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Friday, September 7, 2012


Today, Episode 299 brings back Lumen, Salem, and Xena, three girls I've gotten lots of requests to see more of. And boy, will you see more of them... at least of the losers. Enjoy.

Next week marks some sort of milestone. And there will be a truly epic episode to mark the occasion. Stay tuned.

And then there's this week's new party guest. Say hello to Fallon:

She's not kidding about what she lost, either. She swears that she didn't know that she could squirt. Thank God for Scotchgard. 

That brings the roster to fifteen: ten girls, five guys. Is that it? Well, actually, yes it is. Fifteen wild and crazy people having a hell of a party and playing a lot of games, with some frankly amazing penalties for the losers. Look for them all to make their first appearance in Episode 301.


RS said...

Oh, 301? I thought for sure that it would be 300. Interesting...

realnot said...

That was my assumption as well. Now I'm wondering what 300 is.

Anonymous said...

299 good ones will more than likely lead up to a 300th Great One. Can't wait. And 299 looks tasty too.


Anonymous said...

This is my 2nd purchase. I love it, but the audio's pretty badly out of sync around the 14-20min mark

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

its been a while on you updating us about PoVs wondering whats the ETA for some good PoV/games :). also have a suggestion that when you start making games you could choose several people in one game (like choose your PoV character) [Ie girl 1, girl 2, girl 3, guy1, player (POV)] like in video games if u get my idea I hope you all like it and I hope the PoVs get a bit more interactivity to the "player" in the future.

big fan as always,

mismanager said...


You've found some amazing young ladies recently. Well done! Some time ago (clip 116 with Kala and Elizabeth) the loser had to give an anatomy lesson. It was an excellent idea, even if the wrong girl won! I'm not sure if you've used this forfeit since. It would be good to see Lumen, Fern, Anastasia or Jelly play a game and risk this. It would also be something different for some of your regulars like Julie to risk.

Michael said...

Hi Red, I've enjoyed your clips and I'd like to suggest a clip please, where the girls have a vibe in their panties/under their shorts whilst they're playing a game. Possibly one where they have to concentrate (Fuck it or Elefino) and the one(s) who orgasms first or loses first has to do a forfeit, like being tickled or brought to another orgasm by the Toys. How would that sound? Many thanks Michael

Anonymous said...


I think a good new game would be Strip Liar's Dice.
Each player gets a cup, five dice, and four articles of clothing. Each round, each player rolls their dice under their cups and looks at them while keeping them concealed from the other players.
The first player begins bidding, picking a face and a quantity. The quantity is the claim of how many of the chosen face have been rolled in total on the table. For example "There are (at least) three fours".
You go aroungd the table, the next player has two choices during her turn: she can make a higher bid, or challenge the previous bid. Raising the bid means either increasing the face value, or the number of dice, or both, in our example "three fives", "three sixes", or four of any number would all work. Or she can challenge "Liar, liar, pants (or bra, etc)on fire" in which case every player reveals her dice starting with the challenger and ending with the accused and you count the number of dice with that number showing. Whoever is wrong loses a die and the article of clothing named (or a different one if she has already lost that piece) Whoever is right gets to make the first bid next round. A woman loses when she is out of dice.

A good new forfeit for your next game between tight-limited princess types would be to set the loser to clean your house, scrubbing your floor, bathroom, and toilet, etc. naked on her knees.


GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red,
Any news on a game with the forfeit I suggested a while back? I know it can't be easy finding two girls willing to take the risk I mentioned, but the final video will be worth it if you can pull it off.

ForfeitFan said...

Hey Red,

1) Have you ever considered using itching powder in a forfeit? I'm thinking that if you get a girl tied spread eagle and let the winners spread it over her body you'd get some nice gyrations :-)

2) I would like to see a game with a nipple clamp forfeit. Maybe have a game with 3 girls and 2 losers. The losers get tied to chairs and face off in a spelling bee. For each wrong answer, a clothespin will be added to her body. Each girl must get 10 right before she is allowed to take them off. (As an added bonus, you could stipulate that the first girl to 10 can only remove hers if she places them on her opponent's body)

3) I also would like to see the following game: Have 2 girls laying face up on a bed wearing a white tank-top, short skirt and thong. Each girl's legs are tied spread and her arms are handcuffed above her head. (Nipple clamps and blindfolds would be a nice addition if you can find girls to do it) Each girl is holding a long string with the other end attached to the key that unlocks her cuffs. The first girl to escape can cut the other girl's string and do whatever she likes to her. (as an option, you could tie the end of the string to a pitcher of ice water so the girls would have to dump the water on themselves to get the key)


Anonymous said...


My friend, you have been away too long. Red has posted: your mission is accomplished and in the queue to be published! Enjoy!!!!! I know I will...and I would have suggested it if you hadn't!


GreenMonster89 said...

Well that is AWESOME news!!! Now I have to wait to see when it comes up to be published.