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Friday, October 21, 2011

Choose your own adventure

Hooray, my posting privileges appear to have been restored, so I can announce the publication of Episode 246, in three different flavors. You might win, you might lose, or you might do both. This video is a first for me in a few different ways, so please let me know what you think about it.

I'm falling a bit behind on blog and email replies again. I'll get back to them, but for now there were a couple of questions on the blog I can answer now: what's coming up, and when's the next slingshot swimsuit forfeit? Coming up:

Episode 247 features the return of pregnant Angel and hottie Brianna to play a game that was suggested a long time ago: 5-Point Quoits. I'd never heard of it myself. Unfortunately, whoever suggested it did so anonymously, so I can't give him his free copy of this clip. Sign your posts!

As I said awhile ago, I'm aware that pregnant girls just aren't to everyone's liking, so I'll try to publish them as part of double-update weekends. So next week will also see Episode 248, with Ashley and Cory doing an ice race. It's Ashley's second ice race and Cory's first. And there's a third bucket of ice with a glass dildo on standby, to be used on the loser.

The next week, Episode 249 will feature two new girls -- sultry brunette Annabelle with tomboyish blonde Dre playing a game of Candy Passing along with Britney S returning. The loser puts on the slingshot swimsuit and gets taken to the pool area, after the victors write and draw various vicious stuff on her extremely exposed skin.

Here is Dre:

And this is Annabelle:

It gets a little hazy after that but I'll have more to say later.

Also, regarding the contest I announced a few weeks ago: I've asked Zayda and Xena to judge it themselves. They'll be tough but fair.

Apologies for my continuing unresponsiveness lately. Big things are afoot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, say I'd be interested in knowing which version of this week's game sold the best. Would it be an idea to let us know which version was the most popular after about a weeks worth of sales?


Anonymous said...

Finally you released it :) much love Red. Wondering when the next POV and potantial interactive game will be!!! Keep up the good work


GreenMonster89 said...

Gordon, I can almost guarantee which version will sell the best. I know which version I bought, and that is the one that will be top seller of the three: the girls losing.

Anonymous said...

@ GreenMonster,

I for one am very much interested in the girls-winning version of this game! However two girls laughing is really not my thing so I won't be buing it. So perhaps you will be right in your statement(if more people don't like to be laughed at while masturbating)

@Red/Crosis: Also looking forward to the interactive version!!!

Anonymous said...

In the past "YOU" has always won. In this one it was either staged or "YOU" lost and then you added the girls loosing to make it good.
In other words did you come up with the double ending from the begining or add it after words? Second question how much of the game was staged. Just the endings or where the winning hands staged too? Jack.

Anonymous said...

In the past "YOU" has always won. In this one it was either staged or "YOU" lost and then you added the girls loosing to make it good.
In other words did you come up with the double ending from the begining or add it after words? Second question how much of the game was staged. Just the endings or where the winning hands staged too? Jack.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Id like to make a suggestion for a game.
Two girls(or more) dress up in ball gowns,with corsets stockings etc for underwear.Prom night stuff.
They play a game of general knowledge questions and the loser has to take something off.The loser has to show it all with the winner holding her legs open from behind for say 20 seconds.Enough to get the loser real embarrased.
Best if you can get girls who have not opened their legs on camera before.
Thanks for a great site.

GameGuy said...

I love having both endings for the game on the site - genuinely not knowing who will win is great. More interactive games please! (And if you can make them more interactive more the better!)

RS said...

"Apologies for my continuing unresponsiveness lately. Big things are afoot."

Oooo, I hope it's some epic outdoor games. Especially if there's an audience to witness our players' naked embarrassment.

dac99x said...

Red, I hope the big thing afoot is that you're working on an epic Episode 250 along the lines of the terrific Episode 200.

jimn49 said...

Sorry to complain but I was a loyal customer and have purchased literally hundreds of dollars of video from you over the past two years but I am not buying anymore until the videos improve(really only interested in the harder core forfeits and some of the latest vids have been very disappointing, I mean why even publish the one with Julie giving head if the guy tells you before hand that he probably will not come, that is lame!) I guarantee you that if you produce a vid with Julie giving head and there is a "money shot" and more like that I will come back to the fold.
Have some great memories, wish it could have continued.

Red said...

@Gordon: After a week, the runaway sales winner is the one with both endings, which sold about twice as many as the single versions sold combined. Just considering the single-ending versions, version A outsold version B by about eight to one.

@DaM: Sorry to make you wait, and I hope you weren't disappointed. I've got another double-ending POV in the pipeline... but be warned that the forfeit when the player wins is much tamer. The girls were a lot shyer... at least, one of them was.

@Anon 4:28 (please sign your posts): Can I ask what you'd want to see if the player lost, if not masturbating in front of the winner(s)?

@Jack: Doing this with two endings was the idea from the start, and the two versions differ only in the outcome of the last hand. We planned to rig the hands if necessary to ensure that both the girls and "YOU" were down to one piece of clothing, but it turned out that it wasn't necessary to rig anything and that it just came out that way. We played fairly through the end of the game and the first forfeit, then re-shot the last hand.

@Vespasio: Great idea. As it happens, I've lured two young friends of my intern Casper into my lair. They're coming by on Monday to see some of my videos to get an idea for what's involved, and what sort of limits they'd be comfortable with. If they own formal wear, they just might fit the bill. If they don't, maybe we'll go shopping.

@GameGuy: Believe me, I really want to do more interactives. And I will. I/'ve been promising to do them for nearly five years now but as God is my witness I will do it!

@RS: Not very directly, but yes... you could say that what's been consuming my already-deficient attention lately has something to with finally doing some outdoor games, and no reason for 'em not to be epic.

@dac99x: Alas, there's nothing on a grand scale planned for 250, and I'm sorry about that. Maybe I'll pull off another enormous game for episode 256 or something. What is planned for 250 isn't as big in terms of player roster, but is pretty major in terms of the popularity of the girls and the stakes.

@jimn49: There's no need to apologize for complaining. I've always said that I value criticism more highly than praise, because criticism tells me what I've been doing wrong and what I could do better. I'm sorry you've been disappointed lately, and I hope that you'll find more things to interest you in the future.

As for why I published Julie vs. Vince, the reason is simple: I wanted to see Julie risk taking a cock in her mouth if she lost, and I thought other people would too. Julie's been posing for me for more than four years now, and when she first started, she was so shy she wouldn't even open her legs on camera. Leading her down the primrose path has been a long and careful process, and until pretty recently if I'd even suggested to Julie that she give a BJ as a penalty for losing I would've been turned down very firmly, possibly with a slap to the face.

Julie was willing to put her mouth on the line, if her opponent was Vince, because she knew him and trusted him. Vince didn't think he could come on camera. It was possibly see Julie giving a BJ with no money shot, or definitely not see Julie giving a BJ at all.

Again, I'm sorry you've been disappointed. There's some hardcore stuff coming up, including the long-awaited handjob race, and maybe you'll find that more to your liking.

RAJ said...

I've bought more clips from the B sides because of the old spanking content that has been hiding in the closet. I don't care when it was shot. This stuff is better that the new stuff posted the last few months. Just one person's opinion.
If you get Courtney back, please put her in a game with spanking. Thanks