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Friday, October 28, 2011

Another double-update weekend

Still behind in email responses, but I've more-or-less caught up on blog comments. (Well, except in the thread before last... I'll just say thanks to everyone for the ideas on how I can pull off some good trivia games without using copyrighted questions.)

Episode 247 brings back Brianne and Angel. They play a new game with a revealing forfeit.

Since pregnant ladies aren't to everybody's taste, there will be another update tomorrow, with some more mainstream girls: Cory and Ashley, racing down the hallway in bra and panties stuffed with ice. Good times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on last week's sales, Red. I was kinda wondering how many people wouldn't buy the double version game - esp since it was only a buck more.

Glad to see some Ashton vs Mia games on the B sight. Any games involving Kala would be appreciated too.

Since evening gowns were brought up last week, I wouldn't mind seeing some players dressed ala Daisy Duke in a future game.


Red said...

Yeah, I wasn't too surprised by the way the ratios worked out. I figured that a lot of people who wouldn't be at all interested in the "losing" version might kick in the extra buck to get that ending just out of curiosity.

(I did notice one person bought both single-ending versions. I hope that guy knew what he was doing, and I thank him for his generosity.)

Feedback on both endings would be much appreciated. First time I've tried filming something like this.

Pretty sure I have at least one game with Kala (vs. Elizabeth) in the B-Side queue.

Daisy Dukes, aye. The current thinking is to drag the girls to the local thrift store and load up on wardrobe. Anyone else have any other requests?

Nigel said...

I bought the 'A' ending because I like both Julie and Ashley, but I'm not really that interested in POV episodes because there's no risk - the girls end up naked, doing the forfeit, having agreed to it up front

GreenMonster said...

Red, there's no spoiler for the new video (Ashley and Cory). Just thought I would mention that for those who want to know which girl has to do the forfeit at the end of the video.

Red said...

@Nigel: Well, you'll probably like episode 250, then.

@GreenMonster: Ah, crap. Thanks for letting me know.

GatorFan said...

Hey I just got a question about the Ashley Cory game. First off probably my two favorites of all the girls! But is this forfeit more painful than enjoyable for the loser? (I won't spoil it) Not that a forfeit should necessarily be enjoyable, but is it so cold that it's just flat out painful? I mean if the loser is just in pain the whole time, that doesn't really do anything for me. Just curious. Keep up the good work!

Red said...

@GatorFan, the loser (no spoiler) is not happy to be on the bottom and isn't very good about it, and I certainly wouldn't say she found her treatment enjoyable. But was it agonizingly painful? Naw.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

just curious when the four player, two loser orgasm race that you teased (and I suggested :p) was going to be published. looking forward to it.


Red said...

@E-Male: It still hasn't made it through postproduction yet, but it'll be no later than 255. An interesting thing occurred to me about that game, though: realnot suggested having a game that was pros vs. amateurs and I said I didn't think it was likely, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that that game fits the bill. There are two girls with a fair amount of modeling experience and two girls who are fairly new to it. We had a pro vibrating an amateur, and an amateur vibrating a pro. It's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Something for everyone here at your site is always nice. Personally I hope you dont mind my criticism, I dont do it to insult only to hopefully better the next batch but i will jump back to last weeks POV (personally enjoyed it all together) but one thing seemed a bit off and that was the fact that it seemed as tho they were looking at themselves alot more than the camera (a POV perhaps should help focus on the player such as the strip Mogadishu). hoping you can adjust that and actively awaiting your next games (POV and interactive for sure (still wondering when your planning on putting those in)


Red said...

@DaM, I've said it before and I'll say it again: nobody ever needs to apologize for criticism. Ever. Please criticize the things you don't like. I'm always trying to keep it fresh, always trying to keep getting better, but after more than four years and 250 videos that's not always easy. Healthy criticism is my only hope.

As for your specific comment, thanks for the feedback. Next time I shoot a POV I'll make sure that the girl (or girls) know that their focus should be on their opponent on the other side of the lens.

Anonymous said...

Red, your regulars know that some girls like Ashley have little barriers and are willing for most hardcore forfeits. This somewhat limits the repertoire of girls you csn stage such a girl with for hardcore forgeits. How about a rookie versus vet concept with asymetric forfeits.- ie if rookies loose they get a tame forfeit - if vet looses- hardcore forfeit.

