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Monday, September 17, 2012



There's no way to avoid it, so I'm just going to come right out and say it: this post contains some bad news. Brace yourselves.

But before getting to that, first some good news to soften the blow: there will be a bonus update, 300b, coming on Tuesday, and I think many people will like it. It's not a game, but it does feature a very popular girl doing some cool stuff. More on that in a bit.

Which brings me to the subject of the March party, source of episodes 278, 279, 285, 290, and 300. Ten crazy people playing five wild games. Who exactly were these people? Who were these wild and crazy kids with their enthusiasm and athleticism? Well, I swear to you, I didn't know. All I knew is that they were Julie's friends, that she'd recruited them. I didn't know from where, or how she knew them. I didn't know who they were when I invited them, I didn't know who they were as the party went on, and I most definitely didn't know who they were when I picked out the music to use for the games of Musical Chairs and Hot Grapefruit. And I didn't figure it out, even when I saw the acrobatic talents, even when I saw the spandex singlets. I didn't figure it out when Johannes, on first hearing the Musical Chairs music, said, "I fucking hate clowns!" I didn't learn the truth until we were all hanging out on the deck after the party, and they told me, whereupon I said "Ohhhhhh," and everything made much more sense. Figured it out yet?

These people are circus folk. Carnies. They're members of a traveling troupe of entertainers, a real no-fooling I-shit-you-not circus. Not that there's anything wrong with that, not at all. On the contrary, they're awesome. Their unique skills and their adventurous, willing-to-try-anything spirits made them among the best players we've ever had here.

But... here comes the sad part.

They're not just Julie's friends. They're her colleagues. Sweet little Julie has run off and joined the circus. For real. That's great for her. She's got a steady job that she loves, which is more than a lot of folks can say these days. But it also means that she's retiring from modeling. I try to never say never, but it's very possible that she's played her very last game for LostBets.com.

Julie's been one of our most popular, most prolific, and all-around best players ever. She's also been a hell of a recruiter, bringing in lots of her beautiful friends to join in the fun. She is unique and irreplaceable. She will be sorely missed. LostBets.com will be a less awesome place without her.

But I'd like to send her off with my heartfelt thanks, and I've got the feeling that a lot of you might like to thank her, too. Which brings me to Episode 300b.

Julie and her colleagues are based in Portland. When I arranged the party, I hired a limousine to bring them up to Seattle for the festivities, but before that day I mailed Julie a camera, with a request to film anything she felt like filming on the way. And like she usually does, she came through for me in a big way.

The morning of the party, while waiting for the limo to show up, she was feeling a little frisky, and decided to masturbate -- with a vibrating dildo -- before showering and leaving. And, bless her, she filmed it all for us.

She meant this to be a present for me and you, but I want to make it a present for her as well. So Episode 300b will publish on Tuesday, and every cent it makes during September will go directly to Julie. I'm not going to keep a single dime. This is meant to be a gratuity, a tip to thank Julie for years of awesome. Give generously.

Goodbye, Julie. We love you.

Edit: Sneak preview.


Anonymous said...

Disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best to her anyway. Do hope she comes back, but if not, it has been fun. Means my ultimate LostBets video may have just died too! Never mind - if Julie is happy, that's the main thing.


Julie Lomar said...

Hi fans, Julie here. Yes it's really me. I will miss the fun & games we all shared. With many a bets lost & won. hehee. Does anyone have any questions they want to ask me? I'd be willing to answer a few between now & the end September. I really do <3 my fans. Couldn't of gotten this far without you.
-much love

OD 99x said...

Julie no questions, just a thanks for all the great clips and awesome blushing.

jj said...

Hi Julie,

it's all ok if you're happy!!

But be sure, we'll miss you at good old europe, too.

Anyway, have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Julie, How did Red persuade you to do so much?
When you started you seemed so embarrassed to show anything but by the end you did blow jobs and group masturbation!!
I will miss you.

The Foxster

GreenMonster89 said...

We will all miss you here Julie. Of all the girls Red has featured on this site, you are far and away my favorite.

Jack E. said...

Indeed, a sad moment for lostbets.com. Julie is part of the (hi)story of this site, passing through all the diversity of these games the last years. Although she is not No. 1 on my personal top list (but definetely among the Top 10 or Top 5), I did enjoy every game with her, some of her reactions were really what made this site unique in all this erotic/porn stuff on the net. Would have loved to see her last taboo falling, as so many others did fall over the years. But maybe that was suppoded to stay a dream anyway.

If I may ask some questions, I'll take that chance:
- Why did you start working for lostbets?
- Do you remember your first game and your feelings around it?
- Which game was the funniest one?
- Which game was the most daring one for you?
- Is there any game you would like to cancel (for your memory or the viewers) if you could?

Thank you,
Jack E. (from far away Germany)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red & Julie,

Like any great team, Lost Bets may lose a key player now and then but the squad has to pull together to keep up their winning ways. The loss of Julie is tough to take but I've got faith in Red & Co. to keep things fun, sexy and successful.

Now, since I have it firmly fixed in my mind that Julie's new role in the circus will be as the naked trapeze artist, my only question is: where can I buy tickets to see your next performance?

Good luck, Red, keep the team on its winning streak.

Good luck, Julie, thanks for all the joy you've given to all Lost Bets fans over the years and may you reap the success you and happiness deserve in your life ahead.


Anonymous said...

thanks, and good luck to you, Julie.

i do have a question or two:
what will be your circus job?
how did you ever get the idea to join a circus, in the first place?
any chance that you and your friends may shoot another party in the future, if you are ever in town and its convenient?

