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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's the little things you treasure

After a girl has been on lostbets.com for awhile, it can be tough to embarrass her. After all, by then she's probably shown everything she has and done most everything she's willing to risk doing. So it's a nice treat when I have the opportunity to make a lostbets.com veteran turn bright red. Even better when I can do it to two of 'em at once.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that a slightly-abbreviated version of Episode 229, Dicksaber Duel with Princess Lily and Darth RyAnne was accepted for the HUMP! Film Festival. And it turns out that while a girl may have steeled herself to her naked body being seen by a bunch of visitors to a website, she can react very differently when she learns that said body will be projected on a big screen for thousands of cheering film festival patrons. Here's RyAnne's reax:

Well, congrats to you Red! And lets hope it wins something!
Wow! Omg.....okay now I'm a bit anxious! It's one thing for that vid to be on your site, where your usual members will see it, but another all together to think of hundreds of people, maybe even my friends, seeing it!! Eek! .....lol! This could be really embarrassing!!

And here's Lily's:

Lily: Omfg 1:29 PM
Lily: But omg it is going to show in PORTLAND too?! Eeeeeeeeek! Oy vey. Omg 1:49 PM
Lily: Are you going to go to every screening?:) 6:44 PM
Me: Nope, just the first one. Want to come? 6:45 PM
Lily: Ummm hell no! Lol 6:46 PM
Me: Oh come on. Where's your sense of adventure, Princess? 6:46 PM
Lily: I'd be a nervous wreck 6:47 PM
Me: I know! I'd film you, and it'd be awesome! 6:47 PM
Lily: Hahaha 6:48 PM
Me: Probably hundreds of guys around staring at your cute little boobies on the screen... what would there be to be nervous about? 6:48 PM
Lily: HAHAHA 6:48 PM
Me: So you'll come, right? I'll buy you a ticket. 6:49 PM
Lily: Lol, actually I wouldnt be in Seattle then, though I need jobbs so if you really really wanted that tidbit, maybe, but omfg 6:53 PM
Me: Can't film inside the screening, so I'd have you at the exit as the crowd came streaming out so they could all recognize you. 6:54 PM
Lily: holy fucking shit 6:54 PM
Lily: Umm you're not so sweet anymore! 6:57 PM
Me: Finally! 6:57 PM
Lily: Lol, AAGHKK! 6:58 PM
Me: I'm sorry, I'm just picturing you turning bright red as people cheer, applaud, and whistle at you. You're adorable. 6:58 PM
Lily: Lol in red just thinking about that, omfg 6:58 PM
Lily: Ahhhgkkkkkkkkk 7:00 PM
Lily: !!! 7:00 PM
Lily: Omfg 7:13 PM
Lily: I'm squirming, congratulations! 7:22 PM
Congratulations (maybe) to both ladies. If you live in Seattle or Portland, please turn out and show your support!

Update: Speaking of really embarrassed girls, Xena's debut is edited and ready to publish, and if I do say so myself, it is some fine stuff. It's not the most hardcore thing I've ever published, but if you like to see a girl faced with the very real possibility of showing her pussy on camera for the first time and extremely nervous about it, you won't be disappointed.


kkman112 said...

Congrats to you, Lily, and RyAnne! Hope it wins and hope to see more Lost Bets with them both!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it's about time your work gets some recognition. Maybe you could have the two girls play a game to decide who has to attend/wait outside of the showing to meet the fans, or have both there to meet the fans with the loser of the game wearing a slingshot bikini (or some similar forfeit). It might be tough to get them to do it, but it seems like it would certainly have a good level of embarrassment.

- Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Hi, wish to see a forfeit where winner/s will finger the looser till she reaches her orgasm and even may go on and on to make her squirt eventually......just to make it more humiliating, may even tie the looser during the process so that she is absolutely helpless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Congrats, u r doing a fabulous job and i love ur vids. Wish to see a forfeit where winner/s will finger and torment the looser, making her scream and beg till she reaches her big orgasm or even multiple ones and even may go on and on so that she cant hold on anymore and squirt eventually......just to make it more humiliating, may even tie the looser during the process so that she is absolutely helpless. Hope to hear from you on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Sorry for posting the kink-links I won't do it any more.
I have another idea for a forfeit.
The borat thong thing was great, but I have a variety of this one the losing girl has to wear a minimal string like this
The nice thing is the front and back is barely covered. I also think the loser should be shaved so why not combine this game with pubic hair as last item of clothing to bet to make sure you can see almost everything which isn't hidden by the minimal string.
To complete the wardrobe of the loser she has to wear nipple tassles and bounce around with her boobies while streaking the hotel lobby with that sexy outfit.

What do you think



Anonymous said...


a time ago there was suggested a asshole tickling forfeit with the butt cheeks of the girl being spread while she is tickled with a feather or brush in her asshole. To avoid her hidding her asshole you should tie her up in a good way for example lying in a bed with her hands and feet tied to the upper bedposts. Did you publish it yet.

And what about the cum on her face roulette suggested for two loosers with one of them getting the sauce on her pretty face?

Thank you