Also would really really love to see Ashley outside of her comfort zone. I love her as a player and she's really hot but on the other hand the shy/daring factor certainly isn't there (ie she has appeared as a winner performing sex acts)

My 2 cents.
Keep up the good work


Red said...

@Yoyoma: Episode 250 features asymmetric forfeits, like you suggest. It's Ashley vs. Julie, which isn't exactly rookie vs. pro (they're #1 and #3 respectively on the LostBets Most Played list) but there was a forfeit that one of them was unwilling to do. They both agreed that the loser would be locked in the sockade and the winner would vibrate her... but there was one little bonus feature that one girl was willing to risk but the other adamantly refused and would not be budged. So rather than forgo the opportunity of seeing the bonus feature, or rig the game, I declared an asymmetric forfeit. If the unwilling girl lost, she was exempted from having to endure... something. You'll find out.

Ready for the big twist? The girl who was more daring was Julie.

So anyway, I've got this intern, Casper, he's a young dude and he has young friends as well as a young sister who also has young friends. (Please note that all of these young people are over 18, although some just barely.) One of those friends and one of her friends stopped by today to see some videos and decide if they felt adventurous enough to play some games here. They did, but they're going to have the tightest of limits. No masturbation, even.

So I'll need some forfeits. I've already had a request for more spankings, so that'll be good, plus some extreme exposure (yoga, calisthenics, spread waaay out) is definitely in the cards. As either part of another forfeit or on its own, I think I'll let Casper feel up a loser, he's worked hard and earned it. Wet-and-messy? Maybe, although that's pretty messy. Wet, too.

Other suggestions or requests? By the way, both girls are super-hot, and I shit you not. I shoulda gotten pictures. Oh, and I might talk Xena into dropping by. This would add light girl-girl play to the menu.

Anonymous said...

Would spreading baby oil over yourself, or another be too much?

if not I'd love to see that. I remember you had a couple games with that forfeit a while back and I'd love to see a return. especially if you can't go really hardcore.


RS said...

"As either part of another forfeit or on its own, I think I'll let Casper feel up a loser, he's worked hard and earned it."

God, not a game with his sister playing!

Also, if Casper is recruiting his *sister* and her friends to play, I think he should be made to play, too. Just not a game with his sister.

Anonymous said...

I'd welcome any forfeit that focusses on the loser's breasts.

Esepcially,I'd love to see a sudden death style game with the loser placed in underwear/bikini in door jam cuffs. Next bring in a group of friends and/or strangers Now have the winner remove the final clothing so every-one can check out the loser and discuss her body. (Would be best to see a timid,small breasted girl teased in this situation).

Also definately would be great to include have feel up a handcuffed loser as forfeit.


RAJ said...

Tired of baby oil, ice etc.... Come on guys don't you like seeing 2 hot babes spank each other? I know just one opinion. Could mix baby powder with some light spanking. That would be Hot.

Anonymous said...

oh, I forgot to go to my old staple: Public Nudity. if it's in play, make it happen please. forget the cold.


Red said...

@E-Male: Baby oil rubbing is definitely a possibility. Public nudity, because of the location, is not, sorry.

@RS: Casper's sister isn't posing, alas. I'm hoping that if her friends have a good time she can be talked into it.

@AV: That sounds like a great forfeit but it's a bit late to arrange for a crowd. But I can try.

@RAJ does have a point, though. It'd be nice to get some new and creative forfeits in.

ForfeitFan said...


You mentioned that there was a request for another spanking forfeit. One of my fav videos is Strip Memory with Amberly, Lily and Amber (#173). I would love to see another Plastic Wrap Paddling forfeit. As a twist, maybe you can give the winners some time (say 1 minute) to wrap the loser up as much as they can (loser has to be cooperative). The loser's punishment isn't over until she can escape from the wrapping. Since she would be at the winners' mercy for quite a while, and they can paddle her as much as they want, they could make some demands of the wrapped up loser. Maybe have her squirm through a paddle line (the winners line up and the loser has to crawl through their legs while being paddled) or make her beg them to tickle her or to put clothespins on her nipples in exchange for a break from the paddling. Just a thought.

