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Friday, September 14, 2012


Major, major milestone this weekend! Episode 300 publishes today, and it's epic. It's the fifth and final game from the party I threw in March. The party that produced Episodes 278, 279, 285, and 290 now reaches its climax, in more ways than one. It's team vs. team in a game-show style format, with probably the most hardcore forfeit we've done yet. I think it's a very fitting 300th episode and conclusion to the party, and I hope you do too.

And Episode 300a will publish tomorrow. 300 episodes isn't the only big milestone we've passed recently. It's a bit late, but August 4, 2012 marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of our clip store, and the start of an amazing journey that still feels to me like it must be a dream. To commemorate the event, Betty and Veronica played a quick and simple game with the loser becoming a human Happy Pornoversary card to LostBets.com. 

In other news:

Once again, I've fallen behind in blog responses. I'm sorry about that, and will be catching up shortly.

The recent quality control issues are being addressed. New versions of glitchy episodes 296 and 299 will be made available shortly.

There are no more new players to show from the June party (the first episode of which will be published next as 301) but here's a returning old player with a new look and a new name. Say hello to Willow nee Cherry:


Anonymous said...

I loved all the other games from that party and I will buy 300.

Red said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention: it's in a Clips4Sale category I've never been able to use before. Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

is it Bukkake?


Anonymous said...



Red said...

@JR: Nope. While I haven't used Bukkake yet, I'd like to, and will when I get a chance. But for a major milestone episode, I'd rather use something with more mainstream appeal.

@TrueS: Ding! That's it.

Anonymous said...


Since this is a big episode...why dont u put it up now so we dont have to wait for it???


Red said...

Just 57 more minutes, Stevie. Have patience.

Anonymous said...

what Julie was there, and did not partake? WTH??????????????

Bob L. said...

Anyone else having a problem getting 300 to playback? Mine is jumpy. Sound keeps going (sometimes)but video stops then jumps ahead and plays a few seconds them stops again. Looks like a great clip if only I could watch it. Bought others and had no problem.
Bob L.

Red said...

@Anon 6:04 (please sign your posts): I'm afraid Julie was a spectator for this one. She's gotten much, much more daring than she was back in 2007, but the forfeit at the end of this one was a bit too much for her.

@Bob L: You scared me, man. I double-checked the clip, and while there are a couple of very minor glitches (I've traced the problem to a hardware fault in our main editing computer, believe it or not), but there shouldn't be anything remotely close to the kind of problems you're seeing. So while this may not be much consolation, I'm relieved to say that the problem is on your end. Please drop me an email at red@lostbets and tell me a bit more about your computer and the software you're using, and I'll try to help you troubleshoot the problem. And that goes for anyone else who's having Bob's issue.

Chris said...

One word to episode 300 - Great!

(I wish once in a lifetime to be part of such an event...)

dac99x said...

Red, congrats on 300 episodes. I've been looking forward to it since April, and Ep300 was worth the wait, lots of fun and very hot.

I'm very much looking forward to 301, with the return of favorites from this party, promising newcomers, and most of all... Mika! Mika! Mika!

Red said...

@Chris and @dac99x: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Dac, I hope you like 301 as well.

@Anon 8:13 (please sign your posts): Oh yes, there is definitely fucking. Some very creative fucking, too.

Anonymous said...

Well after 300 I would say 300a is a definate let down. I was expecting 300a to be a post party wrap up, but I guess not. Now lets get back to some serious games. Just my five cents. Jack.

razzamattaz said...

A very important game has been missed out.

Belle, Starli and Devon need a game where the loser just gets sexually abused by the other two for a long time.

For example, I would pay good money to see Starlie taking it from a pair of strap ons at once.

Anonymous said...

I liked 300a,esp. because of the sudden death aspect.


Red said...

@Jack: Sorry you didn't like 300a. (@AV: glad you did like it.) There will be a surprise 300b, coming on Tuesday, and maybe that will be more to your liking.