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Friday, October 19, 2012

Spin the spinner and call the shots

Today's update will be a little bit late. And out of order.

I just discovered (at the last minute) glitches in 305, in which Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli play Strip Memory with the loser being a naked sushi platter. So it's going to have to wait while it's fixed. In the meantime, 306 will jump the queue, but again, a little bit late. Hopefully not more than a couple of hours.

Instead of the relatively modest girls (and quantity of girls) in 305, 306 is pretty epic. In this one, all ten girls from 301 return to play a game of Strip Spinner. The loser gets amateurishly but entertainingly gangbanged. Enjoy! Sorry to fans of Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli. They'll be back next week.

Edit: Now published. Hope you like it.


BB said...

My apologies if this has been asked and I missed the answer: Do you have any games with Julie yet to publish?

Anonymous said...

I can see by the preview clip that the loser ultimately goes barefeet in your new clip 306 but one thing I do have to ask is, does the gangbang include a DP?


Anonymous said...

Hi Red I bought 306 but it stops playing about 21min mark. Says its corrupt!

realnot said...

I bought 306 and watched it all the way through with no problems. Maybe your download got corrupted?

Anonymous said...

Nice Video Red

Anonymous said...

That was a good one!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Red please tell me there's a bunch more from this group, and more hardcore forfeits from them!

Red said...

@BB: Yes, there is a handful of old unused footage of Julie, including material for an interactive game and a game of Screw-Your-Neighbor with boys and girls both. I'll make sure it sees the light of day.

@footlover: No, no DP, sorry. I don't know if the loser would have tolerated her butt being violated.

@Furrychris: I agree with @realnot, sounds like a corrupt download. See if C4S will let you download it again. If not, drop me an email, red@lostbets.

@Anon 5:51 (please sign your posts!) and @GWKS: Thanks! Glad you liked it. That whole day was a lot of fun. Speaking of which:

@Anon 8:34 (please sign your posts!): There is more to come with this group, never fear. They played a total of six games, including more hardcore.

Anonymous said...

It seemed sort of like the loser figured her chances were good that she wouldn't lose...being 10-1 and all. I couldn't tell for sure but it sounded like she said "are we really doing this?" So, was she actually like "oh shit, I lost." Although she still got into it real quick.

I just always like the behind the scenes stuff with this kind of material, especially since it involves amateurs. Pretty interesting.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Will the rest of the games from this party be up relatively quick?

Curious Fan

Anonymous said...

is there any more games with lumen risking spanking and wet and messy forfits and what is the timeline to wait for the last game with bibi and kodak?


Red said...

@GWKS: It can be hard to tell what another person is thinking, but honesty, I think a lot of the women who witnessed the gangbang in 278 got really turned on by it and may have fantasized about getting what Aubrey got, used by a crowd of guys and maybe a few girls. So regardless of whether she expected to lose, I don't think the loser was disappointed to lose.

@Curious Fan: The next time we see this bunch will be in Episode 210, which reminds me, Carm22 and Dex, I'm giving you both idea credit, Carm first proposed the game Mafia, and Dex came up with a lot of good ideas that turned it into Witch Hunt. A fun game which worked really well with this big and boisterous crowd. Thanks for the great idea, and a free copy goes to you both. When it's ready, of course.

Anonymous said...

What are the forfits and games remaining with this. Thought this one was hot.


Anonymous said...

hottest forfeit ever, Red.
was that an actual 'cum in mouth', there?


Red said...

@markhill11: As a matter of fact, I do happen to have just such a game, Lumen risking a bare-handed spanking. Even better, she's playing against another retired favorite, Julie, and also pint-sized Latina Fern. That's the good news. The better news is that I put it in the queue. The bad news is that the queue is pretty long. Strip Surgery with Lumen, Julie, and Fern will premiere as Episode 312. Soonest I could get it in.

By the way, some more potentially good news: I saw Lumen recently, and she said that "maybe someday" she'd come back to play. And that wasn't in response to a question. She volunteered that. Maybe someday, folks. Best we can hope for.

@dantheman: Let's see. There's group oral, group masturbation, group lapdances, and a surprise. I don't usually like to comment too much about games before they make it through postproduction, but I'll make an exception this time. I'm confident enough that the episodes will all turn out great.

@shredder: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it that much. If this was the hottest one yet, I think I can top it. Wait a few months.

As for the cum-in-mouth, well, either that or the loser hawked up a big gobbet of phlegm at a really inopportune time. When she spat the goo into her hand and raced to the bathroom, that wasn't something we asked her to fake.

Jack said...

I would like to repeat the part of @markhill111's question which was unanswered: Will we get to see any more of Bibi and Kodak? It would be very disappointing to put cutie Bibi in the row "girls woh never lost and will never play again"

Cofo said...

Hey Red I have a game idea. A game like darts or pool with wo couples (both b/g). The forfeit is that the winner gets to do whatever he or she wants with the loser of the opposite sex (boy gets girl, girl gets boy). Could do many things with a forfeit there, domination, bondage, humiliation, etc. I would love to see oral, paddling, and an all for the losers (winning girl using a strap on on the losing guy). What do you think?

Red said...

@Jack: Okay, I understand that people are anxious to see more of the cute quartet that played in Episodes 237, 240, and 244. Believe me, so do I. I've tried, I've failed. I'll keep trying.

Or rather, I should say that I so far have a 75% failure rate. Tori I've been able to get in touch with, and able to coax back in front of the caemeras, and you won't have to wait too long to see her. Tori vs. Candle playing Strip Noname, with the loser being handcuffed, blindfolded, and vibed, coming soon in Episode 309.

Yes, Bibi, Kodak, and Cody did join Tori in one other game. It wasn't, in my judgment, a great game, which is why I've never gotten around to putting it on the publishing schedule. It'll be the very first of the new B-Sides when I resume production of those, I promise. Until then, (Warning: spoiler) I'm sorry to say that Bibi was not the loser.

@Cofo: That's a fine idea, and I don't think it would be too hard to recruit couples for the event. It'll be a little while, since I'm stricking to a promise to myself to stop shooting new material at least until 2013. I've got so many great episodes waiting to be published already.