Btw, I think I remember you saying that you filmed a game where the forfeit involved the loser having clothespins put on her nipples. Do you know about when that clip will be published? I can't wait for that one!

Anonymous said...

Just 5/6 people who haven't seen the loser naked before will do.I think such a forced strip would be a nice forfeit for their first game. The idea is that the loser is handcuffed and out of control when she gets undressed.Unable to cover up before some friends and strangers might get a few blushes maybe.

Maybe you can also have her body or tits rated by all and write the average mark on her body. It's a bit tame, but adds to the variety of forfeits and a nice introduction for new players.


Anonymous said...

A couple of forfeits suggestions below that are more on the embarrassing side, so might be suitable.

Loser does an embarrassing dance routine. In one of your early clips there was a naked chicken dance, so maybe something similar with a memorable dance routine. I can't remember a dance craze since the macarena, but I'm sure the girls might! Failing that, maybe a bit of naked cheerleading.

Winner gets to spray a whipped cream/shaving foam bikini onto the loser, to be washed off in shower.

Loser dry humps a bed/pillow for a set amount of time.

Losers kisses the winners ass. Can't remember if that's been done in your clips before. Maybe she has to kneel down and kiss each cheek, otherwise it would probably last about 2 seconds and be the shortest forfeit ever!

Terry F

Anonymous said...

i like AV's suggestion of sudden death nudity while locked in cuffs.
but only if its an amateur girl, not a stripper. one who may actually blush when fisrt exposed.

aftewards, maybe some fondling or baby oil? preferably if its a guy doing it.

CA Fan

Darthhood said...

Love the bikini / doors jams bondage forfeit idea. Would be best in a string bikini where you can simply pull the cords on the back and the sides to untie the bikini top and bikini bottom.

Would love to see Ashley tied and vibrated once.

My favorite duel would be between Ashley and Raven having the winner Tie and fuck/vibrate the loser.

In a four-girl game i would like to see the loser handcuffed (behind back) and blindfolded, felt up and pushed around between the other 3 girls with one having a feather(duster) to tease, one having icecubes and one having a vibrator. Of course these items should be in a box before and during the game so the losing girl does not know what going to happen to her. Having 1 girl bound and blindfolded and brought to orgasm would definetely turn me on.

I'll see if i can come up with some tame forfeits for Casper's friends aswell.

Final question: How does one become an intern at lostbets? ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL, nice to see some positive feedback on my idea.

I understand you try to shoot a lot of hardcore stuff and cater to a variety of fetishes. Personally I simply love the idea of an (amateur) girl losing a bet and risking her tits being exposed, rubbed in oil or grabbed or disucussed and rated ect. ect.
These girls sound perfect to try to embarrass.

For small breasted girls i would suggest door cuff jams so breasts look even smaller with hands straight up. For bigbreasted girls consider the stockade so their breasts hang down. The more embarrasing(unfavorable) their position, the more chance of a few blushes :)

BTW I always love to read the great suggestions of every-one on this blog and some actually getting done.


Anonymous said...

If sudden death nudity in front of strangers is an issue... Could more creative use of the paddle be an interesting new twist?

RAJ said...

Ok guys check out scene 228 ring toss with 4 girls. At the end Julie
and Sammy are naked. Mika binds them and takes turns giving them both a bare bottom spanking. That is a HOT scene. The build up to it is really something. Very good stuff. Strapons are good to.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Bringing back the Earth and Fire game anytime soon?


Red said...

@FFF: Plastic-wrapped and paddled again, got it. Adn I'll try to work something creative in there.

And yes, I did film a video where the loser got clothespins put, not only on her nipples, but all over her breasts. There were quite a lot of them. The winner clamped each one around a ribbon as she went, so she could remove them all with a single pull. The slow-motion camera came in really handy for that shot. It'll be published around 255 or so.

@AV: I will try to round up 5/6 spectators but no promises. And yes, these two new girls (so new they don't even have stage names yet) are going to be perfect to embarrass.

@Terry: Some good softcore ideas there, thanks.

@Darthhood: If you want to see Ashley tied up and vibrated, might be you should check out episode 095 - Strip Jester with Amber and Ashley. I won't pretend it's ideal, but it's something.

For various reasons, Ashley vs. Raven is highly unlikely to happen. Sorry.