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you've done for us, Julie! In particular, thanks for the battlestrip blowjob video: definitely my favorite video of the whole site. I gather from various comments made by Red that you're not typically into guys; is that right? Was that blowjob your first in a long time, or even ever? Have you performed any since?


BB said...


You have made an average life more exciting if only by proxy. I will miss your cute smile and bright cheerful personality.

Best Wishes in your new job and life. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Happy Trails to you,

Anonymous said...

Too bad, it's fun seeing long time players sort of evolve, and Julie was fun. But wow, the circus? Can I ask what exactly the new circus job is? Like, an acrobat or an elephant rider or what?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Julie Lomar said...

@Foxster- the persuasion came with years of working with Red & finding the right people that i enjoyed playing with on/off camera. I dont know if it was Vince or i that was more nervous that scene when i put that giant member in my mouth. it was great to know there was 3 girls behind me, strumming along. teehee. Same with the group masterbation. it helped alot that the girls lost bets with me, power in number :p than & that Red let me know that my fans wanted to see more. so i got a little more curious & confident to be more.. open.

Julie Lomar said...

@ Jack E.
Guten Tag!
Lily came one day & asked if liked strip poker. i told her yes, of course, as long as i know everyone that's playing. She introduced me to Red's site & i thought it was a great idea. so i went for it.

My first game. was somewhere in a very nice hotel room. we played the 5-piece version of Rock/paper/scissors. I won. :p

The funniest is yet to be released. my one word comment is - cantaloupe.

Most daring would have to be getting shaved for the first time by two girls. they missed some spots. maybe we should of tried waxing? haha ouch.

Delete a game? why would i do that? they are so much fun to play. <3

thank you Jack E from far far away Germany for all your questions!


Julie Lomar said...

Dearest JHO & CA Fan-
I'm more a behind-the-scenes type of girl, i leave the real talent to the performers.
Also, i suffer from stage fright.

In a nut shell. my role in ze circus is a multitude of things. Based mainly in Pre-Productions, shift managements & keeping the after party festive. i am curious to learn trapeze & if i get skilled enough, maybe i'll send Red a pix for the fans to see. :p

The idea of joining a circus has always been in the corner of my mind. It just took hard work of honing my skills as a manager to find a slot within the Circus. The people i work with are fantastic. I feel i really found my true home away from home.

If someone wants to fund another party, talk to Red. I'm out of the games portions, but there are plenty of my friends that would love that idea.


Julie Lomar said...

To Jed- Oh BattleStrip, that was an intense game. I would of much rather of beat him/off? teehee. I am particular about the men & women i invite to the games at Lost Bets & the bedroom. i am definitely more attracted to the lips, hips & tits of a lady. & more into the personality of gentlemen.

That blowjob was the first one i did on camera that was released to the public. Claire & i dated for a bit back in the beginning. We managed to lure a guy friend of ours to let us give him a duel blowjob while he filmed it on my phone. but the resolution was too grainy, so i deleted it.

I like both sexes.
<3 -j

Julie Lomar said...

Shout out to TrueS, OD99x, JJ, BB & Guy Who Knows Stuff-
Thank you so much for all the well wishes & yes, not a day goes by that i don't blush. I'm delighted to of been your proxy of fun & excitements.

We still have a week left if anyone has more questions for me. i've enjoyed having my brain picked & talking with my fans. this is still all new & wonderful. sigh.. okay. getting gushy, time to shower...


Anonymous said...

Dear Jule,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to us. You are quite the lady!

I'm so happy that you are going out on a wire (so to speak) to chase your dream. I'm sure that every single true LostBets fan hopes that you catch that dream and happily hug it forever and ever.

Best wishes for your future, JHO

Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge me - I really appreciate you doing that and engaging with people on the site. It has been really good fun to watch the videos you are featured in. The way that you have played the games has epitomised what LostBets should be about...people stretching themselves and their limits, but not doing things that they are later ashamed of.

Is there really no way you would ever consider coming back to do another couple of videos...or one big farewell video with a suitably big risk now that everyone knows you are retiring? I would love to see that and I know that I won't be alone!

If there is nothing that Red could do to entice you, that's ok - you have my best wishes for the future and the knowledge that, to me at least, you come across as a lovely person in your videos. If there is any way at all, however, that you can be persuaded back just one more time, please let us know and we can twist Red's arm to make it happen!

All my best,

slattman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Julie, I think what appealed to many of us was your approachability. We didn't feel as if we were watching a video of a character. Rather, we were watching a video of someone we might know, and actually like.
It goes without saying that though we really don't know you at all, each of us that have watched and enjoyed your trials and tribulations on this site feel as if you're part of our little family, and we will always care and hope for the best for you, regardless of where life takes you.
From someone much older than you, may you enjoy the journey, appreciate all the forks in the road, remember all the special moments, both perfect and imperfect, learn from your mistakes and try your hardest not to repeat them.
May your time here on this site become a fond memory.
May you live your life screaming at the top of your voice, and never regret any mistakes, as they will occur, like it or not
From all of us here, thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. It has been an honor to have appreciated you.

Julie Lomar said...

aww you guys. *blush* Anonymous & otherwise, thank you soon much for the feedback, questions & admorations. <3 Any last burning questions you've been meaning to ask me before i get swept away by the circus life? this has been such a treat to converse with my fans. i should of done this soon. :P


Anonymous said...

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