a guy that she knows and trusts, but with a creepy stranger like Dante? I wouldn't hold my breath.

As for waxing, do you mean waxing as in episode 170, or waxing as in episode 239? (I assume it's the former). Either one might be possible, although I dunno if she's got much hair to wax off.

@RRFRope: You're right, she'd look damned fine in an armbinder. Thanks for the idea.

@Mindworm: It's surprising (or maybe not) how difficult it is to get most girls to agree to anal play. But I must admit I haven't really focused on recruiting girls who'd be up for those forfeits. I'll get on it.

As for the recent hot wax forfeit, don't worry, the loser wasn't in too much agony. Did she like doing it? Well, I suspect she probably would have preferred to be on the winning end. Would she like to do it again? I don't think she'll be running under candles anytime soon, but if I offered her the chance to play in another game with the same forfeit, I doubt she'd refuse.

As for the frozen dildo, again, don't worry too much. Since the dildo was in a bucket of melting ice, it was wet and wasn't cold enough to where the tongue-frozen-to-flagpole effect would be a concern, and as for having the cold thing inside her, friction and body heat made that a temporary problem.

Crosis: Excellent idea! I need to break out that stockade more often.

Anon 9:29 (please sign your posts) She is, isn't she? I don't want to give any spoilers about how she does in the future, but there will be more of her, and she will lose more than just her shoes.

Sam said...

My favorite bondage scene you have done has been the Strip Darts game with Kat tied to the cross. Honestly, Kay isn't really my type -- so I would love love love to see that again, and Julie would be a perfect victim. Tying her down to a bed (one limb to each post) is almost as good. I think she has been though the forced orgasm forfeit before -- so does that mean you can get her to risk it again? A repeat of Kat's forfeit would be great. Or just having her body lightly explored by the hands of a man. Or having the other players suck on various parts.

Anonymous said...

great red, hope de see Mariah sometime soon!! Keep us updated.

Also for the remote control egg. How about trying it first on someone who is not willing to risk a lot, someone ideally very shy! Or how about Mariah? ;)


Red said...

Sam: Excellent. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get back into that location with the cross, but I'll do my best... or I'll buy or build my own. Nifty.

Yoyoma: I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that I texted Mariah and the results were not encouraging. I got one text back from her acknowledging that I had the right number, but then I didn't hear anything back from her.

However, the good news is that Casper just found two more games featuring Mariah and Liliana in the old footage. They'll be published as B-Sides before too long.