I have something that's not quite what you requested for a four-player game, but it's close. Four girls, one loser in the doorjamb handcuffs, three winners with two vibrators... it's not bad. Stay tuned.

@Anon 12:41 (please sign your posts): Creative use of the paddle? Please be more specific about what you want. Maybe I'm just particularly uncreative tonight but the only other uses that leap to mind involve inserting the handle of the paddle in various places, which is something I'm sure neither girl would go for.

@RAJ: I'm glad you liked episode 228, and thanks for sharing what you liked about it with everyone. By the way, episode 252-ish will feature a strap-on forfeit.

@Len: Earth and Fire, eh? How would you like to see a game of Earth and Fire featuring Ashley, Julie, and Kandie? Coming soon...

Anonymous said...


Here's a fresh idea. Get an open source video game, and have the girls play. (just causea then you can show it. tuxracer or something gui but stupid.)

give us a seamless transaction so we know it's nondeterministic. have them play a strip style thing with a pussy eating punishment.

4 girls-
first place is the winner
second place strips and diddles herself casually on the sideline.
third place gets her pussy eaten
fourth place does the eating.

i would kill to see this! such a childhood fantasy! (in my head it's mariokart but i know you cant do that.)


Anonymous said...

I have a coupla ideas for the new girls:

Baby oil: I know this has been suggested, but if it happened, make sure they rub it in REAL good, especially "down there."

Anatomy Lesson: I think it's been done before, but anyway, besides the fact she's showing her goods on camera, she has to "open it up," so to speak, and give everyone a nice, long look.

Casper getting a reward: I think Casper should defiantly get a reward. They probably won't go for a BJ, but feeling up, , maybe (hopefully) some nipple play, etc.

Pizza Boy: No need to elaborate here, eh?

Friendly Humiliation: Bring over a bunch of her friends, or if they won't do that, some of your friends, and have them sit on the sidelines. Loser has to parade naked in front of them and either (you decide beforehand) just spread those legs wide, give an anatomy lesson, or do mild forfeits that the audience/winners suggest. Twirl, jumping jacks, getting felt up, etc.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

I know you posted one recently, but of the tame forfeits, I'm a fan of tickling with handcuffs behind the back or over the doorjamb. Think these new girls might be up for that? Thanks Red!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that will do quite nicely. :-)

Any idea on when it will come out?


Anonymous said...

Also, any chance that Dre will be in any girl-on-girl forfeits? She's pretty damn cute.


Red said...

@DirtyOldMan: The problem with using video games (and oh, how I'd love to!) has always been copyright. Open source is not the same thing as public domain. It's kind of a gray area whether the GPL would allow the publication of derivative non-software works without also distributing the source code. Probably the best thing to do would be to contact the copyright holder and get his explicit permission to use his game in my work. I'll try.

@Yo Momma: Baby oil does sound good. Anatomy lesson: maybe. I've got one or two of those already filmed and awaiting publication, but maybe. Rewarding Casper: the latests development on that front is that his girlfriend has absolutely forbidden him to feel up other girls. Pity. This is what we get for seeking permission rather than forgiveness. I think what I'll do is give Casper a few minutes to get reeeeally close to a loser and get a nice long good look, maybe with a camera in his hand.

Pizza boy is probably not an option considering the location, but again, maybe. And friendly humiliation, the tricky part will be rounding up a crowd of people who are willing to be seen on camera at short notice. Hate to sound like a broken record, but: I'll try.

@JL: I've gottene a fewe requests for tickling forfeits lately. I think the girls will be willing to risk it, although there might be a question of how ticklish they are. Handcuffs, doorjamb, or both. Will do.

@Len: It'll be out a little ways but not too long. Probably before 265 or so.

Dre's limits are fairly tight. My notes say "tame, light g/g" which probably means kissing and fondling but not much beyond that. I can ask her... and if necessary I can try to corrupt her. FYI there's one more game with these three players, with the forfeit being one of the aforementioned anatormy lessons, with some yoga posing thrown in besides.

Anonymous said...

If spanking is one of the fan-favorite forms of forfeit, how about a losing girl having to run through a spanking tunnel -- you know, the old fashioned gauntlet where the other players stand spread legged and the loser crawls through them and gets slapped on the fanny as she passes through? I've heard this called "the gauntlet," "the windmill," and "the spanking tunnel."